Chinese Astrology – THE TIGER – A Complete Guide

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chinese astrology the tiger a complete guide


Chinese title : HU

Path of the Tiger : East – Northeast

In Western Astrology : Aquarius

Fixed element : Wood

Branch : Positive

Ruling month and season : February & winter

Position number : Third

Principle time of day : 3am – 5am

I am the delightful Paradox.

All the world is my stage.

I set new trails ablaze;

I seek the unattainable,

And try the untried.

I dance to life’s music

In gay abandon.

Come with me on my carousel rides.

See the myriads of colours,

The flickering lights,

All hail me the unparalleled performer.


chinese astrology the tiger a complete guide


The year of the Tiger is defined as hazardous right from the beginning. This is certainly going to be brimming with all sorts of wars, accidents and clashes of opinion.

Every event will be big and distinct albeit them tiny or large. Anything that was once considered the norm such as gambling will be dragged out to near breaking point. It’s a year for both winners and losers – go for high stakes but be prepared for a crash.


Given the sheer scale of major highs and lows, people will tend to be more spontaneous and take more risks on a whim.


Exactly like the Tiger, we will be big and bold personalities and it would come as a shock that tempers will flare. Relationships will crumble and come anew, after remorse sets in.


Business deals and friendship that usually would have joint confidence and trust are going to be frail and easily broken at this time. The heat of the Tiger will charge through each one of us making it difficult for us to all agree on similar terms and conditions.


On the other end of the spectrum, the fire from the Tiger’s force can install a new breath of life into hidden, yet profitable businesses or joint projects.


A time of immense, newly imagined ideas and creations will soar up from every seed planted in this year of change, both in personal and professional relations.


Not to linger in depression of dire straits, this year will burn the old and therefore, restore the new – the passion of the Tiger will purify the air, ready for new beginnings for our better selves to shine.


A note of encouragement : Tough times don’t last, everything must pass. Tough people last.


chinese astrology the tiger a complete guide


Personality Of A Tiger

In Chinese astrology, the Tiger is a figure of dominance, power and fire. Although a defiant and unruly temperament, he will expect and receive admiration and honour from everyone who knows him.

This admiral animal figure lives life on the edge and loves to rebel when his fiery element fuels his passion for adventure and excitement. Having a Tiger in your life is a bright and golden accessory, as long as you are all set for his graphic personality.


Their spontaneity and hastiness towards life is certainly catching, as well as their energy and passion. They adore having all eyes on them, center of attention in any given situation.


The daredevil in them can never sit still and is always ready for their next endeavor and this brings all types of reactions out of others. This can leave him losing trust with those that oppose or judge his ways of approaching life.


One thing is for certain with every Tiger, you will know when they are worried or concerned as they will be extremely vocal about it.


As much as they are short-tempered, their straightforwardness will be equally balanced, you will always know where you stand with them as they have to get those ill feelings out in the air.


Furthermore, they are genuine and enjoy sharing their time and money with other people. If you enjoy a good laugh and a joke, Tigers are full of jest.

chinese astrology the tiger a complete guide


Creative and compassionate by nature, they are naturally drawn to animals, children, art, music, whatever gets his creative juices flowing and his spontaneity up and running. Any activity that he gets involved in, he gives his all, it’s literally all or nothing for the enthusiastic Tiger.


Most Tigers are artistic and are drawn to a New Age lifestyle when younger, some will continue to follow that particular way of life, where freedom and bending the rules suits their character. The buskers and artists you see on bustling streets will most likely be Tigers.


Whether it be in their youth or more mature stage in their lives, there has to be a time when they don’t want to follow the dregs of society. Do you think they will be less popular for rebelling? No, quite the opposite, most of the time, people will salute him.


In times of need when the Tiger has been demoralized to the point where he seems to lose his fighting spirit, that’s when he needs immense support, regardless of your personal views about his actions. Leave them be and realize that he would be the first to offer you assistance without question.


As you sympathize with him, understand that your warm words will be welcomed and adored by him. Whether he follows them is questionable!


You may be better off knowing that your presence is enough so he can vent his feelings and emotions, process his thoughts and shakes off any last negativity. After a quick appreciation, he will most probably go right out and do what he intended anyway.


All being said, regardless of how low and depressed they sink, you can count on them to get right back up again, stronger and better than before. His spirit is too powerful and fiery to admit defeat.


Although the Tiger is a tad bit too extreme to depend on at times of importance, they will always be well-known to direct his admirers wherever he wants.


Their most positive traits are compassion and understanding. When ruffled, their negative aspects are stubbornness and selfishness.

chinese astrology the tiger a complete guide



Female Tigers – Tigresses

Tigresses are mistresses of many tasks at the same time, where they can confidently manage their homely and social lives in unison with one another.

This loving and spirited kitty keeps her claws nice and sharp for a reason – you will find out if you try to insult her or put her down.

She is well-spoken, free and loves to follow fashion. Pampering sessions are her ‘me’ times when she can create and experiment with all kinds of different looks and styles. She will happily pass hours upon hours coming up with concoctions of new looks.

“I’ve nothing to wear!” is the phrase you will hear most of all from her, even when she has a full wardrobe of clothes. Catch her chilling out at home where comfort is number one, she will be wearing the same pj’s, never twice mind you!


Just like Tigers, she adores children and cherishes time spent with them where story times, playtime and seeing life from their perspective is more meaningful than ordinary mundane existence.


If she can show them that not all adults are to be feared, that’s a hell of an accomplishment. Balanced and fair, her children and others will adore the knack she has for bypassing no sweets before dinner rules yet still respect her as an equal. A trait like that is very difficult to possess but don’t underestimate the Tigress love for the young.

chinese astrology the tiger a complete guide

Topsy – Turvy Tiger

Other animals in the Chinese Zodiac such as the Rooster and the Dragon possess huge ego’s. Material wealth and power will not matter to them if their pride is busted.


If you cross a Tiger, they may become a nasty piece of work. Their rage and ill-temper will not rest until he evens the score. It’s an eye for an eye and they will bring their enemy down like a bulldozer.


Strangely enough, it’ll be the little things that set off his wrath and somehow major problems will simply go over his head. If they could take a more balanced and even path, the world could be their oyster.


In love, they are passionate and flirtatious. Jealousy can stir up the worst emotions and behaviour in people and the Tiger is no exception. Obsessive and possessive, they will look for any excuse to start an argument with their partners and the worst thing they could do is ignore the thunderous Tiger!


They will be taken down as quick as lightening.


Overall, their lives will be busting with pain, laughter, pride and prejudice. Their never say die attitudes ensure that nothing will ever stop them in life. The more they are knocked, it all adds to their amazing spirits time after time.


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  1. I so enjoyed reading this Gayle. Thank you. It’s weird that it seems so close to not only people but the world in general.

    While I was reading I would think that sounds like my husband, I’d read more and think that sounds like me! Who knew we were tigers lol. I love things like this and it’s so close to reality even though many might think it not.

    I love your work, again thank you so much,

    • Hi Susan,
      I love when people’s perception is open!
      It’s fun to learn and recognize.
      Thanks so much for your comments, I will be going more in depth about Tiger’s and Chinese astrology so keep an eye out!

  2. Great Post and great website. I do have some astrology knowledge but when it comes to Chinese astrology I have no idea whatsoever. The year of the tiger, 2020 and what year is turning up to be so far. It has been a hazardous year so far, we all hope for things to get better and they certainly will. I also found interesting the profiles of a male and female tigers. Congratulations, your post was easy to go through and interesting.

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      The year of the Tiger is certainly living up to it’s name.
      We can only hope all gets back to normal v soon!

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