How To Attract A Female Scorpio

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how to attract scorpio female woman scorpiomuse

We are officially in Scorpio season (October 21 – November 21) and right now is the perfect time to learn how to attract and win over your magnetic Scorpio female once and for all.

Scorpio’s are generally hard to miss but, at this time of year when everyone is busy with preparing their houses for Halloween parties, our sensitive Scorpio will be at their most intense and self-reflective as they mull over the past years events.


‘Tis The Season Of Transformation

They are naturally deep thinkers so they are taking this magical time of the year to reflect. They are using this time to recharge their never ending batteries all whilst doing some serious soul-searching right inside their whole world which is their heart.

Just like a beautiful fiery Phoenix rising from the flames after a long and treacherous journey of self discovery, the female Scorpio is in a state of total self awareness.

Secretly, even with everything else that is changing and re-arranging inside of her, she will always have time for the quest of finding a true connection of pure love with another similar soul.

Before We Begin…

If you are 100% positive that you want, really really want this certain Scorpio woman to fall madly in love with you, I can offer you a piece of advice to ponder over before you leap into something you may regret!

Make sure that you are going to give her your all, if things get hard for you, don’t suddenly give up if things aren’t quite going too smoothly for you.

The Scorpio woman will see this as being disloyal, and that is the one thing that will make her turn her cold shoulder on you and she won’t have her time wasted again.

It makes sense, you wouldn’t want her to slip through your fingers just because things got a bit hard would you?!

how to attract scorpio female woman scorpiomuse

How To Attract A Female Scorpio

Take a deep breath, and most importantly, take heed of my advice!

First of all, the mysterious female Scorpio oozes sensual and hypnotic energy. The last thing she wants from a potential new relationship is having them make it so obvious that they are crazy about her.

She will see this as another form of weakness.


Because she thrives on mystery and detective work. It’s like anything in life, what’s more exciting than opening an unexpected present? Imagine if it was handed to you without all the trimmings and carefully placed ribbons or bows?

It the exact same with the sassy Scorpio lady!

Your goal should be to make her feel in control so when you get her attention, be subtle yet engaging in your conversations with her.

Keep your cards close to your heart, you are creating a game for your gorgeous Scorpio so to speak so you may as well be the dealer. Have fun with it.

Some Tips And Tricks

If you have arranged to meet up with her for a casual stroll in the park or to have a coffee at her place, suddenly make your excuses and say something has come up and that you have to leave immediately.

Don’t panic her.

Just go.

Now, this isn’t a tactic you want to use right at the beginning of getting to know her. It’s only something for you to consider using only once, when you are sure that you have first gained her trust.

If you suddenly have to leave her company, she will go into overdrive which means she will be constantly thinking about you. She will wonder what was so important that you had to cut the day short with her.

The female Scorpio will spend her time trying to figure it all out, and, of course, that puts her in control. If all her thoughts are about you, half the battle is won!

Make sure you don’t leave it too long before contacting her again or she won’t want to know. Her inquisitive nature about you will grow cold very quickly, into anger. You want to create a spark within her, not ignite it!

how to attract scorpio female woman scorpiomuse

Is She Worth It?

If you have to ask then you already know the answer.

Scorpio’s are the most caring and loving people you’ll ever meet. Of course, she is worth it!

The real question is, are you ready?

Take a minute and take it seriously.

Do you believe everything you read?

Well, in this case you should believe me because it takes one to know one!

If you are interested in finding out a little more about the female Scorpio’s traits and inner thoughts, please Click Here!

Good luck in your pursuits and be sure to let me know how it goes for you, and of course, let me know if their’s something you can’t just work out from her, I’ll be happy to put your mind at ease!

Thanks for reading!

Many Blessings To You All,




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  1. Nice tips and tricks. I read about Scorpion behavior somewhere previously but this one is more relevant on what I was looking for. Thanks for giving this idea specific to Scorpion people. I will try.

    • Hello Neha,
      I’m thrilled you have added to your knowledge about Scorpion’s! I hope the tips and tricks help you also.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,
      Gayle :-))

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