Does The Pineal Gland Have Anything To Do With A Spiritual Awakening? – Let’s Find Out!

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Hello everyone! You are very welcome to today’s important post where I will talk all about The Pineal Gland! Just over five years ago, around May time, I got thrown into the deep end of my Spiritual journey. Not knowing where to start was the first problem I encountered. I knew there was something waiting, somewhere for me, the big question was, “Where is it?!”

What felt like thousands of searches on the Internet, I came to the realization that I was having a Spiritual awakening but honestly, I was still none the wiser until I heard about the Pineal gland. This tiny pea sized gland was more than just something that just regulates our sleep patterns and our growth.

As you start to gather the concept of your journey, you will see how vitally important the pineal gland really is!

third eyeLet’s Continue…

This tiny gland sits within the center of our brain. If you can imagine a space right in the middle of the top of your eyebrows, that’s where it is nestled.

Going back thousands of years ago, into Ancient Egypt and many other ancient civilizations, they considered the pineal gland to be the window to our soul, where the soul actually is nestled. They discovered astral projection and travelled between dimensions as they pleased.

Have You Heard Differently?

I hope you have as it can give you the opportunity to ask questions about it and come up with your own personal view as it will be based on your intuition.

Being scared stiff that I was delving into black magic, the acorn shaped pineal gland was a topic I purposely stayed well away from for a long time. Assuming it was part of a major world-wide scam just to get people brainwashed was another reason why it frightened me.



pineal gland spiritual awakening third eye


When I look back now, it becomes clear that everything happens for a reason and I believe that when the time was right, I was ready to explore this fascinating third-eye, as it’s commonly referred to as well.

Not many people are even aware that it even exists. Although it’s very important in regard to our sleep and growth system, when the pineal gland is in a healthy state, it can push us mentally into areas of self exploration we never would have imagined were possible!!

When our third eye is unhealthy, is basically useless to us as it can’t function properly and it’s potential to have a major role in our spiritual awakening and personal inner growth is grossly stagnated.

How To Find Out If Your Pineal Gland Is Healthy?

As we age, the pineal gland begins to lose its functionality and it starts to calcify.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, with our diet and lifestyle, one can be limited to exploring ourselves within. The less time we connect with our core self, the more unhealthy food and drinks we consume, the further away we are to grasping just how powerful each one of us is.

If you are currently unaware of the two places where we destroy our pineal gland, what I’m about to share with you will blow your mind and change your life.

Fluoride is a vital ingredient that has to be placed into our water to cleanse it of any impurities and it helps keep our teeth and bones in good health. As young children we learned to get into the habit of brushing our teeth twice daily to maintain good personal hygiene and health. This is one big false statement.

spiritual awakening pineal gland third eye

Ingesting too much fluoride in our bodies quickens the calcification of the pineal gland. I know it may be hard to believe but it’s extremely damaging to us, not only to our pineal gland, but it’s been closely associated with being the main causes of Alzheimers and thyroid problems.

Young children are in the main category where they can be exploited into thinking that fluoride is good for you. We are told to give children toothpaste with high amounts of fluoride as it will give them healthier teeth and gums. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we are learning, we all know how children’s imagination is so amazing and I’m sure we have all wanted to go back to our childhood to experience a day in our young selves and to escape the pressures of life. Why do we lose that child like ability?

Calcification of the pineal gland.

It stops our connection to our higher self, to other realms and consciousness.

How To Decalcify The Pineal Gland

You will be glad to hear that there are many ways to naturally lift the calcium and to eliminate fluoride and other harmful toxins from our diets.

Leafy greens like spinach and broccoli are super naturally enriched calcium packed vegetables which taste great in homemade soups, salads and shakes.

If you can reduce your intake of caffeine, smoking or alcohol, whatever your vice may be, you will see such a difference in your energy levels and your mood.

Incorporate all the above along with exercise, you will be on the way to lifting the damage and going further in your spiritual journey.

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I hope this has helped you as you start on your spiritual journey. Please leave comments and/or queries down below and I will look forward to seeing them.

Take Care,



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