Ancient City Of Babylon – Was It Real?

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Mesopotamia lies between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. Just over 2,500 years ago, a giant thriving metropolis sprung up, Babylon. It’s ruler made it one of the Seven Wonders Of The World: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. He was called Nebuchadnezzar and was Babylon’s infamous king. He is mentioned in the bible as being a madman, while some ancient Greek historians like Herodus labeled him as a hero.

The Myths And Legends

It’s said that the Hanging Gardens was an architectural and engineering feat with all of its gardens remain in myths and legends but the question is, did it really exist?

It was meant to be a beautiful place of peace and tranquility that the great king created for his wife Amytis. He reigned around 605-561 BC so it’s assumed that’s when Babylon was built and then grew into a city full of wealth, power and pride.

Sadly, due to many a war over the years, the city was damaged badly and what’s left today in comparison to what once graced the area are mere ruins and rubble.

There was an ancient Babylonian historian called Berrosus first describes all the gardens in his ancient book Babyloniaca around 280 BC. These ancient writings were lost but later they were put together again.

Further on the ancient Romans and Greeks were the ones who were able to depict in great detail descriptions as to Babylon was made.

Description Of The Hanging Gardensbabylon,mesopatamia

They describe the gardens as being on raised quadrangular platforms. The gardens had arched vaults and were built on huge concrete like columns. Apparently they stood at 75foot in height.

On the beautiful balconies were plenty of palm trees, shrubs, plants and bushes that were kept well hydrated from their complicated irrigation systems that they had in place.

It’s estimated that about 8200 gallons of water was needed daily to keep all the plants, trees and grass well watered.

This huge task would have needed lots of management from the Babylonians. About 100 years ago, clay tablets were found that give details but there’s no mention of the Hanging Gardens.

There was no structure ever found which proved that they belonged to the ancient city as well. This is why so many when mentioning the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as the “lost” gardens and others won’t even entertain the idea that they may have existed at all.

Nonetheless, there are still structures that archaeologists are still searching for. Cleopatra’s tomb is one example. Plenty of archaeologists and historians are inclined to assume that the city was simply lost among all the wars fought around the area over the years.

What Was Unearthedbabylon,mesopatamia

Although there’s never been a solid confirmation of anything found to be of any relation to the ancient city, there are still a lot of archaeologists that have said to have found the ancient missing empire.

It was between 1899 and 1917, when there was a German historian named Robert Koldeway dug out fourteen gigantic chambers that all had arch like ceilings in the Southern Citadel of Babylon.

He was said to have claimed that they were the ruins of lost Hanging Gardens. Some historians tend to think that the area would be too far away from the Euphrates river that was believed to be the source of the garden’s irrigation.

So they came to the conclusion that the structured find was more than likely a containment of storage rooms.

Recent Findings

In a more recent dig in Nineveh which is roughly 300 miles north of Iraz, seemed promising. A historian, Dr Stephanie Dalley from Oxford, claimed, claimed in 2013 that the Hanging Gardens were nearer to another river, the river Tigris, located in Nineveh.

Aqueducts were found during excavations that would have matched what may have connected the assumption of what they were like in Babylon.

She also mentions that when Babylon was violated by King Assyria in 689 AD, the Assyrian capital of Nineveh was christened New Babylon which could explain all the confusion that came about.


Just like all myths and legends that have gone down through the ages, time has scraped away the credibility of the source, all we really have to go on is the physical evidence found on the earth.

Sadly, as stories changes over the years, it sadly waters down any viable physical evidence and proof. There’s bound to be some sort of truth of the Hanging Gardens existence, especially if so many people have talked of them.

We can’t say for sure without physical, solid evidence.

Do I think that the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon existed? In my opinion, I think that they were real.

Do I think they were situated in Babylon? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s impossible to be certain.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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Many Blessings To You All,

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