Gift Ideas For The Scorpio Woman – Gifts She Will Love!!!

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Gift Ideas For The Scorpio Woman – Gifts She Will Love!!!


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Hello! Welcome to today’s fun post about Gift Ideas For The Scorpio Woman, where we will give you  some fantastic ideas to get, that will suit all female Scorpios! Here at scorpiomuse, we have firsthand experience and we are confident that choosing ANY of the gifts and ideas further mentioned will be perfect for her. She will love how you managed to figure out her likes and dislikes, Curious to the core, this will have her wondering how you were able to accomplish! ( No need to worry, your secret is safe with us! )

Scorpio is snugly nestled in the Zodiac astrology wheel in the 8th tier. Magical and mystical at heart, they are naturally drawn to the mysteries of the supernatural, of life and of the occult. The Scorpio woman oozes with sensuality femininity and creativity. As with everything she does, she enjoys playing about with her style just to see what will make her feel confident and radiant.

When they dive into the spiritual and mystical aspects of their personality, they go deep within to figure out all there is to be learnt about love and life.


Favourite Colours

You have a excellent range of colours to choose from, blacks, purples and dark, and deep reds. These are known as her power colours. When wearing items of clothing with these colours altogether or apart, she will feel like a hot Goddess on demand.


The Scorpio woman loves to accessorize so perhaps a fur lined pair of leather gloves or  handbag that is pleasing to her senses such as animal or velvet print would be appropriate. Click here to access the Wholesale Designer Directory where you can easily find authentic designer merchandise – everything you need in one place.

If you are in a romantic relationship with a Scorpio woman, a good tip would be to choose a gift where you could add her name or date of birth, the personal touch will just add to her delight!




Little Miss Mystery

I think we can all be in agreement that the Scorpio lady is full of mystery and secrecy. If there is one thing that she revels and thrives on, it’s a good old mystery. As long as she has a breadcrumb, a small clue to begin with, that’s enough to get her interest until she can solve any mystery and close the case, so to speak.

Why not choose a mystery box and just watch as her sheer determination rummages through her surprise eager to see what awaits her like a busy little honey bee.


Another super choice is to find her a secret diary or collection of journals especially for her. A secret place all for her notes and doodles. Scorpio’s are very creative and writing comes naturally to them so this gift would be ideal for any Scorpio woman.scorpio woman gifts

Lotions And Potions

Believe it or not, the Scorpio lady does find time to pamper herself in fusions of sensual, exotic aromas of well deserved personal grooming sessions.She favours floral, animal, musky fragrances that make her feel and look beautiful.

Why not consider Chanel’s Coco to rouse her sensuality or a musk yankee candle that that she can have burning away as she soaks her cares away in a bath set at a perfect temperature.  The list could go on and on to make her feel loved and cared for.

Christmas Gift Ideas

When Scorpio season comes to an end (boo-hoo) be secure knowing that the Scorpio lady is even easier to please during the Festive Season. Secretly, second to Halloween of course, Yule time is an exciting time of year.Tis the season to be jolly. Tis the season to give more according to the generous Scorpio woman.You will never hear her tell you but deep down, she is like a child around Christmas time.

She is the most unique gift giver and it energizes her so as she can get the most relevant gift for each person in their own right. Her gifts are personal and thought provoking. It will be the gift you always wanted, but forgot about.

Show her you care and watch her delight!

I hope you have found some good ideas and inspiration, if you need any more advice or have a question, just pop it down below!

Happy shopping!




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  1. Hi there, this is such a great post, I am not a Scorpio (Aquarius actually) but I LOVED some of these suggestions- especially Chanel No, 5 (what a classic) and the Yankee candle scent. I’m BIG into scented candles. I’m sure that anyone looking for gifts for a Scorpio will find the perfect suggestion on your list. I like the personal touches as well, like the birthstone idea etc. There really is something for everyone here, whether you’re on a budget or looking to splash out. The dog bowl is adorable also!

    • Hi Natalie,
      Thank you for stopping by! I agree with you, Chanel No 5 is a classic, it never outdates itself. Yankee candles are my secret obsession also,I have stashes of them ready for any occassion. Scorpios adore gifts that get their senses going to drive their creative side. Thank you for your comments and I hope this article has given you some gift ideas!
      All The Best,

      P.S. I will have to do a post about the Aquarius female,so keep checking back!

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