Aries Women – Everything You Need To Know!

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aries women

Aries women always tell the truth – they

always speak their minds.

March 21st – April 19th

Aries women are direct, in your face, they are a take it or leave it sign who are always on the go. Placed as the first sign in the Zodiac wheel naturally puts them one step ahead of the crowd and grow into natural born leaders. The Aries woman will push herself ahead to the front of any crowd or group, she has no fear of others.

Dominating Sign

Lady Arians can have quite fiery personalities and a temper to match. With the ruling planet of Mars, many Arian women get straight to the point, preferring to trust her own certainess. Men can be mistaken in thinking that her upfront manners come across as dominating. In her mind she knows she has control yet she is modest enough to keep it underwraps.

Demanding would be a more appropriate word to describe all female Arians. They want everything done yesterday and if it is done to their liking, it may aswell not be! Say she is given a certain job or task to complete, not only will she finish it without a fuss but you wouldn’t find a fault if you tried.

Do what I say, and say no more.

Everyone is expected to do what she wants at a drop of a hat, and the same goes whether she is at the home or workplace.

The rams have blinkers on in a way and will only see what is directly ahead of them. When others disagree with her directions, this could cause some distress as she does not take kind to people ignoring or refusing her requests (or demands).

Arian women cannot stand any situation that brings any drama or confrontation and you could then see a woman that will suddenly seem lost or confused. She can’t understand why others just cannot comply! This can set her off her path quite a lot.

Symbol – The Ram

Ruling Planet – Mars

Element – Fire

The ram is the symbol that rules the female Arian, with the focus being on the horns of the ram in particular – they represent forwardness of their personality. They are people who love to push forward, to compete and fight in some cases when their power is tested or comprimised.

This of course, can be both positive and negative, depending on the outcome of each situation.

Impulsive Tendancies

Along with Scorpio and Aquarius, Arian women are very impulsive, they take action and think about what they have done a long time after. I suppose we all have different levels where we find ourselves doing or saying things without thinking but Arian ladies are at the top of the rankings which can bless or hinder her.

Best Matches – Leo & Sagittarius

Worst Matches – Capricorn & Cancer

Lucky Numbers – 6, 9, 36


We all have a flight or die reflex and you are the one who likes to take risks and have a yolo attitude, an Aries woman is perfect for you. She wants someone who can keep up with her supercharged energy and fiery traits.

Both genders of the sign Aries are incredibly strong, brave and independant so wallflowers need not apply! Female Arians can fall for someone instantly and they will have a happy and vibrant relationship with the lucky man, until she gets bored.

That feeling you get when you meet someone who gives you butterflies in your belly is what the Arian woman falls in love with the most and if that means kissing a lot of frogs until she finds her prince, that is exactly what she will continue to search for.

Although she appears strong on the outside, she will often lack confidence in finding a perfect match – she yearns for a vibrational match when it comes to relationships. Someone who matches her energy and can also nurture her inner child when she feels vulernable at the same time. We would recommend female Arians to seek a psychic to help them to find her perfect match.

Colours – All shades of red

Birthstone – Amethyst

Lucky Days – Friday & Saturday


Stimulation and control should be female Arians middle names as they are the two areas that are the core of all of her interactions within her personal and public relations. A career as a manager or boss of a company would excite her insatiable energy and keep it at top speed.

Monotonomy in any area of her life, especially at the workplace drives her crazy. If she has chosen an industry in which every day has involved in making decisions and has challenges ready for her, then she will stick at it like a honey to a bee.

Jealousy and Self – Sabotage

Jealousy is a trait all Arian females possess, whether they want to admit it or not to themselves is another story. Once they have fallen in love, their other half become their everything. Don’t get thinking that I mean she will change into a completly different person overnight. No, you will see her change immediately!

If she really believes that she loves you, the Arian female’s heart will beat for you alone and I hope you know that she will expect the same and more in return. You must only have eyes for her, I would go so far in saying, you must keep your eyes to yourself!

Let’s say you are both out socialising with friends. Everything is so far, so good until she has convinced herself that your eyes have wandered. Even when the jealous female Arian has pulled the accusation out of the air, it has happened in her mind so it must be real.

Crazy as it may sound, it’s a awful place for her to be stuck. In her imagination fuelled by jealousy, you have betrayed her and this is a huge betrayal for the sensitive (jealous) Arian woman. As far as the battered ram is concerned, deep down she knows that her jealousy gets the better of her and she will soothe her ego by giving you another chance!

With the right man, the relationship can be worked on where both parties fully trust each other and understand each one’s unruly flaws. On the other hand, if the relationship is never going to get past accusations and trust issues, the ram will simply through them into the next centuary!

This is why it’s vital she doesn’t waste her time on relationships that don’t fulfill her needs. Love, true love is waiting for her, she just has to know where to begin. We would recommed here to find her prince!

What an Aries wants, an Aries gets.


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  1. I use to have a girlfriend that was an Aries and can attest that they have a fiery soul. Their temper is unmatched and their need to get things done yesterday is on point. I was always a procrastinator and would say I would do things later and never got around to it. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long as we were completely opposite people. Well done on the article, I liked it a lot.

    • Hello Brandon,

      I have had a few relationship like the one you experienced. Most of the time they are life lessons for us to make us reflect on our strengths and weaknesses in a way.

      Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed reading through.

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