Conspiracy? Theorist? Conspiracy Theorist…Yes I AM Going There!

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conspiracy theory



Uh oh!

That’s where most people are like, “hmm, you did seem kinda normal, now….you’re just nuts…”


Some others think the same way but are like, “Hmm, go there…I dare ya!”

Either way, wherever you may or not fit into, I’m gonna delve into the topic of the…unknown, the craziness, the omg she din’t, the wtf and all that jazz.

What Is A Conspiracy Theorist?

It sounds pretty intellectual doesn’t it?



A Theorist is someone who develops an idea that can explain an idea or a belief.

A Conspiracy is a secret plan by a GROUP who wants to do something unlawful or harmful.

Correct me if I am wrong but I would like to believe we are ALL Theorists, we all have brains, we all think, we all wonder, we all have an opinion of life. Our opinion of life is how we are, how we live day to day, minute by minute,second by second without even thinking about it.

It’s exactly like breathing. We all breathe in and breathe out without thinking. If we stopped to think about breathing that would be fantastic in meditation and the like, but, we don’t generally THINK about breathing, we just do it.


I’m no different from anybody else and I’m certainly not some person that is part of some group to harm others. I really wouldn’t be here if i was, I’d be doing whatever people like that do and I’m sorry if I don’t have an example to share with you, because I don’t. If I did, would I be here right now?

I get the sceptics, I understand the worries of people more than those who don’t….

conspiracy theory,conspiracy theorist

Beause I was a sceptic who branded anyone who thought different to the “norm” as being MAD in the head. And, although that froze my views at the time, it didn’t stop those that I believed to be ‘mad in the head’.

Looking back, I’m ashamed in a way of the way I reacted to a different opinion as to the way acceptable belief surrounds our positions and ranks in society.

To Be Sure To Be Sure

Being Irish, I’ve often wondered why so many people all over the world always wanted to connect with the Irish, whether they have connections to Ireland via ancestory or just the general word of mouth. Many a time, even thought I delight and revel in bring Irish myself, it is as magical as the next person feels it to be.


Where was I?!

What day is it?

Really, I’ve lost my train of thought here now…

Maybe it was a Conspiracryty Theiutioyey.

Maan Blegssibgfs tfgh you akk,


conspiracy theory conspiracy theorist


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  1. Lol!  The problem with conspiracy theorists is even if you show them PROOF, they believe the proof is part of a conspiracy.  So you can’t win.  Why they call them theorists when theorists will actually make a ‘theory’ and then they go out and try to disprove their theory.  Why you might ask?  Because if they canNOT disprove their theory, then their theory is correct!  If they CAN disprove their theory, then obviously, they make a new theory.

    Conspiracy theorists don’t work like that.  They come up with a theory and then try to PROVE that theory and ignore proof that doesn’t agree with their theory.

    Sounds crazy, right?

    Never argue with conspiracy theorists.  You can’t win.  Your proof is just proof of a conspiracy to them.  ^_^

    • Brilliant lol, my point exactly! You nailed it!

      If there was no definition, there would certainly be a different outcome, but again, that’s another story! Another story to do another full circle on, bypassing the actual topic!

      Thanks for your comments!


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