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Scorpio In Amber

Hi everyone, and welcome to my All Things Scorpio website. Being a Scorpio myself, the Scorpio starsign has been a passion of mine from when I was 14 years of age and over the years I purchased numerous products in the astrology world to try to improve my comprehension of myself and fellow Scorpio’s, as well as how each starsign impacts a Scorpio on a daily basis.

As a young teenager, growing up in mid-nineties Ireland in the days when the Internet wasn’t known to me as a place of research, I was often looking for alternatives to help me find out who I really was. This usually came in the form of books and I would often be lying in my bedroom for hours on end reading all about Scorpio and all of the matches that would resonate and those may be less favourable.

Now I want to give back.

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about the general traits, strengths and some weaknesses in the vast sense of the Scorpio personality that have helped me on a personal level and in daily life scenarios…and I want to offer others some insight into many of these as well as provide you with updated products/services, magical knowledge and of course, the hidden powers all Scorpio’s possess and are completly unaware of.


Growing up, I was always the quiet, shy girl who constantly self doubted. If only I knew how much freedom and confidence I would have had in myself if I had a drop of information into the deep strengths and powers of just being a Scorpio, it would have saved me a lot of time and years feeling like, ‘the odd one out’.

So why is this knowledge so critical?

I would literally spend hours with the one pack of tarot cards that I had and it’s small ‘how to’ leaflet trying to put two and two together, whilst not having a clue what I was actually doing! I would refer to the latest book I had at that time, but, all in all, it just didn’t ‘click’ for me. I was reading for the sake of reading but I didn’t understand the significance of other starsigns, natal charts and the like-the important stuff. But when you follow people on You Tube etc, you realize it all can be overcome and that time, patience and a lot of devotion can tuly lead to your success in finding out all things Scorpio, just as anything in life can.


Since the rise of the internet, the astrological world has gone from a low sense of reference to a height of  immense information which is a fantastic positive.

Much of the content that I’m going to be discussing here is going to be centered around improving your core beliefs, with an underlying focus always being on hidden powers and magestic powere in which you can find your light, own your life and be more aware of the role others have in your present.

THe spread has changed and so does the way you need to develop your skills.


There is no point of research if you’re going the wrong way and you are not being productive in any time frame you set for yourself. A lot can be learned from an hour or two from the web with the right moticvation and the right mindset to evolve and grow.

This can lead to better self awareness, and ultimately, more confidence.

So have a look around and if you ever have something to share in respect of building your own Scorpio skills, I would love to hear it.

It’s time to shine like the gods/goddesses that you are!

Founder of All Things Scorpio



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