How Were We Created? An Illuminati Insider Tells All -Part 2

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How Were We Created? An Illuminati Insider Tells All – Part 2

how were we createdHello everyone! Welcome to part two of the fascinating question and answer session with an anonymous Illuminati Insider. Today I am going to share an incredible insight into how our planet possibly came into existence. I hope you enjoy, with an open mind of course, “HOW WERE WE ALL CREATED?”

how were we createdI, in no manner whatsoever, have any relation or interest about the Illuminati. I am simply interested in sharing what may help others in their spiritual journeys to answer any questions they have about their purpose in life, and most importantly, how it was all possible in the first place! Enjoy my friends!

Question One : “How do you justify that the current British royal family line is the true bloodline, but Ishmael is not the true receiver of Abraham’s gift? If you’re true bloodline, you’ll know what I mean.”tree of life

Illuminati Insider : ” Who says that is the true line? There were ruling bloodlines long before your Yahweh and his Christianity arrived on this planet. Yahweh is a Creator, not the one Infinite Creator. There are other and higher gods than him. Ultimately, all are part of the one and either consciously or subconsciously, exercising their freewill to create.

Begin to study outside of the box for a true understanding of the Creator. The British royalty is not the most powerful line. The names you know, do not hold the real ancient power. There are others above these lineages in their hierarchy. You will not know the names of these.”how were we created

Question Two : ” What proof do you have that the ruling elite families exist and that you’re a member of? It’s something that I think you thought was not falsifiable, which is why you choose that ID for your story for your weaving. However, I think there may indeed ve a way that you can prove it.”

Illuminati Insider : ” I have no need to prove anything to you, I am merely doing my duty, as directed to me. Believe or do not believe, we are Divinely in different. I am obliged to complete this task here. The end result is of no consequence to me. I will have discharged my duty in handing down certain information that must be released at this time. There is no stipulation as to where I do so, only that I do so. I choose this website as the general level of intelligence, comprehension and reasoning is reckoned to be higher than in many such forums.

Understand, due to the law of free – will, I cannot just give you information – at least not without consequence to my own person – which I would rather avoid. It is an infringement upon your free – will, your right to know.

You have to ask me for the information you want. Only then can I provide it.

So, whilst there are IMPORTANT things that I have to share, if I am not ASKED the questions, I cannot get that information to you. I am hopeful that synchronicity will bring the most important questions of REAL DEPTH out from among you. MY duty is to offer. YOURS, is to ask. My duty is fulfilled whether or not yours is.

how were we createdQuestion Three : “Surely if ruling elite families exist, and you’re a member of one, then you must be controlling global events through the world governments? Tell us, one major government action from any country that’s going to occur in the next 5 days?”

Illuminati Insider : “I am not at liberty to discuss such intimate immediate detail, and in many cases I am not far up enough in the hierarchy to know anyway. Typically, I would receive a call the day before the enactment of a major event, just to say, something along the lines of, “This part of such – and – such a plan will take place tomorrow in such – and – such a way. Do not be alarmed.”

Also, one has to take into account specific areas of specialty. I mentioned previously, my area is in spirituality, so my focus is not so much in geopolitical events. I am aware of the overall design though the finer points are not often my area of expertise.

Let’s see if we can increase the depth of inquiry and question matter in the next session. Seek beyond the superficial. Get to the core of the matter.

how were we created

twin flameQuestion Four : “How do you know that your bloodline deserves to lead and the rest deserve to follow? Wealth and power is self – propagating, therefore, I say to you that your bloodline only compromises the extreme elite of the world because your ancestors came to power by chance in the beginning – not because your kind are special. In fact, there’s nothing special, clever or honourable in enslaving others.”

Illuminati Insider : “It is not about deserving or not. Does one deserve to be born English, or American, or Italian, or French, or German and so on? We came not to power by chance but rather…which I know may be, hard to swallow, by Intelligent Design. This path of ours was NOT chosen by us, but rather, it was appointed and accepted.”

how were we createdQuestion Five : “Who is your Creator? And is your Creator the same as our Creator?”

Illuminati Insider : “This is an excellent question, which I can use to draw our communication closer to the core. Yes, and, no. You would first need to understand the creation. In the beginning there is the Infinite 1. This is the source of all ; Intelligent Infinity. It is the undifferentiated, absolute. Within it, is unlimited potential waiting to BECOME.

Think of it as the uncarved block in your Taos traditions. Infinite Intelligence becoming aware of itself, seeks to experience itself. And the Infinite 1 Creator is born or manifest. This appeared to your 3rd density comprehension as, space. In effect, the Creator is a point of focused infinite consciousness, or awareness into INFINITIVE Intelligent energy.how were we created

The 1 Infinitive Creator also becoming self – aware, seeks to experience itself as creator and in so doing, begins the next step down in the creation spiral. The 1 Infinitive Creator is focusing its Infinitive Intelligence, becomes Intelligent energy – which you could call the Great Central Sun, and divides itself into smaller portions of itself, that can then in turn experience themselves as Creators, or Central Suns.

how were we createdIn other words, each Central Sun, or Creator is a step down in conscious awareness…or distortion from the original thought of creation. SO, in the beginning was not the word, but thought. The word is thought expressed and made manifest by Creator. There is unity. Unity is all there is – Infinite Intelligence. And Infinite energy. The two are one – and within them is the potential for all creation. This state of consciousness could be termed as ‘being’. Infinite Intelligence does not recognize its potential – it is the undifferentiated absolute. BUT Infinite energy recognizes the potential of becoming all things in order to bring any desired experience into being. Intelligent Infinity can be likened to the Central heartbeat of life, an Infinite energy is the spiritual lifeblood…or potential – which pumps out for the Creator to form the creation.twin flame

how were we createdCreation is based upon the three primary distortions of the Infinite 1.


The first is Freewill. In the 1st Law or distortion of Creation, the creator receives the freewill to know and experience itself as an individual thought, paradoxically unified aspect of the 1.


Love is the 2nd Law of Creation. The initial distortion of freewill becomes a focus point of awareness known as LOGOS, or Love, or the word, in biblical terms. Love, or Logos using its infinite intelligence energy, then takes on the role of co – creating a vast array of physical illusions, or thought forms, or densities, which some call dimensions. In which, according to its intelligent design will best offer the range of potential experiences – in which it can know itself. In effect, the 1 Infinite Creator…in dividing itself into Logos could be termed in your 3rd density understanding, as a Universal Creator.


The 3rd is Light. To manifest this infinite spiritual or life force energy into a physical thought form of densities. Logos creates the 3rd distortion of Light.

how were we createdFrom the 3 original distortions of the 1 into making the creation arise a myriad of hierarchies and other sub – distortions containing their own specific paradoxes. The goal of the GAME is to ENTER into these further divisions of creation and THEN seek to harmonize the polarities in order to once again know one’s self, as the creator of them.tree of life


The nature of all such physically MANIFEST ENERGY, is light. Wherever thus exists any form of physical matter, there is light, or Divine Intelligent energy at its core, or sensor. Something that is INFINITE cannot be other than or many. An infinite creator knows only Unity. Thus, drawing upon its infinite intelligence, the infinite creator designed a blueprint BASED on the infinite principles of freewill, or awareness, and sub level creations. Which in TURN, could become aware of THEMSELVES as CREATORS and so the Russian doll style experiment was stepped down and down and down.how were we created

Levels of creation, within levels of creation.

The 1 infinite creator, or Great Central Sun steps down its infinite energy to become Logos. Logos in turn, designs vast Universes of SPACE, as yet materialistic, stepping down and splitting itself again into LOGO ( which is just plural of Logos ). In other words, into an array of Central Suns, which will each become a Logos or co – creator of its own Universe which each unique individualized portion of the 1 infinite creator containing WITHIN it as its very essence ; Intelligent Infinity.

twin flameUsing the Law of Freewill, each universal Logos, or Central Sun DESIGNS and CREATES its own version or perspective of physical reality in which to experience itself as creator. Stepping down AGAIN, it focuses its intelligent energy and creates the manifest form of galaxies, within itself and SPLITS itself into yet further co – creator platforms, sub logos or Sun. Which, in turn, will then design and manifest THEIR own ideas of physical reality in the form of points of consciousness, awareness that we are Suns, stars, and planets.how were we created

A planetary entity, or SOUL begins the 1st density of experience into which another individualized portion of 1 can incarnate. Just as with all Logos and sub Logos of creation, each soul is yet another smaller, UNIQUE portion of the Infinite 1. At FIRST, the intelligent energy of the planet is in a state of what you COULD call chaos. Meaning, that its ENERGY, is undefined. Then, the process happens again

The planetary energy BEGINS to become aware of itself. The 1st density of awareness is consciousness, and the planetary Logos, or sub, sub Logos, in effect BEGINS to create other downward steps within itself. And the internal make up of the planet begins to form as the raw elements of air and fire can be combined to work on the waters and the earth.

Thus arising consciousness awareness of their being and the process of evolution begins forming the 2nd density.how were we created

SECOND density beings begin to become awareness of themselves, as being SEPERATE and thus begin to evolve toward the 3rd density of self – consciousness awareness – the lower density into which a human soul can incarnate.tree of life

Humans, in turn, or the SOULS incarnated within them, seek to…return to the light and love, from which they came. And they begin the journey of progression from the 3rd density, up to the 8th density, and to return to the infinite oneness. Explanation of the densities between normal human consciousness is another question though, so if you want to know more about them, someone will have to ask an intelligent question which can respond to, so as not to infringe/impinge upon your freewill not to know.”



Wow, this certainly is alot to digest and understand. Personally, I had to read it four or five times to really hear its messages. One thing is certain, what we have been told about the story of creation is, in my opinion, completly false.

One word of advice, don’t believe all that you read, even this! The beauty of a Spiritual Awakening is gathering as much information possible, so you can then research what you have, and thus, come to your own conclusion.

I look forward to sharing part three with you all very soon.

Until next time, take care,




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  1. Wow!!  This is a powerful article.  As a 53 year old that has just taken an interest into philosophy this falls right into my current wheel house.

    The word spiritual was spoken many times throughout this reading and honestly I could feel it through the natural energy

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a great article.  This isnt an article but rather a master piece.  Some may not get it but most will

    Thank you

    • Oh I am delighted that you enjoyed this part of the interview with an Illuminati Insider!! A lot of people get the wrong impression when they see the word Illuminati.

      Thank you for taking the time to read through it – and more importantly – that you got my purpose in getting this information out there.

      This is part of a 15 part series, I hope it continues to help you as I get the content published. 

      All the best


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