Leo Female – The Leader Of The Zodiac

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female leo

“A lioness is a lot of woman. She’s rather a luxury item, not available in the bargain-basement” – Linda Bateman

female leoToday, we are going to have a walk around some of the most common personality traits and characteristics of the Leo female.

Members of the Leo tribe are born between 23rd July – 22nd August.

They are ruled by the life giver, the Sun.

Without the Sun, there would be no life and without the female Leo, our lives would be very dark and boring.


That’s an understatement!

Some find Leo women bossy, others see them as kind. Either way, we have to see the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of each Zodiac sign before we really can come up with any assumptions.


Leo woman : She always puts others’ needs before her own

I can tell you that the female Leo is a force that will stand their ground whether she is at a protest about saving her local park from demolition, or is grabbing some groceries from the shop down the road, in both instances you will see her confidence glow all around her .

leo female

The Leo female is a beautiful and elegant woman. She is Queen of her jungle, she is the Queen of everything she does and everywhere she goes.

Men always fall at her feet without her even trying. She won’t understand how or why it happens to her. Even with all of her confidence, she just cannot she her own greatness.

Women on the other hand, envy her, want to be her and as much as this may upset or distract the super sensitive Cancer, Scorpio and Aries, the female lioness probably won’t even have a clue.

This may well add fuel to the fire for the other sensitive and shy signs that I have mentioned who envy and are jealous of the bubbly Leo woman.

If, on the other hand she has happened to think something was a bit off with other females’ behaviour around her being less than friendly making snide remarks or generally trying to put her down, this is when the catty, almost bitchy side of the Leo woman will pounce out of no-where.

leo female

When any sharp words come out her mouth, she is no longer the woman you thought you knew. You will soon learn exactly what she thinks of you and all belonging to you. The Scorpio may have a sting in their tail but when the female Leo’s sharp and cold words erupt, she will shoot you down with them leaving you aghast.

At the best of times the lioness is unpredictable but you will know that if she catches anyone attempting to knock her ego down in any way shape or form, she won’t give your feelings a second thought.

One could argue that rational behaviour goes out the window when it comes to such matters and that she is too quick to retaliate without even having the idea of trying to work things out first with her friends(soon to become enemies)

There is a way to understand her as, as I mentioned before, the Leo female is not aware of men’s adoration, so of course she will be in the dark if another female is jealous or envious.leo female

Many women are very proud and don’t like to question themselves. The female Leo could be their best friend or a family member and they will love them dearly, yet they will not like them.

Don’t people hurt the ones they love, in order to feel better about who they are?

If there is a minority of the Leo female members that do let it annoy them slightly, they will simply lick their wounds, flick their hair back with a smile and get back to being their greatest selves, enjoying their lives.

Leo women are powerful and beautiful. An amazing combination

And the female Leo is absolutely great. They are full of vitality and life, especially as the sun is their sole ruler. She rests after a long day, just like the sun and in the morning, before the birds songs, she will be the first up and ready for the day ahead. Sleeping in and laziness don’t come into the lady Leo’s equation-ever!

Female Leo’s, as we know are symbolized and represented by the Lion. In the animal world, lions will always depend on the lionesses for strength, love and support. It’s no different with humans, males will reach out to a Leo woman for the same attributes as a lioness.leo female

To have a heart of a lion is something we all wish for, and I can verify that the female Leo has the biggest heart out of all the signs of the Zodiac. Her love and loyalty is fierce, especially concerning long-term relationships and friendships.

She will fight to the bitter end for any of her loved and cherished family members, friends and lovers. There really isn’t another sign that will put themselves on the line, for those they truly love

When they are with those who she loves and trusts, that’s where you will see the Leo woman in her uttermost glory of fun, happiness and of course, pride. Her infectious laughter will be heard long before you see her. Whether this is something she attains naturally on a conscious level can justly be argued. If her ravenous joy is so widespread, who would think to question in their center!

leo female

The female Leo has a natural young, almost childlike spirit. Occupations such as school teachers or youth workers would suit her down to the ground. This fun-loving and kind soul is a pleasure to have in your life…as long as you stay in your place!



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  1. My sign is cancer, born just before the Leo comes in. But my Dad was LEO; he was a formidable leader for many. He would go to battle for any of his children. He also upheld his views, which were sometimes hard to change. But I remember when he owned his own company, his leadership skills were examplary. 

    • Your Dad the leo sounds like he was the leader of the pack, the stationary leader and ruler of his pride.

      Leo’s are amazingly loyal and strong people. Nothing would ever stop them – especially in their love for family.

      Cancer females are beautiful, independant and glorius. Male cancerians are the same.

      Cancerians are the ones that Scorpios are lead to.

      Both are water signs.

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