Frozen Flood Bodies More Secrets Revealed (Part Two)

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Frozen Flood Bodies More Secrets Revealed (Part Two)miracle mastery

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part two

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part twoHello everyone! I hope wherever you are reading this in the world, you are keeping well. Welcome to Part Two of Frozen Flood Bodies! If you can cast your memory back to October last year, I posted part one of this long series. Click here if you would like a quick re-cap! It has always been in the back round for me and indeed, more secrets have been revealed, I am very happy to say!

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part twoLately, I have been doing some serious research about the great mudflood and, that research is showing signs to me that it wiped out all life at that time, almost at once. It connects so many dots right back to the elegant and striking angel statues/structures all over the world. Along with what appears to be human beings, to gigantic animals and monstrous looking statues, our world is full to the brim of these wonders.

Hidden In Plain Sight – Nothing New Under The Sun

Have you ever wondered how have we all have managed to bypass our true history of existence that has always in fact been right in front of us the whole time, ready to tell its real story? Sure, we have been lied to about everything, that goes without saying, and they have done their best to completely cover up our environment and how it was shaped, knowing full well we never had the capacity to really see truth. Until now.frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part two

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part two

This young woman looks like someone has just left her stunned. Look carefully at her cloak that drapes over her delicate face. Still think it was carved or sculptured? This photo hit me like a rock when I first saw it…the evidence is undeniable that this beauty once lived and it was cruelly snatched from her

My Journey

The more and more I feel the constant niggling urge to try and fit all of the information that I have found into one specific and viable area of time, it is very difficult not to get distracted along the way. Even though I cover many diverse topics and interests on Scorpiomuse.com, there is really only one question that has always been in my head, “Why have we been lied to?” As long as that question burns deep within me, I have no choice but to try to get to the bottom of it. Not just for myself, but for humanity.frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part one

“Free Your Mind, And The Rest Will Follow”

Another great song from En Vogue, a powerful trio soul sister’s band that ruled most of the 90s music charts, its words have much more meaning now. You can reminisce here! In my previous post, I hope you can understand that it was not for shock value, sometimes others can get the message across much clearer! Truth comes in many guises, and this may be one of them. 

I would highly recommend you read it with an open mind. Question everything, and most importantly, question everyone. In the end, your intuition will see to it that you will not be led astray. Part one of Questions and Answers With A Illuminati Insider is here if you would like to read it.

flood bodies more secrets revealed part twoflood bodies more secrets revealed part twoflood bodies more secrets revealed part twoflood bodies more secrets revealed part twoflood bodies more secrets revealed part two

Check out my Pinterest Page For Thousands Of Flood Bodies Images

Truth Seekers

There are hundreds of researchers, and truth seekers out there are just like me, an ordinary person that has an inquisitive mind already.  When you think about the word ‘research’…really, all that truth seekers are doing is going over what was always there. We are only ( re ) searching,( re ) finding, ( re ) membering what we already knew, somewhere in the subconcious that was deliberately dumbed down, as a collective.

I can promise you this is not made up – all we do is study what is already around. Its not like we throw some putty and clay about and come up with some random story, don’t get me wrong, how fun would it be! No, it is all there, just waiting patiently for their voices to be heard again. And our true essence to be brought into the light for all to see.Frozen Flood Bodies More Secrets Revealed (Part Two)

It feels like a secret switch was turned on and, although sometimes I get frustrated and ask myself if it had been better to think the way I used to, I am guarding that switch with every fiber of my core.

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part two

Suddenly everything like statues, sculptures, mountains, buildings, they seem to be crying out for our attention, to be brought forth into places of truth. Never before has timing been so perfect in the wake of the covid19, (regardless of my personal beliefs ) do you think it is all manifesting for a reason?

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Most people can get out there and start exploring their towns and cities with fresh eyes without much distraction, as most of the world is in hibernation. More than likely, you will meet a fellow inquisitive soul that is there for the exact same reason! Who knows what could happen, great minds think alike, and all that jazz!

miracle mastery

Call it gut instinct, divine inspiration, or even the great awakening, something major is changing the human psyche on a huge global level. People are fed up of the deceit, evil, and slavery that humankind has been stuck under from the very beginning and want to free their minds, and others to finally put and end to rulers and take back that what is rightfully ours.

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part two

Frozen Flood Bodies More Secrets Revealed (Part Two)

Regular individuals gather information after hours and hours spent digging, fishing, searching and every other word ending in ‘ING’, there seems to be an end point, until something resonates.

If Only It Were That Simple!

After what seems like days of racking my head about one topic or another, such as the mudflood, this has hundreds of sub sections and so forth that need looked over as well. It is like opening a can of worms and making your way back to where you began full circle. If it were easy, I suppose I would not attempt it! I am not the sharpest tool in the box but, I am a Scorpio and love exploring mysteries and the unknown so that is a huge advantage!

Man Made Statues & Sculptures? - Or Where They Once Alive?!! (Part Two )tap into their powerMudflood investigations led me to my obsession, Angels. I love everything about them and have done a few posts if you would like to read more, Click Here about these magical entities. The angels that I found myself looking into were all of the magnificent and delightful statues/sculptures it seemed, to cover most areas of the Western side of the planet. As we gaze at their beauty now, we have captured their last thoughts and feelings on this plane as they stand in their upmost glory.


frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part twoPerfect and sublime, silently standing between the hustle and bustle of this Earth, their wings of love have always been welcoming us to seek and we shall find. I found an obvious pattern among many of them that was always part of them, I just never made the connection. From the Vatican City, London, Dublin and beyond, in their possession will be one of two things, or in some cases, both. They are :


1. A wreath in their hand


2. Some kind of weapon


This, was strange to me at first. Think about it, unless they were telepathic, how is it possible they typically wear the near identical clothing and the same goes with carrying wreaths, garlands and items of protection, albeit them physical or spiritual protection.frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed

The possible answer that I believe is the reason why they are so alike is that they come from the same place, from which where we came from – source god creator. Now I am not trying to get into a war of religion or try force anyone into believing anything I say. I am simply getting my opinions and views out – they have to go somewhere!!

Upon looking at all other statues/sculptures of men, women and children, the pattern was similar for them as well. It seems to be that, for whatever reason, they had pulled out all the stops :

  • The quality was high end, no signs of disrepair or shabbiness
  • Design is all about the detail, many of the women are wearing what could be lace?
  • What hair products and tools were in this age to create beautiful hairstyles
  • They obviously took pride in their homes as many are decorated with flowers and shrubbery
  • Jewelry and accessories adorned their bodies
  • They were excited about something

Have a really good look at these photos, zoom in if you need to. These people, these angels were once alive. There is absolutely no question about it in my mind. I feel nothing but sorrow and pity for them as I have come to the conclusion that they were set up somehow by the same ones that are trying to trip us all up in these times.

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part twoflood bodiesfrozen flood bodies

Plans to take our earth and the souls within has always been their dark agenda. That is why it is vital to look into the past to see how they have continued to control us all the way up to the present day. Knowing all of this, we have the power within and the ability to be ahead of this game, once and for all.

miracle mastery

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part two

The manufactures of the flood had been well instructed beforehand about how and when things were to go off. That, is certain. In the meantime, I assume they did what they have always had to do by the rule of Karma, is to inform the innocent flock that there was to be a new existence.

That was true in part. Unfortunately, the major point was not mentioned, for hey just failed to inform them this new land was going to kill and destroy them along the way. As they were indeed correct by stating it was to be a new earth, a new land for them- the elite – did they truly escape the rule of karma? Something to ponder over.

Cunning, sly and knowing exactly how to seduce the senses, it was easy to charm the innocent nature loving people by targeting the imagination, most possibly tricking them by saying they were planning to make the possibilty of returning home to finally see their loved ones a reality.

Maybe it could be right in thinking they told the angels that their mission was complete and their creator was ready to welcome them home? I may be completely way off but I have a very good feeling that is how it all went down.

To be continued…..

Take Care Everyone


Scorpiomuse X

frozen flood bodies more secrets revealed part two



Today I have finally shared part two with you! It is so close to my heart, and is the reason why I had initially set up this blog in the first place! If you want to set up a similiar blog, see my number one resource. I felt it may be a bit strange or somewhat off-putting to some if I started off talking about angels and mudfloods!

Especially without having some kind of back round information about me first! My journey has been and will continue to fall into every topic of Spiritual Awakening – as much as I can.

I am still learning, I always welcome others’ views and experience so, please, do not hold back, I am always ready to hear what you think! Anything from astrology where the exploration of signs is enlightening, to finding our purpose, figuring out who we are and why we are here fits into every single subject I have delved into and you are free to e-mail me if that is your preference at scorpiomuse@yahoo.com

I will post part three very soon, as I do not want to lose track. Let me know what topics are of your interest, I am here only if others’ want to find its messages.



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  1. Beautiful blog you gat have shared as requested, the page is so lively with beautiful photos ad you have a quality write up, I was searching for something online when I came across, I almost couldn’t leave the page. How do you manage to have access to such historical photos. Thanks for sharing this great article here with us 

    • Thank you for your comments, it is great to hear that you enjoyed reading through.

      I find most images on canva.com, it is a brilliant place to get alot of good quality, mostly free images.

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