Goddess Brigid Of Ireland- The Exhalted One

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goddess brigid

Hello everyone! Welcome to Goddess Brigid, The Exhalted One! Also known as St. Brigid, she was born c.451 in Dundalk, Ireland to a pagan Chieftain of The Tuatha de Danann. Her mother Brocca was a slave and Brigid was brought up as one also and experienced awful treatment from her owners and masters. Even so, she never let them get the better of her as she was well-known because of her pure kindness and generosity to others.

Brigid, The Triple Goddess

Known as the ancient triple goddess of Pre-Christian Ireland, she is also known as being the goddess of fire, healing, poetry, unity, childbirth, and of smith craft.

Brigid had two sisters, Brigid The Healer and Brigid The Smith, hence is why she may have acquired the ‘triple goddess’ title. To this day she is still very important to modern day pagans who love to emphasize her triple worth and magical powers.


Her spirit is honoured at her sacred spring wells in Co. Kildare and Co. Clare among many others round Ireland. The Celtic and pagan people are extremely nature based and consider all nature to be powerful and sacred.

Goddess Brigid is connected to high intelligence and wisdom, perfection and craftsmanship.

This gentle and beautiful soul founded many monasteries around the magical land of Ireland, many of which began under a great Oak tree. The Oak tree is the most sacred trees to the ancient druids because of its strength, might and supernatural presence.

Brigid, Brigit, or Brige?

Although she is known by many names and also some say, she pops up in different guises over time.

I am She that is the natural mother of all things,

mistress and governess of all the elements,

The initial progency of worlds,

chief of the powers Divine,

Queen of all that are in the otherworld,

the principal of them that dwell above,

manifested alone and under one form of all the Gods and Goddesses. ” –Lucius Apuleis.

st brigid

Imbolc – Pagan Feast Day

Goddess Brigid was and is the most powerful female deities in Irish history, her association to fire, healing and life force energy can be represented in our physical sun.

Her feast day is 1st of February which in pagan Irish is Imbolc, the first day of spring.

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In living quarters, she is mainly associated beside the hearth. There is an age-old saying in Ireland, “Home is where the heart is. “

It can to many be seen in a different light again directed to Brigid, if home is where the heart(h) is, then home, is where the goddess Brigid is.

Irish Myth And Legend

goddess brigid irelandAccording to ancient Irish myths and legends, Brigid preformed many healing miracles. It been told that once she was out with her two sisters on horseback. Brigid’s horse became startled, which caused Brigid to fall off from the great height of the horse and to hid her head on a stone upon landing.

As her blood oozed from her wound in her head, it mixed with the water on the ground. It just so happened that where she had fallen were two sisters that were both deaf and dumb that Brigid knew of. She had managed to call them over and asked them to pour her mixture of blood and water along the napes of their necks, all whilst hoping for them to be healed.

The first sister, the eldest went first and was healed, whilst the second sister was simply healed by touching the bloody water when she lent down to see if Brigid was OK.

Brigid founded many a monastery around Ireland which all quickly grew into communities for men and women alike to learn and grow.

Another legend tells us that Brigid healed a man who was tortured by leprosy by blessing one of her places of sacred spring wells. Upon instructing one of the women in the monastery to cleanse his skin with the blessed water, the man’s skin completely healed and cleared up.

Her Heartache And Legacies

Goddess Brigid, in her personal life had married King Bres, a high king of Ireland. She bore Ruadan, her beloved son who was killed during a battle where he was fighting alongside with the Formorians.

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goddess brigid

Her wailing cries, along with her sorrowful song has long been adopted by the women and men of Ireland who have since felt their hearts die in their woes and wallows of Ireland and her people ever since.

There is a special kind of cross shaped symbol that is made from reeds or straw on Brigid’s feast day, Imbolc. It resembles a swastika which is placed in many an Irish home and school to ward off evil and welcome all that is good and pure.

Goddess Brigid, who was also said to be the Mary of The Gaels (the Irish) holds a special place within many Irish people and her sacred spring wells can be visited and her presence felt under the great Oak trees to the fresh waters which once held her essence and presence.

goddess brigid the exhalted one

I hope you enjoyed this small blog about Goddess Brigid. I’m sure I’ve just mentioned the tip of the power and importance of her but I just wanted to share a little background information about her.

Please comment below if you have any questions to this post or any of my previous blogs.

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  1. This is a very relaxing article and brings up something about Irish tradition that I did not know. My heritage is part Irish so I will keep the myth of the goddess Brigid in my head and maybe tell my family some day. It is interesting that she could have founded a monastery in Ireland in the past.

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