Capricorn Women -Traits and Personality

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capricorn womenCapricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac wheel and they are complex and ambitious personalities. Female Capricorn’s are naturally passionate, both in their personal and professional lives. The one thing guaranteed to drive them are goals, and plenty of them. Reaching their goals and continuing to create more is where Capricorn women always thrive. Out of all the signs in the Zodiac, they are by far the most driven.

Capricorn : December 22nd – January 20th

When this star sign wants to meet their goals, nothing will interrupt their dedication to hard work. They are incredibly hard workers that they push themselves to the point of exhaustion. When they do crash and burn from over executing themselves, they will simply start all over again. Pushing themselves to mental and physical exhaustion gives them pride and purpose time and time again.

Traditional and practical, these traits are relevant in all areas of their lives. Emotions and doubts tend to take a back seat as she solely focuses on her commitments to achieve concrete results.

Many Capricorn women take more time than the other signs of the Zodiac to mature fully into their true selves. When they do, they are powerful forces to be reckoned with. Their past troubles are over gone as they move toward learning from their mistakes and growing into their best versions of themselves.

Famous Capricorn Women

capricorn female

Kate Middleton

capricorn women

Michelle Obama

capricorn female

Sienna Miller


Stable and Independant

By leading a savvy and sensible lifestyle they soon learn to be financially stable and independent. They are often clever with their money and they pass on good principles onto their children. Their legacy will continue when her children pass on how to value money and more importantly, how to keep it for the benefit of future generations.


GEMSTONE – Emerald



Capricorn Female : Once you become fearless, you become limitless

Reserved, quiet and shy, she can appear distant and not very approachable. I would consider this to be front she may not even be aware of how she is being viewed by others. Sometimes she just hasn’t time or consideration for activities that would take her mind away from her goals.

When spending time with others, she prefers friendships and associations with male personalities. The drama of some women tends to annoy our traditional Capricorn lady and she will have no problem letting her opinions be heard. Direct and strong, she will tell them how their worries have no real significance in her life. She has bigger fish to fry and dramatic people will be pushed to the side leaving more room for her to fulfill her passions.

An unevolved Capricorn female will be more timid and her silence will be her secret weapon. If she is confronted though, it is her strong will that will wage a war and she will win it.

LUCKY DAYS – Fridays & Saturdays



capricorn female


Capricorn women find it hard to trust others and let their guard down

Female Capricorn’s are very honest and direct women and they expect the same in return. She can sniff “yes people” out from a crowd almost immediately and this is a scent she won’t get used to. As she knows her own mind and is consecutive in her ways, she expects others to possess the same level headiness.

This makes them very reliable and trustworthy employees, you wouldn’t find another sign that has the same ambitious streak as her. Structure and routine, this incredible creature of habit would ideally be suited in careers such as teaching, researching or politics.

They have an air of poise and dignity that simply commands respect from others – something that she doesn’t need to work on.

I reward respect with respect.”


Wise old souls


Level Headed


Can appear standoffish

Revengeful when wronged

Love and friendship are given the same amount of value and passion as they dedicated to their business. Loyalty is one trait that cannot be denied from a female Capricorn.

As we mentioned only a couple of negatives traits, there was only one other I could recall and I didn’t add it to the list as I think it more of a help, than a hindrance.

As much as she is caring and loyal, she is also symbolized by the sea-goat (half goat, half fish). This is the one sign you don’t ever want to mess with. Ever.

They do not suffer fools easily and they will never be forgiven if they go over the line as the Capricorn is a lady of high standards and never will anyone be important enough to bring her down to their level.

capricorn female

COLOURS – Black & Purple


MOTTO – I will be the best, and nothing less”.

If you want to seduce a female Capricorn, you will tick all her boxes if you are the one who can make her laugh. You will know that you have won her heart forever when you hear her laughter.

This fun and playful side of her personality is reserved only for those who can let themselves go enough to want to let their hair down around her.

Just like the way to a man’s heart is generally with food, a way to a Capricorn’s heart is with fun and a lot of laughter.

If you have an ambitious, hard – working female in your life that sounds like a female Capricorn, it would be an idea to imagine what you could learn from her – if you can get a hold of her that is!



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  1. Hello Gayle, i could see my wife while you were describing the ladies born around this period and it just made me smile all through this article. One factor is known to be very common here is the independent nature of these people of which i could luck my wife to ha that trait a lot. I must say i like the personality of these ladies and i hope same things applies to the men of this zodiac too

    • Hi Benson,

      Thanks for your comments, they made me v happy indeed! 

      It’s always good to hear that my posts ring resonate and click with people. Stay tuned for what I think about the male Zodiac!

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