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gemini men

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Today we are going to have a look into the Gemini male starsign.

Gemini stands third in the Zodiac wheel and reigns over any male born between May 21 – June 20. Known for having a dual personality, due to the twins as the Gemini representation, it can be difficult to read which twin dominates them at any given time.

Join us as we attempt to dissect this infamous sign so we can spot them before they see us!

Male Gemini Personality

Gemini men can read women’s minds. Yes, they can read us almost instantaneously and they have a knack of letting us know that they know what we are thinking – the cheek of them! You will pick up on his ‘know – it – all vibes as he joyfully begins to put words into your mouth or answers your questions before he allows you to finish. Straight away, they will give the impression of being superior or rude. ==>>You can learn to open your own intuition by clicking Here!

“It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.”

The male Gemini are social and talkative people who love to be the center of attention. They are social beings by nature and could talk the hind legs off of a donkey! Being lovers of knowledge and further learning, the more they can communicate with a diverse range of people on a very regular basis, the more there inquisitiveness will be satisfied.

Dull and boring routines are where you will never see him, he needs to be doing anything, something at all times. He could find it hard to keep a job unless he finds a career that again, meets his needs. Although he will adore his family and extended family, they too won’t hold him down.

Mind games with women are where he gets his kicks so don’t be surprised if his words have suddenly silenced you into a corner. His charm always appears in perfect timing just when he needs a way out.

Ruling Planet : Mercury

Element : Air

Symbol : The Twins

A Gemini man’s eyes never lie, even when there lips do. If you wanna know if they’re in love with you, speak to there eyes! – Anonymous

In Love/Lust

No matter what colour his eyes are, you will notice how they possess a certain look, or stare in most instances. If you look at fellow male Gemini celebrities such as Cillian Murphy, Johnny Depp and Mark Wahlberg, they all have the most dazzling eyes.

These men will typically be attracted to social and intelligent women who don’t take life too seriously. This guarantees even more time to listen to him talk, talk, and talk some more!

Keep in mind that with Gemini men, there are at least two personalities to win over but if you catch him staring at you and he’s holding the stare for more that is socially acceptable (seconds!), you got yourself a date!

Kind of…gemini man

Believe it or not, he can be shy and hide it well so where it goes from here is up to yourself or the twins. One side has to make a move for things to progress!

After locking eyes with someone he likes the look of, if he is brave enough to make the first move, seducing the ‘lucky’ lady will come easily to the charmer. On the outside, he will appear to take a cool approach by being even more talkative than usual!

The nervous sides of his personalities will have him on edge so much that he won’t even be aware how much his chats with her suddenly increases by the bucket load.

If in a relationship with a Gemini man, he will keep his partner on there toes by recalling the first time he saw you each and every time he slips into there bad books. Unfortunately for both, this will happen on quite a regular basis.

Boredom or routine will depress and annoy him to the point where he will have ‘zone out days’ where he will go into communication breakdown.

His moods will dip and peak without a hint of a warning and he will just take it for granted that these mood swings are an acceptable way to behave. Any woman worth her salt wouldn’t stand for this childish behaviour.

The cunning male Gemini will get himself out of danger by turning the charm back on and play on his partners’ emotions. This will balance his lack of ability to express his feelings and emotions and again, it meets his needs. Click here to get your own Mind Secrets! 

Lucky Colours : Greens, Yellows

Best Matches : Leo, Aries

Worst Matches : Virgo, Taurus


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Nosy Socialites

Male Gemini’s have a way of finding everything out about someone without any hassle, his charm and eyes may have something to do with the reason why he knows a little about everyone.

These nosy men are a gossip queen’s dream best friend! This is the sign who is always eager to find an ear to borrow so he can divulge Tom, Dick, or Harry’s dirty laundry.

A little word of warning when dealing with Gemini male personalities, be careful what you share with them. They are well-known to stretch and add to truth to make up new, more appealing pieces of entertainment.

They are the biggest attention seekers of the whole zodiac and we can clearly see why, who would watch soaps with a Gemini man in your company?! These extroverts will strive and thrive in every social gathering. Spending time with his buddies is very important to him as well.

Lucky Days : Mondays, Wednesdays

Careers : Salesman, Researcher

The Twins

Gemini, having the Twins as there symbol show a two-faced and complex set of personalities. Being attractive to both sexes, Gemini men use there looks and essence for there own benefit when they find themselves in any self-inflicting conflicts with others.

More often than not, there charm and attractiveness will get them off the hook for them to continue as normal, back to grabbing the limelight wherever they can.

If the odds go against him, a moody male Gemini will huff and puff like a toddler that hasn’t got there own way.

“Gemini men know where they stand, if just for a minute.”

Can They Change?

They command and demand attention and an easy-going life. On the other side, if they could learn to deal with life’s strife’s in a more mature fashion, they would certainly find themselves less likely to fall into self-doubt, or at worst, a depressive state.

Although Gemini men are incredibly intelligent, maturing at this level would near enough be an impossible feat, due to his lack of concentration.

Change is possible. Anything is possible, it’s just a matter of which Twin chooses to take the upper and best path for all three of them!



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  1. Gayle, I must be honest – There is LOADS of information on your website. Very much detailed explanations. I like the different aspects which are explained, but I must be serious, I know very little about the topic.

    A great advantage of your site, is that a lot of detail is given, without having to ask the user for personal detail first. I find this most often very annoying.

    • Hi Andre,

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. Astrology is a interesting topic but isn’t for everybody!

      I’m glad you didn’t dislike it!!

      All the Best

  2. I am always amazed when I read these things. I read the article on the Capricorn women and really it’s the same with the men. We are about loyalty and trust especially when we have gone all out for someone, but when betrayed we may forgive but we struggle with forgetting even if it was a close family member. 

    And yes we are very driven people and I will say I stay tired because I’m trying to pursue my dreams while still working a job and yes I too have started over many times. I really like this article, thanks for the info.

    • Hello Johnny,

      Astrology is fasinating and so broad, which is why I love it! I’m thrilled a couple of my articles resonated with you, that’s great to hear!

      Many thanks for your comments!

      Take Care

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