Man Made Statues And Sculptures? – Or Were They Once Alive?!! (Part One)

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Man Made Statues?


man made statuesman made statuesman made statues or once real frozen in time


As we look at all of these magnificent statues and sculptures from all over the world, it’s very easy to be in absolute awe and admiration of the talented artists that were able to create such beautiful works of art – many times their preferred material to work with was marble and various other types of stone and rock.


man made statues

man made statues



man made statues


man made statuesman made statues

What really struck me was how, even though many of the artworks were from all four corners of the world, they just seem way to real to be carved by human hands.






I’ve found that upon studying these pieces of art, many of them look so alike, from all over the world from London to Rome, the similaries between them are too uncanny to not consider how and why.



Of course , alot of Historians would explain how there is a rational reason why they would look alike, due to the fact that that was the time of vast sea travel and exploration.

man made statues


Looking at that explanation, it’s very easy to explain the similarities between art from all over the world at times but…

I think there is much more to this and I’m yet to come up with any type of proof and that feat seems impossible but I can only continue to pursue where my instincts lead me.

man made statues or once real frozen in time



How Would The Idea Even Be possible?

What strikes me is that many of them have the same kind of expression on them where it appears that they are in a very depressed state of mind, the despair on their lifeless bodies are too obvious to miss.

man made statues or once real frozen in time

This image here shows a girl who looks to me that her whole world is about to crumble,and maybe it did? Why are there so many ‘sculptures’ everywhere that are showing the same signs of sadness?

man made statuesman made statues


I have found it near enough impossible to find statues of really happy people, and it’s easy to find the ones in desperate states of sadness.

man made statues


Research, Research and then some!

Right under our noses, I reckon there’s alot of hidden information just ready and waiting for us to uncover and to further our wonder into our origins and reasons of life, our life, each and every one of us.

For me, there are two explantions so far and whilst I may be completly way off in trying to have a timeframe of when and how these statues and sculptures came to be, it seems to resonate with me.

1. We have the lost empire of Tartaria…when a worldwide mudflood took over the world and the lucky ones that somehow survived were the very young.

Those young and innocents learnt a brand new History of their old world and it only takes two generations for the new belief system to have a continuous base.

2. The fall of Atlantis. We know that Atlantis fell when the end of the Ice Age occured.

Trying to put ourselves in that time of History when mountains of ice would have crumbled in a matter of nanoseonds, it would explain the panic and sadness in these people’s faces.

man made statues or once alive frozen in time

Maybe one of these theories can show how they were immediately frozen in time, exactly where they stood when some major catastrophie occured.

I really don’t know for sure.

Fallen Angels

The age old story of fallen angels has been imprinted into humanities DNA as far back as they have known.

For many, they associate fallen angels as being demonic beings that took it upon themselves to land on our planet like some type of alien race and ravaged and savaged the women they thought to be beautifull.

When I see the vastness of angel ‘sculptures’ and ‘statues’, they appear to me as being caring and loving individuals that once roamed the earth.

Evil and hatred that you would expect to see from anything deemed to be demonic would surely come across to  us or have I missed something?

As I think of all the pain and suffering that is happening all around us right now, surely the powers that shouldn’t be are the demonic ones who allow human beings in this day and age to go without their human rights.

Did These Angels Come To Help Humanity

It’s a baffling mystery and it’s one topic that continues to grasp the imagination of people. I am sure I’ve not even scratched the surface and I hope that together we can all just keep trying to figure it out.


man made statues or once real frozen in time

where statues man made

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Another theory I have come up with is the vague possibility that these magnificent angels were the souls that took it upon themselves to give up their paradise to ‘fall’ here to help out Humanity? Would that explain how devestated they appear to be at the end of their mortal life?

Again, it’s just another theory but if you are interested in some further reading about this topic, <<Click Here>>

man made statues or once real frozen in time


Let me know what you think! Do you reckon a lot of these ‘statues and sculptures’ were once alive?

How could we even begin to find out?!!


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  1. Hello and thank you for this post. I must say that the photos are beyond beautiful. Amazing, beautiful photos. Especially the last one with the angel looking like it is crying.
    I will be looking into your site more. So beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi,

      I’m glad you like the photos as much as I do. They really are beautiful, full of energy. It’s all about what you feel about them, rather than having me or anyone else tell you what they think!
      The beauty of them is finding more of them, regardless of a meaning,it’s just seeing their beauty.
      Gayle :-))

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