Gemini Women – A Tale of Two Sides

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Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac wheel and it falls between May 21st and June 21st. Gemini women are fun and energetic. Boredom shuts their minds and spirits down, they despise having nothing to do. They are represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, who were ancient Greek gods.

Gemini women are wild and wonderful. They cannot be tamed.

Element : Air

Ruling Planet : Mercury

Symbol : The twins


If you have a Gemini female in your life, it will come as no surprise when I tell you of their split personalities. You can thank the twins for that. One minute she will be a joyful bundle of magnetic ism and the nest, you will be dealing with a moody and depressive child.

Exciting and delightful, her personality is addictive and she will make everyone around her feel special and happy. She has a certain way of focusing on others, even within a group and they will feel like they are the only one alive. They will leave her company refreshed and confused as to how it just happened.

When she gets moody, this can become a predictable pattern of behaviour that others will soon work out. All the different aspects of her personality can surprise even those that know her very well such as her friends and family.

The female Gemini is passionate in her organized chaos.

Lucky Colours : Yellows

Lucky Days : Everyday

Famous Gemini ladies : Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell


Gemini women are excellent communicators and love meeting new people. In less time than it takes to introduce herself, she will have found out everything about her new friends and associates.

Of course it works both ways as she is an honest and open person that will bring endless opportunities and vitality to your daily life. Personally, a lot of my childhood friends were Gemini’s and I can still remember all the fun we had and the adventures we experienced.

tap into their powerCareers where she is in the limelight, maybe working in television or public speaking would suit her feisty personality. She always needs stimulation and she would thrive on the big or small screen.

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– Energetic

– Highly Intelligent

– Communication Queen



– Indecisive

– Can appear to be aloof

– Moody

gemini women

Female Gemini’s are over thinkers, they query and question everything…you better be up to her speed

We have an excellent all-rounder in Gemini ladies. In a way they can teach us how to love ourselves and our lives by trying to understand her ways. If she is constantly thinking of topics that go beyond our everyday scenarios, aybe we should do so also.

I can say that not only will you get the respect from her but, you can also help the Gemini woman when she is in times of indecisiveness – two heads are better than one, or three in Gemini’s case!

Maybe you could be the one who comes up with new and exciting adventures for the two of you to spend time together and who knows, your new-found zest for excitement may lead to much more.

If you can look at life from her perspective where she can’t do boredom, it will give you a good place to start. Just don’t take on too much, remember your limits.tap into their power

Best Matches : Leo, Aries

Worst Matches : Virgo, Taurus

Gemini’s Motto : “Why be humble while I can be Fabulous!”

When thinking of getting into a relationship with this amazing woman, don’t go head first, you need to give her time to fit you in her mindset. Enjoy getting to know her and her funky ways. Make sure you can measure up to her inner worlds.

As I said before, female Gemini’s need fun and variety, especially in relationships. There just won’t be any time for her to ponder about you if you don’t stimulate her life. A mad Gemini is not her best look – always remember that!

She is a confident woman who knows her own mind, this independent Gemini woman rarely asks for advice, so refrain from telling them what to do. Her mind may be a minefield of random thoughts and ideas but she has a reputation of power to maintain.

Do you tend to be alike or would you find it easier to follow the crowd? Female Gemini’s are more likely to be the innovative leader who sets trends and movements. If you want to find all the Gemini’s, you will see them all at the front of every event.

gemini women



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  1. One of my daughter’s is a Gemini. Your description fits her to a T. She is usually bubbly and doesn’t like staying home. She loves to be with people! She is married to an Aries, so apparently that’s why they work so well together. 🙂 I think the reason she gets moody occasionally is if she has used to much energy and gets tired. That really annoys her. Your description seems pretty accurate to me! Great article. 

    • Hi Paula, that is great that I correctly described a Gemini! Yes, their energy levels are high and it wears them out if they are unsure of where to project their energy into.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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