Corona virus – My Thoughts Among The Global Confusion

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corona virus my thoughts among the global confusionHello everybody! I hope you are all keeping well, welcome to my post about Corona virus – My Thoughts Among The Global Confusion where I aim to share some hope and encouragement to anybody who is feeling a little lost or disorientated.

With most of the world being in lock down and/or isolation for weeks, it can be a confusing time for a lot of people, which is understandable – most of us have been spoilt rotten – let’s be honest!

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

Do you miss when you were able to go watch a movie and grab a bite to eat in a nice restaurant afterwards?

Maybe you are into sports and would have looked forward to spending the day watching your favourite sports team or player?

How about counting down the minutes till you packed the kids’ off to school every Monday morning? (Don’t worry,We have ALL been there!)

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusionIt seems like we have nothing to occupy us anymore, our lives have been ruined, zombies walk about with face masks on, panicking about a virus that is blamed on a bat.

Whether it’s real or fake, I am unsure but life as we once knew it, is over.

That’s all I have to say on the matter, thanks for reading, I’m going back to bed to watch Netflix and check to see what the Kardasian’s and the Beyonce’s are wearing. Bye.

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

It was nice while it lasted.

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

What The…? That’s the first and last time you will EVER hear me say that!!!! There is no way life is over, it has just begun!!!

All of the above activities, along with many more that used to ‘help pass the time’, have just vanished into thin air in a matter of months! We are barely into May 2020 – it seems to be a far cry from when we first started hearing about Covid-19.

It’s hard to adjust to so much change in so little time. November 2019 is where it all began and my first impressions were, “I hope it doesn’t spiral out of control.”

Famous last words!

That feels like YEARS ago, not months!

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corona virus my thoughts among the global confusionFor myself and plenty of like-minded individuals, we have adopted a lock down or isolated way of living many years ago, so these new rules and regulations don’t really affect me, thankfully enough.

The HUGE difference is choice. I chose to take myself away from the Matrix as much as possible so the transition was easier to experience.

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

I wasn’t given instructions about where I could and couldn’t go or where to stand in public when I went outside.

The majority of the population thrive on structure and will respond and obey their ‘leaders’. I was one of them, sometimes it is hard to know what to do and who to trust.

Which is fine, yet they are still factors that may frighten or overwhelm many, especially when the media are concentrating on little else.

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

Years ago, there was a radio station that solely gave out positive news. It soon shut down. Nobody wanted to hear any good news. Isn’t that just incredible?! Think about that for a second.


My Reality Is…

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusionI love nothing more spending time in nature as I sketch a few drawings whilst listening to the birds chatting and chirping in the back round.

My hungry cat meows at me to be fed! The snores from my dog make me chuckle as he sleeps in the sunshine, it is bliss.

Bliss cannot be bought and it is priceless.

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusionIf I have to go the supermarket for some food or water, I will avoid the ones where I see a queue, like the plague!


Instead, my local shop hasn’t listened to any ‘advice’ from our leaders. I can walk in, get what I need without standing on footprints and scaring people if I cough or sneeze!


This way, I have avoided a stressful situation and, in turn, I am supporting the local small shops. That is very important to me.


Time of Limitless Opportunitycorona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

This is an incredible space of opportunity. You have the time to do all the things that you never had time for before!

Corona virus my thooughts among the global confusionYou can enjoy the sounds and life of nature, whereas in the hustle and bustle of life before Covid 19, you didn’t have the chance to notice. Everything that should inspire you is all around you.


Creativity and imagination is everywhere, go outside and read the novel that has been gathering dust on your shelves for years.


Grab a pen and paper, design the tattoo that has been on your mind for what feels like forever. There are tonnes of places online to find some ideas and tips.


Tend to the weeds that have shot up overnight. As you clear the unsightly nettles and dandelions, you are also clearing your mind, giving it a chance to approach life in a more positive way.


Time to Grow

Now is the ideal time to rekindle your passions, interests and hobbies!

Whether it is Art, Music, Reading or writing, you are literally in the best time of your life to switch off the TV, go outside and feel the inspiration from the beauty that surrounds you.

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

The possibilities are endless, you could even earn some cash by answering surveys or creating a blog or website where you can share or sell your creations.


There are multitudes of companies that are crying out for people like you and myself to do simple tasks for them. corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

They do not have the time and are willing to pay rather generously for your time. It’s a win win situation.




In finding a more positive outlook, you will see great benefits in your life, in a small amount of time. Focus on yourself, listen to music that lifts your spirit. Music is the strongest form of magic, learn Here how to restore yours!

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Why not learn a new skill or brush up on your knowledge?

corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

There are literally 100’s, if not 1000,s of FREE online courses and tutorials online on every topic you can think of that will suit your learning styles.


Why not invest in yourself and give them a go, you may even find an area you have no knowledge of, there is nothing stopping you!corona virus my thoughts among the global confusion

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corona virus my thoughts among the global confusionGet your creative juices flowing once again, whilst reclaiming your time, and earn some extra cash along the way!

Learn, grow, rise and shine! Now it is your turn to inspire the next person by reclaiming your LIFE!

Educate and Create!

Shame the devil and love who you are and utilize all of your gifts and talents!

I would love to have updates from you all on your new ventures, please feel free to share down below. Whatever is happening, we ARE in this together.

Can’t wait to hear from you all,





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  1. It baffles me how many people think the coronavirus is a time to be lazy and do nothing with their life. Personally I am still grinding, my life has not changed one bit as I am still doing what I was doing before. And that is grinding and hustling day in, day out. I think it’s a time to hustle even harder since we have the time to do it now. That was everyone’s excuse before, so what’s their excuse now?

  2. I was wondering where this was going when I read the opening paragraphs, but I am really heartened by where it eventually took us.

    What an amazing uplifting article full of options to realise a positive outlook amidst the chaos and confusion, of what many call the new norm.

    I don’t subscribe to the new norm being forced on us I think we make our own norm and we do that by dint of positive or negative attitudes. Its quite clear where you lies and I am with you.

    Thanks very positive read


    • That is a lovely uplifing message, thank you. I’m so glad you got where I was going.

      I too don’t accept a new norm! I really am so delighted that this post found you and that I have found another family/tribal/spititual member!

      Hamish, it’s fab to meet you once again!

  3. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must i really enjoyed going through your article, it’s really nice having to see your opinion on the whole pandemic issue. Like you said life as we once knew it, is over and i agree with you on that as a lot has changed already

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      As you have seen, it is just my opinion…my goal is to open the curtain to people’s talents and gifts.

      I hope you got that far!

  4. Hello there, thank you so much for such amazing inspiring articles, this need is very helpful to mw, instead of sitting at home all day just eating, sleeping and watching TV , its high time I started doing those books I’d wanted to read but blame it in time, Thank you for this post, it has reignited my passion for reading. Thank you.

    • Thank you for reading, I didn’t want to appear bossy or anything like that, I am glad you have found it helpful though! And hey, if we just take time out for a few minutes, if just to shake the dust off, we have ignited our love for reading once again!

  5. Hello; I do believe that although COVID 19 has caused some ou us much grief and pain ane even lives, there are some good thing that can come out of its existence; It certainly helps us to find ourselves. Many house-holders never knew what their backyard looks like, before COVID 19.

    Some never enjoyed a family meal together at their Dining table, let alone a decent family discussion. The family togetherness had never dawned on them before Covid 19. Those of us who live alone and those who know had indulged in social distancing, do not have an issue with lockdown one way or another. 


    • Exactly, it’s a time where we can spend time with family and, as you said, find their back yards for the first time!

      In times of disaster, the only importance is family and loved ones. If we can incorporate new ways of living with our children that have only knew a structure of governmental rule, we can enjoy the children that we wanted.

      Those who live alone, I agree, does not phase us one way or another!

      It would be great to see if you rekindled a hobby or, shared your hobby/interest/talent!

  6. It’s a fact that the ravaging pandemic has really caused alot of anxiety, depression and agony to everyone around the globe…we have been denied the privilege we had going out to bars, having to chill out in the beach, going shopping and vacations..Our thoughts are actually depression and really causing alot of pain…we All pray and hope this goes off soon enough

    • Definetly, but it gives us a chance to do what we never had time for before! Learn a new skill, read a new book,design a new picture!

      The list of creativity is endless! It is a amazing time to be alive! Enjoy it and embrace life!

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