30 Best Insights Into The Scorpio Personality – All You Must Know From A Real Scorpio!!!

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30 Best Insights Into The Scorpio Personality – From A Real Scorpio!!!

Hello everyone! Welcome, I am super excited to be able to share these quotes, secrets and advice, all from the horses’s mouth, yours truly! Well, I suppose I would be more inclined to give you the most accurate 30 Best Insights Into The Scorpio Personality – From A Real Scorpio!!

Yes indeed my lovelies, this is all very exclusive information I have piled together especially for you. I have extracted the creative and fun part of being a Scorpio which is just working on an idea and letting the imagination have its say for a change!

I love to write and sometimes I get so carried away ( like now aha! ) as I get so excited connecting with you! Let me know what you all think and more importantly, which is your favourite example?!

# 1

500 Intimate Questions For Couples – The Secret To Sizzling Sex


I just had to put this as #1, it would be out of place to choose a lower number. Why? If you didn’t know already, Scorpio’s middle name is Sex. You could call them the sex gods and goddesses of the Zodiac. Being rulers of the Reproductive System and of the third power chakra, the Solar Plexus, it is understandable where their passion and instinct literally gathers! As their mystical eyes scan the room, the single Scorpio will be drawn to ‘that one special thing’ that screams to all of their senses. I found this picture above online and her eyes are just so beautiful and match how I am trying to explain the wonders of their mystery! One night stands are easy to find for the sexy stingers and meeting somebody who challenges their minds are much more pleasurable to seek. Whether you are aware of it, if they like you, their eyes will be hazy and dazy ( Not in a hasty manner! ) and this is the moment you have caught them fantasizing about you and all the naughty ways they would have you begging for more. Of course what happens next, is up to the Scorpio. This is a blessing, whatever the outcome. What do I mean? Well, you get best of both worlds, either you both go on your separate ways, or you end up chatting…you certainly have not lost. Look at it this way, if it was meant to be for however the length of time, you would enter a journey of soul-searching and learning all about these creatures which is fantastic and thrilling. By the time you are ready to go to bed, the amount of sexual energy pent-up between the both of you is going to be absolutely off the Richter scale!! If the relationship continues, the more you grow and love each other, that is the kind of experience to look forward to from then on in. You can through sleep out the window! What about the other outcome where you both went your separate ways, have you missed out on the chance of a lifetime?!! No, the power of your key secret information is going to certainly want to socialize more to catch the thrilling moment when another hot Scorpio clicks eyes on you again next time! Plus, even better, it gives you full advantage to put the work and effort in now! Amazing!

# 2

OK, back to reality! Justin case I cannot finish this post (!), I must swiftly move onto #2 which is all about trust, betrayal and loss. You see, for those whom are unaware of empathy, it means that not only can empaths pick up on other’s feelings and emotions, which by itself is sometimes difficult to handle for us Scorpio’s, but empaths put themselves in others shoes to almost see their experience of emotions from different psychic abilities is how our intuition actually works. So that is what I am asking you to do right now for a minute, imagine yourself as a Scorpio, a deep thinker, a secretive and sensitive soul who does not trust too many people. Scorpio’s feelings are anything but fickle and they long to find their soul family again, so when they do, the elation and Ecstasy they release gives room to take their long-lost soul friend/family into their hearts forever. If this said person breaks that bond by exposing the Scorpio’s inner self – that is betrayal to the core of their soul. That is soul – destroying for them and will make it difficult for them to recover and begin the process all over again, whilst bringing balance back in the explosion of trust. Can you see now why they find it so destructive and hurtful? These stingers are humans on a whole other dimension. The only way they can move on is to let you know that there is no second chance and will have to cut you away from their lives or they would, in turn, become stuck. Scorpio’s cannot go backwards, there is always a way to move forward. Let it be a karmic lesson to those who never gave a second thought :-((

# 3

Now that we are all feeling more ‘with it’, #4 is an important area when it comes to beginning the process of understanding them – all without them having an iota of how this could be possible! You will now witness the Scorpio go into busy bee mode where will try to pick and probe at just how exactly you knew why they love certain songs because of a, b, and c. ( I can’t give it all away now can I?! )

# 4

“When 2 become 1” by the Spice Girls, whom I am not afraid to say had me at “Girl Power” back in the day comes to mind, I always associate that very song with Scorpio’s journey in life. I know in #1 I mentioned the importance of sex and Scorpio’s and here I can go deeper (oh there I go again, we just cannot help ourselves!! ) and although it is important, the act of love making and connecting is the most important feeling in the world. Sex is sex. Lovemaking is the art of getting to know the other person inside and out. Through all of the odds is what really matters, coincidence is merely a word. Soul searching conversations, long and deep ( oops! ) talks where you can both find out the mysteries of life together will go create a tight bond that is a very rare commodity in these days of corruption from the media. Incorporate this beautiful coming together of two souls where the Scorpio sees it as a mystical and magical understanding, that is only present and possible for two lucky souls that have found each other once again. This time neither can let go. It is truly beautiful.

# 5

Scorpios will have a few highs and a lot of lows. This can happen by various means and of course, it takes the young Scorpio a shed load of heart-break and knock-backs to finally stop seeking. Intuition as you are aware, is highly awakened in most Scorpions and thus, they know there is a soul mate or twin flame, whichever way you want to name it, that exists out there, for all of us. People who can connect with a Scorpio is so rare, contrary to most people’s beliefs that it is the Scorpio who does the chasing. No No and No. A light bulb goes off within and reminds them of this fact, especially if it a member of the opposite sex. Getting carried away in the unbelievable is where they lose their rationality if it does not work out as they have imagined. If they love someone, they love from every angle. If it not felt by the other, they go into a robotic frame of mind in a way and become obsessed with the person to the point where they are trying to go against their will and pushing their feelings in a direction not meant for them. The Scorpio finds it so difficult to let go, having a fear that nobody will ever ‘get them’ again that they irrationally try to hold onto a falsehood that won’t go anywhere. Give them time. One day they will suddenly snap right out of the madness they created. Until then, they will continue to set themselves up for falling time and time again. Pretty mind blowing isn’t it? And we are only on #5 of thousands. Only 30 today don’t panic aha!!


# 7









When I am in the company of those I love and trust and vice versa, I still hear the grumbles and mumbles now and again when I casually try to bring up another “guess what I found out!” topic! Talking about it now makes me laugh as I can see their eyes rolling and the “OMG not this again” chiming together!


This is where I leave you to enjoy some quotes and stuff that are going to be up to you to comment on…It will soon make sense! Enjoy X








# 24

# 25







This is where your views matter! Share some of your own favourite quotes about Scorpio’s, anything you like! Share them down below and I may choose to feature them in upcoming posts!!

Hope you enjoyed the read guys!

Take Care



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  1. Thanks alot for this insight on Scorpio personality. Scorpion personality is really great.. They tend to enrich everyday, curious about new things, have their own plan… With this tips you have given enriching ones goal would be very much easier…. I’m really grateful I stumbled on this…. Thanks for sharing. 

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