Cancer Women – Everything You Need To Know

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Cancer Women – Everything You Need To Know

Hello everyone! Welcome to my final post in the series of women star signs. Last, but certainly not least you will find out about the delicious Cancer Women and find Everything You Need To Know!!starsigns and their elements

My beautiful Cancer ladies, You are packed full of opposites and differences. Hot when you are cold, on edge yet adventurous, moody yet happy, a drifter yet dependable. Cancer women, you are…..puzzling, yet enchanting.

Women that are born between June 21 – July 22 fall into fourth place in the Zodiac wheel of Cancer. Complicated and sensitive, they are ruled by the Moon which makes them susceptible to being led by their emotions. From all of the star signs, Cancer females are especially difficult to pinpoint in a crowd, as they do not have a certain facial feature that is indifferent to other star signs. Click here to uncover hidden prophecies for your future.cancer women

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TAURUScancer women










Emotional, sensitive and creative are the three main attributes they possess when it comes to what to look for within her imaginative personality. This is what is so intriguing about them, they are well worth the wait for those willing to have patience.

Stability in the home, balance in life and connection in love is where Cancerian ladies are at their happiest. Hurt or question their actions, words or feelings, they will react by retracting into their hard shells. When her defense mechanism is put into place, you can expect quite a long wait until they decide to peek out of their comfort zone.


Lucky Numbers : 2, 7 & 9

Ruling Planet : Moon

Symbol : The Crab


Cute and cuddly, they have most infectious laughter that is always a winning ice – breaker for them! When they flash their most amazing smile, you will delight on seeing their whole face light up. Sudden outbursts of giggles will regularly occur as they remember a funny occasion shared between friends. Just like their fellow water sign Scorpio, watch how dazzling her eyes shine the next time you meet with her.

Positive Traits :







In love, they are very cautious as they fear getting hurt so, they guard their emotions until trust is long established. Trust is a major part of Cancer women’s lives and it is important to any potential love interests to never forget this.

Sometimes they will avoid the subject or dance around the whole idea just like their symbol, the crab would approach something new and exciting, by walking about side wards so they could view it from all angles.

Laptop Repair Made Easycancer in love

When they fall in love, they fall hard and will give their all and more and will be the most loyal and attentive partner you could ask for. Are you having a hard time trying to win over a Cancer woman? Romance is key – she will adore flowers, gifts, chocolates will certainly help you seduce her.


Both male and female Cancerians are extremely attractive and are well-known for having the most amazing smiles that will warm any a tough or cold heart.


Negative Traits :

Moody ( Crabby )


Can Hold A Grudge



female cancers


Female Cancers are the friends that we could all benefit from having by our side – caring and nurturing – always there when you need them. Even if their own world is falling apart – often they will prioritize their friends needs before their own.

They possess the need to protect those around them who they love and care for.

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When it comes to Cancer women, what you see is really what you get as they cannot stick people who have certain negative attributes such as false or pretentious characters. It leaves a bad taste in their mouths and so choose to cut them off completely.

They give out what they expect ( and deserve ) the same and a little extra in return.

Whether they spend time with family, friends or acquaintances, the most enjoyable times will be when they are the hosts in their own abodes. Homebirds by nature, this is where you see them at their most relaxed. Home is literally where their heart rests.

Traditional and respectful, family ethics and values are very important for them to uphold and pass onto their children and so on for future generations.

Having the moon as their ruling planet, they tend to be maternal from an early age and all children are attracted to their kind and child – like ways.


Lucky Colours : White & Silver

Best Matched With : Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Worst Matched With : Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius


Cancer women will usually do anything to avoid confrontation or arguments. If they do get sucked in, be ready to offer a sympathetic ear and a shoulder for them to cry on.


Famous Female Cancerians :

Selena Gomez, Nicole Scherzinger, Lindsay Lohan

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I hope you enjoyed reading about the beautiful in every way Cancer woman.


Until next time, Take Care,



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  1. Hi Gayle – I am not into the zodiac much these days but one thing I have observed about cancer women is that they love family; especially children.  Children come first above everything. One cancer I know has a very hot temper.  But I know another one that doesn’t.  This was a fun read.  Thanks!

    • Glad you liked it, Cancer women are all about family. With all starsigns, some will have the strong characteristics, and some of the same will have less as they are nearer to the next sign if you know what  I mean…these are called the decans of a sign…I wrote a post about the decans whuch may explain why two of the cancerians that you know have different tempers!!!!

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