October Scorpio V November Scorpio – Who Comes Out On Top?!!

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October Scorpio V November Scorpio – Who Will Come Out On Top?!!

Hello and welcome to October Scorpio v November Scorpio, I am looking forward to sharing what I found out with you all!Did you know that in every starsign, there are significant differences that actually depend on whether you were born at the early, middle or latter timeframe?!maskd health masks

Today we are going to look into a very interesting topic to see if there any variable qualities within the Scorpio personality. As you can see it will cover the question of Who Will Come Out On Top?!!

lxmiThere are differences that influence Scorpio in a considerable manner and that comes from many other Planets you may not have thought about, or even how other star signs influence the awesome Scorpio. What more could be possibly be revealed?! Let’s find out…

The Three Decans of Scorpio – And What They Are

Each sign of the Zodiac is equally divided into 30 divisions of 10 degree, each sign has 3 Decans, one for every division of 10 degrees. In the case of Scorpio it works out like so;

  • Sun 0 – 10 degrees is influenced by Pluto………………………………….. (Scorpio – Scorpio)
  • Sun 11 – 20 degrees is influenced by Neptune……………………………. (Pisces – Scorpio)
  • Sun 21 – 30 degrees is influenced by the Moon……………………………(Cancer – Scorpio)20cogs


Who’s In Da House Scorpios?!!

Basically, Decans are also known as Houses, You may have heard others talking about their birth/natal chart and saying that, maybe one was a Scorpio born in their 2nd House whilst another Scorpio could have been born in their 1st House (When I was learning about astrology, I found this extremely confusing and I must say, initially I presumed that they had to be talking about their number of houses when they were born!)


So, if you were born; Between 23rd October – 2nd November……..…………… This is your 1st Decan

Between 3rd November – 12th November……………….. This is your 2nd Decan

Between 13th November – 22nd November..……………. This is your 3rd Decan

(This is a rough guide, and may change by year)zodiac

Where do you fit in?pluto

  • SCORPIO – SCORPIO 1st Decan; These Scorpios possess the strongest traits and characteristics of the Scorpio symbol and what’s interesting is that they may have the other 2 Decans of Scorpio, as well making this group the most sensual of them. They are ruled by Pluto and are the most intense and most noticeable of people to ever life. Even if they don’t immediately radiate sensuality, you can be certain that those eyes of theirs will get you stopped in your tracks. Jealous Scorpio how crippling your anguish can be once you become obsessed with someone and get jealous if look the wrong way! You can blame your ruling planet for this, but remember, Plato is the God of the Underworld, of death and rebirth and when Mars is strong, will cause your passions to surface. The 1st Decan Scorpios are the ones who prefer spending time with themselves and enjoying their own company – most of the time.
  • SCORPIO – PISCES 2nd Decan; This group of Scorpios are ruled by Neptune and are usually less aggressive, and unlike Decan 1,they won’t all guns blazing into something spontaneous quite as much. They would tend to plan ahead more often than not which stems from the Neptune and Mars combination. They also have a great quest for knowledge about everything about themselves and the Universe, making them highly Spiritually aware and engage any future barriers with the same attitude of never giving up on themselves or on the ones they love. This group of Scorpios are the arty – farty ones and they can release any pent-up energy into what they love and that, of course, is anything artistic and creative. You won’t see them down at the gym punching a punchbag (oh perish the thought!) no, the Scorpio – Pisces will be more likely in the comfort of their own home creating their masterpiece.creative

  • SCORPIO – CANCER 3rd Decan; This Scorpio, with the loving Cancer in her house love nothing more than spending quality time with their family, they wouldn’t’t know what else to do, it would be as sorrowful as the grass with no colour, They would literally be lost without their family, and this only case would they consider some gentle advice from others, if it were a benefit to their family life. With the chemistry of the Moon and Mars, these members make brilliant public speakers and they enjoy an intellectual debate wherever the can so it goes without saying that many will be employed in the Law Sector, (to use their powers of persuasion and cunning manipulation skills) Reporters, or Journalists so they can get value and worth to again, reap what they sow in seeking that knowledge whilst being paid. Ideal! They are devoted through and through when they fall in love. Their number one priority is their partners happiness will come before all and then some. If they have been upset or let down by their partner, or they have seen the partner change for the worst…yes, you guessed it, they will be straight out the door and never look back.hmm

A Personal View On Who I Believe To Be Better

I honestly can’t and wouldn’t say one was better than the other, what number Decan has more power, there’s absolutely no point as, in my opinion, as Scorpios, any day of the sign in which they were born is as beautifully magnetic as the before, after, between, any way you want to see it. I think as a sign we are the same in essence in terms of traits and characteristics, but, at the end of the day, we are Individualists, no matter who we are. I hope it gives others some direction in their views about a general Scorpio,and may help them if they find out, subtly now remember, what their birthday is!



Take Care Everyone,




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  1. Hi, good info. My mum is Scorpio and would fall under the 1st Decan according to your post. Does the time when one is born make any difference? Will wait for your next article on Sagittarius, my sign. Thanks

    • Hi Marisa,
      It most certainly matters what time of day you were born as it gives a lot more information into who you really are. Just think, nobody else has your birth chart,and that’s what makes us all unique! I hope to do a post about this in the near fure, along with more Starsign reports.
      Thank you for your appreciation!
      Kind Regards,

  2. I think that zodiac signs are cool but I do not always agree that they tell the whole truth because they can be broad and vague. But I guess my zodiac sign is scorpio because I was born in October. Do you think that the zodiac has had an  influence on your life and how so?

    • Hi Jon,

      I agree, Zodiac signs are broad and vague definetly.
      It can be interesting to find out something you never really knew about yourself,or another sign.
      What date does your birthday fall on? (Scorpio sign is 23rd October – 2nd November)
      I think being a Scorpio has had a lot of influence over me, being a Halloween baby,I am fasinated with the unknown and the mystery of life. I have to know the ins and outs of pretty much everything which can be draining at times.
      Thank you very much for your comments
      Take Care,

  3. It’s always interesting for me to learn more about astrology, your post about Scorpio helped me to know more about this sign and people who born under this sign, I have an aunt who is Scorpio and she is very smart and talented, as I read your post , I couldn’t stop thinking on my aunt.

    I will come back to read more on your website, I’m interested now to know more about my sign. 

    • Hi,
      I’m really glad my post added to your knowledge about Scorpio’s! It’s even better when you can relate the words to an actual person!
      What sign are you?
      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.
      All the Best,

  4. I found your article very useful and informative.I have learnt a lot from your post like  three decans of Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Scorpios simply know what they want and aren’t afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article !

    • Hello,
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post about the three decans of Scorpio!
      I can verify that Scorpio’s definetly don’t give up on something they want, no matter what lies ahead.
      Thanks for your kind comments,

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