Introducing The Rabbit In Chinese Astrology – Let’s Hop Right Down The Rabbit Hole!!!

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Introducing The Rabbit In Chinese Astrology – Let’s Hop Right Down The Rabbit Hole!!!

Hello everybody! Welcome to today’s insight which will be about The Rabbit in Chinese Astrology. The Rabbit is positioned as the fourth sign. Let’s hop right down the rabbit hole!

chinese astrology the rabbit

The Rabbit                        chinese astrology the rabbit

I am in harmony with the

Rhythm of the Universe.

In my tranquil seclusion  

I hear the chimes of the spirit.I glide over the mundane                                                                  chinese astrology

Trouble and strife.

I conquer by my power to obey.

I paint my life

In soft – hued shades.

I embody harmony and innermost balance.



The Rabbit Personality

The Rabbit is one of the signs that has the lion’s – share of good luck and fortune. In Chinese legend and folklore, the Rabbit is mostly known as the Hare, and are the symbol of stability and endurance. It is believed that they gain their energy from the Moon.meant2b

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In mid- Autumn in China, a Moon festival takes place where the children will make paper lanterns in the shape of the Rabbit. Following tradition, they light them up and carry them as they climb the hills to see the Moon at it’s most beautiful. To the Chinese, when they look at the moon, they see a Moon Hare beside a rock underneath a Cassia tree, holding the Elixir of Immorality in its grasp.

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The Rabbit also represents compassion, respect, polite and are appealing within their charm. Their smooth way of talking and their graceful nature would be the envy of any political or official.

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The lives of those born under this sign are calm and harmonious, they enjoy keeping a quiet abode. Artistic, diligent with sound judgment, they would suit careers as a lawyer, judge or any other authoritative position. The area of law is where they will be outstanding.


As much as they love peace and quiet, they can easily bounce into an irritable state of mind and appear disconnected from life and even cold or distant to others.


The Rabbit Sign

Chinese name for the Rabbit : TU

Ranking number : Fourth

Season and principal month : Spring – March

Hours ruled by the Rabbit : 5am – 7am

In western astrology : Pisces

Direction of its sign : Directly East

Stem : Negative

Fixed element : Wood

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As mentioned before, the Rabbit is very fortunate and lucky – especially in managing money and their place of work. Quick – witted and ingenious, they are naturals when it comes to obtaining important deals and bargains. Somehow, their negotiation skills always ensure that the outcome with be of great benefit to them. This attribute will see them sky – rocked in their chosen positions.


To outsiders, the Rabbit can give off vibrations of not caring for others’ thoughts and views about him, he sinks low when they make wrong assumptions – it can really hit them hard. They will continue to be their true self when around their loved ones.

To those that have misjudged the Rabbit, they will be cold – hearted and brutal in their dealings with them all whilst remaining polite and civil. Most Rabbits possess immaculate manners and will very rarely use foul or harsh words.



Granted that when he desires a female who has caught his attention, for however long he chooses, he will treat them like queens and they will assume he is looking a relationship with them. Just like the Rabbit hole, there is no end to what he will do when he wants something.

They will be wined and dined in the finest of restaurants, whilst spoiling them with gifts and compliments. No sooner have you swallowed your last bite, he will have whipped out a prenuptial for you to sign! Are you in a relationship that has suddenly gone south? Learn how to Respark The Romance >>> Here!

chinese astrology the rabbit

The Prim And Proper Ms. Rabbit

The prim and proper Ms. Rabbit is truly in tune with and considerate with friends and co – workers. You would enjoy going to work, just to be around her uplifting ways. She is a great friend to have whether you spend time together shopping, browsing make- up magazines or simply having a good chat over lunch.

Serene and calm, she manages to complete her tasks with ease. On the occasions she does not meet her target, tomorrow is another day to finish it. The craziness of the Rat race, outside of her existence will not cease just because she takes a break here and there.

chinese astrology the rabbit

We could all take a leaf out of her book and slow down, have a nice cup of tea and RELAX. Another way to relax AND earn money is by joining Swagbucks, they give free gift cards to their members for their online activities!


Even from a young age, they are wise beyond their years and somehow has always had the ‘knack’ of getting on with EVERYBODY young and old. They are supportive, quick – witted and the first time you meet her, she will have you feeling so calm that you would swear you knew each other for years.

chinese astrology the rabbit


Immaculate attention to detail and perfection drives her in all that she does. At school, her little paws will join all the extra-curricular activities she can manage and will certainly be teachers little pet. Think of the Duracell batteries, they can go on and on, without a hint of complaining.


They all appear to have a photographic memory that is astonishing in detail. You could go for a walk and put it to the back of your head. Ms. Rabbit will remember what the shopkeeper’s tie colour was as he served a man with ripped blue jeans, Adidas trainers and a stripey grey and blue shirt. Animals will not be forgotten as she recalls the cute Dalmatian she saw in the window of the house with the yellow door, a few doors down from where the black Audi was parked!


Huh?! Can you say that again?!!chinese astrology the rabbit


She is definitely an asset to have in your life who will help you remember any forms you filled out or place names of local shops and services. This video may help anyone seeking to increase their memory skills in an ever changing world!


Studious and career driven, they will give their all to get the lifestyle they dream of. She will sometimes favor money over personality when it comes to marriage – this is her back up plan to fund her luxurious demands she sees fit to be essentials.



When all is said and done, we can easily say that the Rabbit has control and definition in their lives and they love to live and love. These popular people make few enemies as they are just too amazing to be around. If ever they do slip up, as we all do, Rabbits will generally get let off the hook.

chinese astrology the rabbit

Apart from Sheep, they are excellent listeners and will assist anyone who needs some gentle advice. Just do not expect them to fix it for you, they can only do so much but they will comfort and ease the pressure.


They will continue to leap in and out of people’s lives, making sure his/her needs are met first of course. Their lives will be fruitful and happiness will follow them.


I think they deserve it! What we give out, is returned to us times three!

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Thank you for reading,

Until Next Time,


chinese astrology the rabbit


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  1. Very interesting post. Personally not all about the Chinese Zodiac, but still think it is interesting and no doubt with 3 1/2 Billion people out here there is a lot to talk about. Than you. Chris

    • Hello Chris,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post, I love to hear feedback from my viewers!
      Than you too

  2. There is a lot going on here, and I like it, but I wish I knew more about the Chinese zodiacs in order to gain a greater appreciation about your post. Do you have any other posts I could read to expand my knowledge in this subject? Thanks for the help!

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