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fun facts about taurus women


“Taurus women are realistic and true to their values. They won’t change their beliefs for anyone – this can infuriate others”.

Strong and sensual, the Taurus woman is determined in everything she does. Any stress from family, work or friends will simply roll over her head as quick as it appeared. They make fun and loyal friends, with their sharp wit and humour, they won’t be short of others seeking to spend time with her.

Element – Earth

Symbol – The Bull

Ruling Planet – Venus

Taurus April 20 – May 20

1. Taurus is the second sign in the Zodiac Wheel and the traits of Aries such as emotional strength and independence are very closely intertwined with both signs. Taurus women are strong-willed (some may label this as being stubborn) and will set their focus on everything they do and create in their lives.

2.  Family and friends are extremely important to the female Taurus and she will protect and fight for them in times of trouble and despair.

They hold family and friends dear to their hearts as trust is vital in any relationship to the female Taurus. Her strong defensive skills will only appear if she isn’t been led astray by false truths. The female Taurus is no fool, so don’t betray her if you don’t want to see the raging bull.

3. At times, they can be mistaken for being stubborn or stuck in their own ways, but the bull just likes to complete every task they start. Getting a job done means finishing it to the end for the persistent female Taurus.

4. Female Taurus are always right. And that is, even if they are wrong.

5. Whether they are taking a holiday by or staying in their homes for days on end by themselves, they are perfectly happy and content with their own company.

Where other signs would possibly panic and freak out at the thoughts of being on their own, Taurus women thrive for their time alone with their thoughts.

A night spent in with their loved ones or sol is ideal for the female Taurus home birds. Their nest will be cosy and welcoming and cosy, why would they want to paint the town red?

6.When it comes to making decisions, they will have plenty of answers and choices. It’s actually very difficult for them to decide on where to do or what to do next.

Later on, they may feel guilty if they had chosen a different solution. The Taurus woman is far too hard on herself.

“Taurus women think with their heart, and not their head.”

7. Venus is the sensual ruling planet of all Taurus ladies. They love material items that merge with her senses all around her home. Super soft throws and blankets surrounded by large fluffy cushions will adorn her abode.

When buying her gifts and presents, money will always come second to comfort, price and comfort. Not to be mistaken by being a, expensive buyer, she just loves comfort and harmony visually and by touch and colour.

8.  Her first true love will never be forgotten. Just like the first time Romeo met Juliet, they will always be star-crossed lovers. A special place in her heart will always remember and cherish them.

Love is a serious matter for her – if she really loves someone and has uttered the magic three words to them, then that love is 100% real. By placing her love out in the universe, her energy has flowed with it making it solid and true.

Marriage will till death do us part is what the Taurus woman wants in the long run. Along with the 2.4 kids, she has simple and traditional views of marriage life. Vows and testimonies are meaningful and her newly wedded husband may be wiser to be mindful – he wouldn’t want to ruin his honeymoon night!

“Make a Taurus angry and you will see the bull”

9. Practical and thoughtful, the female Taurus are fantastic friends. When planning a trip away with their family or friends, they will have their trusty old to do checklist at hand. Whilst the rest of the traveling party are looking after themselves, she will be like a worker bee going through her list.

Necessities like food, beverages and emergency kits will be taken care of by the trusted female Taurus, she is always well-prepared for any situation.

Positive Personality Traits :

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– Grounded




Negative Personality Traits :




-Anti-social (Independent)

“Taurus has a comfort zone and it’s very rare she will step away from it”

Most Compatible With : Scorpio, Cancer

Least Compatible With : Aquarius, Aries

Female Taurus Motto : Don’t turn this heart of gold to stone

tap into their power

“Taurus women make the world beautiful”

Foods that keep them grounded rather than feeling depleted with no energy are –

  • All berries, especially raspberries
  • Honey & Lemons
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Coconut Oil

If they can manage to incorporate these ingredients into their everyday meals such as stews, soups, even smoothies, they will continue to keep their heads far from the clouds.

Lucky Days : Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Gemstones : Rose Quartz, Selentite

Lucky Numbers : 37, 51

The female Taurus are creative and hard-working. They would suit careers such as pilots, architects or research jobs where their due care and diligence would focus on their important work.

Quiet and knowledgeable, she would most likely choose a career where she is relatively left to her own devices and not have an over powering ‘boss’ constantly watching over and telling her what to do.


She is a sweet and gentle soul with a hint of stubbornness. As long as she is happy with her loved ones in her field of life, she will mind her own business.

If her pastures are ruffled by her family or friends being attacked in any way, she will grab her own bull by the horns and set out for some sweet revenge.

The female Taurus is no daisy, but a beautiful rose full of layers of love and affection, as long as everybody knows where their boundaries are from her…and stays there!


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