Ancient Sacred Trees Of Ireland – All From The Druids

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trees of ireland sacred ancient druids


Have you found that the feelings that you get from a nice walk in your local park differ greatly from when you have walked through a town, city or neighbourhood? You will be surprised when you find out why exactly!

Where Does This Originate From?

The ancient Druids of Ireland had many traditions and rituals that connected them to the trees, they considered them to be sacred. If you can imagine the ancient, early land of Ireland was once covered with trees and forests, nothing like we have today. This modern world would appear completely alien and surreal to them.

Trees hold Mother Earth’s knowledge, love and wisdom. There are many species of trees that release certain energies. As we are just energy, this is why you have seen people meditating under a tree. They are simply yet hugely connecting with the energies of the tree and their ancestors.

This is exactly how the Druids connected and communicated with their not too far distant ancestors. As many of these trees are home to a certain spirit or deity, even today, some trees would ‘remember’ how the ancient Druids once gathered all around them.

trees of ireland sacred ancient druids







A List Of The Sacred Trees Of Ireland:










trees of ireland sacred ancient druids



The Ash tree was hugely magical and it was used often by the Druids to ward off snakes by placing the twigs in circles.


This beautiful tree was one of the seven chieftain trees to the Druids. They would dry the needles, so they could further burn it like incense to purify the abode.


This sacred tree is sacred to just about every known culture around the world, but it was the Druids who completely embraced it.

It’s known as the king of the forest, the ancient Greeks associated it with Zeus. It cropped up in Viking mythology and legends also, they linked it to Thor.

The Celts, they associated it with the god of thunder, Tararius.


The Apple tree is often depicted as a symbol of the Otherworld, of ancient intuition and wisdom. It is also mainly connected with beauty, love, and the Goddess.


This beautiful tree has always thought to be a lucky tree. Almost all the ancient Druids would place some Holly branches in their homes to show the spirits that they were always welcome within their abode.


Also known as the Elderberry, it was used by the Druids for both blessings and cursing. It’s associated with the Midsummer Solstice where they would stand under The Elder in order to see the ‘Little People’.


Hazel trees were very important to the ancient Druids. It’s wood and authoritative power was even favoured over the great Oak’s wood when it came to their staffs. So mighty was the Hazel staff that it was used by the leaders to settle arguments and differences, and it was not to be argued with.


Considered to have survived since long before the Ice Age, this ancient tree is the symbol of transformation and rebirth. Through Yew trees, Druids would have dreams and visions of guidance from the gods and goddesses.


The Druids used the bark to start their fires along with its sap, or tar. It’s leaves, when brewed into tea can erase kidney stones and treat any underlying infections.

trees of ireland sacred ancient druids

How Could You Connect With The Trees?

Trees have always had a practical necessity for our survival throughout the ages. The ancient Clans and Tribes would have constructed their homes from wood. They were very careful in their choosing of which trees they would collect from for their firewood.

They made tools from wood which therefore aides in the building of their boats. It’s not hard to see how important and sacred they were and still remain today.

Of course, as with everything that has been and gone, there were some tribes that didn’t stop to think of their importance spiritual and healing abilities. They thought little as they cut sown and burnt many of the magical trees for use in their farming ways.

What type of trees come to mind when you think of your favourite types? What is it that you like the most about it, maybe it’s smell, colour or a certain memory you think of?

If you are like myself and like to take a few cuttings from certain trees, go ahead and ‘ask the tree’ for permission in a way. The Elder tree in particular is known to be the most volatile if their twigs or branches are detached from them without their consent.

You will get a ‘vibe’ that wil; give you the clue whether to go ahead with the cutting, or to just simply, move onto another one that catches your attention.

There isn’t just plenty of fish in the sea, as long as we remember to plant as much as we can, in return there will always be plenty of trees in the forest!

trees of ireland sacred ancient druids


Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a question or a comment down below if the wind so directs you!

Many Blessings To You All,



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