Chinese Astrology – The Dragon

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Chinese astrology the dragon

The Dragon

Hello and Welcome to today’s post all about The Dragon in Chinese Astrology. We are nearly halfway through the Chinese horoscopes. The Dragon is 5th in rank, lets see how they are represented after the Rat, Ox, Tiger and the Rabbit. If you are completely new to Chinese astrology – you can find the Beginner’s Guide here.

I am a ravenous fire,

The core of vitality and spirit,

The heavy and grand heart.

I am true and bright,

I have prestige and power at my command.

My existence washes away doom and gloom.

I have been selected to manage the future.


The Nature of the Dragon

In many mythologies and legends, none stand out as much as the magnificently powerful Dragon. Those born under his sign are going to possess the magic and strength of the Dragon’s vitality.

When thinking of the energy of the Dragon, the beautiful dragons portrayed in Avatar comes straight to mind with their colorful and majestic presence. They view life in colours and always have people to see or things to do. Charismatic, smug, self – centered, stubborn, eccentric or incredibly demanding and unfair at times, they never lose their lists of fans and admirers.

Those born with the Dragon as their symbol are very direct and work out what they like and dislike even when very young, thus expecting the same from others in their behaviour and opinions of him, which is none less than perfection.

In China, the Dragon is a symbol for the male, or Emperor as it represents strength, life and power. It is said that Dragon – born hold the horns of karma and destiny. As children, they will mature quickly as they are placed into taking crucial roles to take responsibility and burdens of the family, even if they are the youngest member. They have that much say and authority that their siblings will take their rules over their parents.


Dragons store energy like squirrels store for hibernation. Their impulsiveness, ambition and lust for life gives him the potential to achieve his dreams of wealth and prestige no matter what stands in his way. On the other hand, if they get too fixated on one area of life whilst neglecting the rest, he could burn out and go up with a puff of smoke.


The Chinese give the Dragon the title of Guardian of power and wealth as have no fear of competition or of those who would like to see his downfall as he is too intimidating for those to act on their intentions. An angry Dragon will huff and puff, throw his bottle out of the pram when faced with wrong doers. The only exclusion would be within his family. He will put any differences aside if they call upon his assistance. A stern word will be expected after the event is over!


As I mentioned earlier, they are direct beings and will mean what they say and their words are perfect and absolute law – in their opinion, if not others. Find out here how you can create a life just like the Dragon.


chinese dragonThe Baby Dragons

As children, they are bright, bold and creative – nothing could put his high – spirited outlook on life out. They tend to rely on themselves as they take life from a simple, yet rational perceptive that naturally forms great heads on strong shoulders. Not one to reach out for help, he would rather learn how to fix a problem by himself so he can remember the skills for a later time.

These profoundly energetic children need somewhere to ground their intensity. Be it a hobby or a mentor, they would crumble without being able to bring their passions to their full potential wing span. Even from a young age in comparison to his peers, he will be well aware of how the world works and will forever be thankful to his idols such as teachers, mentors or his parents, anyone who has helped him all in his journey to maturity.


It is very important they are not left idle, time on their hands will dwindle their fire and that is soul- destroying to witness. Responsibilities and chores are ideal to make him feel that his efforts are useful and appreciated. No matter how mundane or small the activity, it is advisable to praise him each time to build his confidence that will push him to achieve great goals in later life.


All children are a blessing, yet if your child is a Dragon, you can begin to count your blessings as your respect is more important to him than your love. He will strive to make you proud so he feels he is needed. These youngsters were born to excel and lead!

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The Dragon And His Archetypes

Born During the Hours of the Rat – 11pm – 1am

In general, Dragon’s are generous with their money, where Rats tend to be more cautious. By nature, Rats are affectionate which may make it hard for him to be completely open – minded when it comes to making decisions.


Born During the Hours of the Ox – 1am – 3am

Sure and steady, the Dragon does well in making use of the Ox’s tough manners in how to deal with difficult people who get in his way. Together with his roar some breath, it would take a brave soul to cross him.


Born During the Hours of the Tiger – 3am – 5am

Possibility of becoming uncontrollably mad when things don’t go as planned. He employs the Tiger’s impulsive ways and can be more emotionally led. Diligent and hard worker, as well.

Born During the Hours of the Rabbit – 5am – 7am

Strength and discretion united. A calm Dragon who refers to going within to reflect and gather his thoughts. Incredibly tough and mighty, yet delicate.

Born During the Hours of the Dragon – 7am – 9am

A wizard or witch in description. Demands constant respect and compliance. If a large following is desired, it may be an idea to start a type of group, sect, or cult.

Born During the Hours of the Snake – 9am – 11am

The Dragon dots every I and crosses every T when it comes to conjuring up any plan, no detail is left out. Can be sly and over – confident. This is hidden by the snake’s natural charming manner.

Born During the Hours of the Horse – 11am – 1pm

A sociable crowd pleaser, an essential ice breaker at any party or gathering. Those who are born under the Horse sign, sometimes give in to their desires and this may prevent the Dragon in completing tasks or jobs.

Born During the Hours of the Sheep – 1pm -3pm

Shy, and sympathetic, this particular Dragon can perfectly get things done without implying any destruction of words or gestures.

Born During the Hours of the Monkey – 3pm – 5pm

A notable icon in their own right. Balance of power and of trickery. A typical life and soul of any group who commands his audiences attention by joke after joke. Be careful not to take him for a fool.

Born During the Hours of the Rooster – 5pm – 7pm

A creative and imaginative Dragon with a combination of the Rooster’s silliness produces a proud Dragon. Evert moment is new.

Born During the Hours of the Dog – 7pm – 9pm

A practical and realistic Dragon. The dog inside shows him different ways of perspective and provides humour and reliability. Watchout for a sharp bite when annoyed.

Born During the Hours of the Boar – 9pm – 11pm

This is a warm and extremely devoted Dragon who is a fantastic friend to rely on.


The next in line of the series about Chinese symbols is the wise Snake. Be sure to check back soon.

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  1. Hey,

    None of my family members is born in the year of the dragon thus I can’t compare the personality or characteristics you shared here. It will be fun to know. I have read several similar articles like this but yours has more interesting details – how different time of birth affects one’s characteristics.

    I enjoyed the read. Thanks. 

    • Hi Sharon,

      I hope as I expand the series, you can check to see how they compare with your families’ personalities!

      Thank you for stopping by


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