Aries – The First House In Astrology

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The first house is all about your personality and your appearance. It is also about the impressions that you give off to others when they first see you,

Before you have even spoken to them, there will be a lot of people who judge a book by its cover.

Often these types of people will generally judge and criticize every person that comes into their view so it’s nothing personal.

1st House in Aries

When I refer to your first house being strongly connected to your appearance, I am not solely talking about your physical features and attributes.

For future reference, when certain people first see you, it is your energy that they are initially picking up on.

They may not even be aware of this, but this source of energy comes from your aura. Your energy is what others’ are instantly drawn to.

This will give you better understanding of the way some people will assume about you the next time you pass others.


Rising or Ascending Sign


If your rising or ascending sign falls into Aries in the first house, this is a very important placement.

Being a natural born leader, you like to dominate situations where you love to place yourself at the front of all everyone else just so you get to do what you love to do…show off.

When you have secured others’ full attention, they will listen to your every word. Aryans love to communicate and you can effortlessly and eloquently get your point and views over with so much ease.

The Zodiac Wheel


Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac wheel and when it appears in your first house, it can appear to be a reminder to you of your powerful strength and energy into pushing ahead.

Perhaps you have put things off that you have always wanted to explore but you have somehow talked yourself out of it.

Now, this first house in Aries is heavily reminding you to explore that topic or hobby, to enroll in that class that has forever caught your attention.

Now is the time to try different ideas and plans, Aries has to be the first one to start something, for it will be of great benefit to you.

Best Sign Of Self

You have Aries, which is the best sign of self that could be possible.

For example, you could be in a place of school or work.

All that is in your environment will have their own thoughts and opinions.

Most of these people will simply hear what their teacher/lecturer/boss is saying, and will assume and take it to be solid truth.

But You Are Different

You are different. You can easily take in what they are talking about. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will believe in what they are saying.

And that is OK.

We all have free will.

You like to take a step back and to try to understand what they actually mean and to see if it resonates with your true self.

In Contrast

You like to engage people with patience and respect, especially when it concerns their personal views and opinions

It gives you a chance to then realize that, in your words and thoughts, it makes sense to you.

That is exactly how you understand your own information, by putting all the information right into your own words.


This can be a conflicting area, when in times of being in a classroom for example. As it is a place of restriction where yourself and your classmates have to sit at your table, it would obviously be very difficult to take a time out.

Your frustration will manifest itself in you being fidgety, never able to sit still.

It will, in fact be the same in the workplace for you.

It’s somewhat ironic that the more your energy is drained, the more your patience slowly turns into a sense of boredom.

Your Natural Energy

There’s hope as your natural energy won’t allow you to fully switch off.

When you get hyper in a situation where you are feeling suppressed, you will more than likely ‘get into trouble’ at school or at work.

You may be accused of ‘disrupting’ the class or the work environment which is the last thing you would actually do!

In times like these, you would love a kind word or just a hug to settle emotions down.

As we know, it doesn’t work like that unfortunately.

Aryan 1st House

An Aryan in the 1st house rising may struggle to keep up their independent stature and could then feel very down and depressed…even when they are surrounded by classmates or co-workers.

Times like these are when you will let your guard down and be dependent on others’.

This will only occur when you feel caged somewhat into suppressing your feelings and emotions.

It is definitely something you just may need to work on so it prepares you for any future triggers. You can learn to accept and deal with it, or you may let your confident energy dwindle into nothing.

Strength and Power Within

You have Aries, the first sign in the Zodiac as your own rising/ascending sign. You definitely don’t need to ever panic when you are dealing with other people!

Far from it, always remember that you are the first and you are more than capable of working things out for and by yourself.

You are a leader as I said before.

Keeping your confidence in mind, you are not a follower so it’s time to take back your power.







I hope you enjoyed this article…there are many more to come.

Until then,

Keep well and keep smiling my dears!



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  1. What a neat overview of Aries, one of the astrology signs. 

    Aries is a sign that intrigued me because this group of people always cheer me up. I have a friend who is in the Aries category, along with some relatives. One of my grandmothers is Aries. From reading this post, my grandmother definitely fits in the Aries group, that’s very accurate of her.

    I find it amazing to learn about Aries, along with the other astrology signs. It’s neat to learn about them, and comparing them to people’s personalities. It’s quite unique.

    Thanks for writing an excellent review- I enjoyed reading it!

    • I’m glad it resonated with you where you could Identify others in your life!

      Thanks for your feedback!

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