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reading tea leaves easy







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My Grandma passed away nearly four years ago, she was 86. Eccentric, quick-witted and humourous are words that come to mind when describing her personality.

A bit like myself you could say.

Reading, knitting, and crocheting were her favourite past-times as she sat in her huge chair that engulfed her small frame. There was always a cup of tea next to her that I more than likely made from her tea-leaf tin (which I now have and cherish).

I have fond memories of the two of us trying to see what pictures and vibes we could see and sense from the leaves that flew around her cup after a few rotations.

My goal is to share a minuscule of what I learnt from my Grandma. My goal is for you to enjoy this ancient art along with it’s many health benefits!

The Art of Reading The Tea Leaves

There are many tools of divination (fortune telling) such as Tarot cards, crystals, runes etc. Today we are going to have a look at reading tea leaves.

Contrary to belief, reading tea leaves is probably the simplest and easiest methods for fortune telling. All that is required is the patience to really become familiar with different symbols and their meaning.

Psychic abilities will enlighten the reader a little more each time they read the tea leaves but those abilities are most certainly not necessary.

As with any other form of divination, there are a couple of things to consider such as what type of cup you are going to use. One that is white and free from any design on the inside would be ideal so you can make the shapes and patterns out nice and clear.

Thinking of size, a large cup with a wide mouth is a perfect tool. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact match, any cup will have the desired effect.

What Tea Is Best

Tea originates from China, around 2700BC and was discovered by a great Emperor at the time who insisted on boiling water before drinking it. It was by chance when he was travelling some leaves fell from a nearby bush fell into his vessel of water and the rest is history.

So, if you can get your hands on Chinese tea, the symbols and patterns that it produces is much clearer and easier to read than a regular type of loose tea.

Saying that, my top choices are Irish and English loose-leaf teas that work perfectly.

When making your tea, for those who aren’t to sure, all you do is pop the kettle on, add about 5g of tea leaves into a warm pot. After the kettle’s boiled, pour the water into the pot and give it a few minutes to brew.

Sit Back And Enjoy Your Cuppa

I like my tea nice and strong so I will pour it into my mug after 4/5 minutes and I add a tiny splash of milk. I like to enjoy the taste of the tea, not a cup of warm milk!

Enjoy your nice cuppa tea with or without milk or sugar, read a book, watch some TV, however you like to relax. Now you will need to leave a small sip of tea to be able to disperse your leaves around the cup so be careful not to swallow too many! It won’t do any harm if you do, it will just be a reminder for the next time!reading tea leaves easy

When you have finished drinking your tea, hold the mug in your left hand and give the cup 3 swirls anti-clockwise, thinking of a question you want the leaves to answer for you. Place the mug back on the saucer, leave for a minute or two and then you are reading to start your reading.




The Red Tea Detox

What The??!!

As you take a look into your mug, whilst holding it with your right hand you can look at the leaves from all different angles and the leaves will soon take shape for you.

If, after a good while of studying your leaves and nothing seems to stand out for you, rinse your cup out and forget about it. It would be best to not read the same leaves throughout the day in the hope of something being shown to you. You don’t want to imagine that a symbol or picture has appeared over the day.

It used to make my Grandma laugh how I would see things that she couldn’t see and vice versa. I thought it was great fun and as much as I begged her to try another cup, she always said it was bad luck to “chase a fool” that would “always turn their heels on you”.

She was from Co. Cavan in Ireland, brought up on a farm with a million animals and children (in my mind anyway!) and I was a city slicker born and bred in Dublin, the ‘Big Smoke’.

I understand now what she meant, there’s no point in keeping the cup of leaves to look at now and again as your mind will play tricks on you like a fool and then it will change the next time you look at them.

Give it another go in another four or five days. I would recommend beginners to start off 1-2 times per week as you train yourself into learning the signs and symbols that may arise.

On the other hand, you may have spotted a picture or symbol you want to investigate further. I will run through some common ones to begin with that may help you piece your reading together.

reading tea leaves easy

Symbols of Good Omens

  • Acorn

If this lies at the top of your cup it is symbolizing good fortune and luck with money. In the middle, it is showing ongoing health and happiness. At the bottom, there will be better health and money matters.

  • Angel

When you have seen an angel it is the bearer of good news, be it of or from someone you hold great warmth for.

  • Bee

A bee portrays your life will be blessed and you will, through determination, have your financial rewards.

  • Bird

Birds are a lucky omen, especially if they are flying. You can expect to hear good news.

  • Fish

This is the most peaceful and lucky symbols to ever see in the tea leaves. It’s stronger when there are dots around it, showing success and peace in your life.

  • Flowers

You may just have a lucky plea being answered if you see a lone flower. You deserve it from your kind ways.

  • Horseshoe

Another sign of luck. When you have least expect a stroke of luck from being positive in a bad situation.

  • Palm

A chance for you to see your ideas through and reap the rewards and respect.

  • Ship

If the ship is without faulty sails or damage to its body, a lot of wealth and prosperity is coming your way. The opposite must be read if the sails or body is ripped or torn.

  • Swan

This is a calming symbol to see. You can rest now knowing that you will go through life with grace, ease and gentleness.

Symbols of Bad Omens

  • Bat

This symbol is a warning to chose your friends very wisely for you may have hidden enemies.

  • Clouds

They represent silly worry over small problems. If the clouds are all about the cup, disregard the reading altogether for it is mirroring a cloudy mind. Try again when more clear-headed.

  • Cross

There will be a lot of suffering for you as you will sacrifice many things in your life as it puts you in uncomfortable situations. Seeing past this pain can be achieved through pureness of the heart.

  • Owl

Unless good practice is within health and business, both will fail.

  • Rat

This is telling you of powerful enemies that hide from you. You will overturn them when you keep your worries to yourself.

  • Sword

A warning to have your guard up, ready for an unwanted fight from an enemy.

  • Skeleton

You have been neglecting your house. Time to get it in check or your health will decline.

  • Spade

A symbol of very hard and tiresome work. Have a back-up plan in case of loss of labour.

  • Tomb

Keep your finances close to you. Keep any windfalls secret if you want to avoid sudden loss.

  • Trousers

Your past may be dug up bringing shame on you. Deal with it and move on.

tea leave reading easy

How To Interpret What You See

It’s very important to keep in mind that you are likely to get both good and bad omens in most tea-leaf readings. It’s all about balance of the two to come up with a resonating meaning. The message will appear in the size of the symbols, the bigger they are, the more important their meaning is. If the image you clearly see is faded in any way, you can disregard the reading.

If the reading is just to ask a question and not a general reading, such as, “Will I get my parcel tomorrow?”, it’s the image that has the truest and biggest form that is relevant to the single question. Every other sign and symbol should be ignored.

Trust Your Intuition

As you continue to do no more than two readings a week for yourself to begin with, you will soon become aware of a part of you that was buried away. Your intuition.

You can’t teach intuition, it’s different for us all and that is what is so magnificent about it. Of course, we all possess it, it’s just up to us whether we want to have that ‘inner knowing’.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or comments I would love to read them and get back to you!


The Red Tea Detox




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  1. Thanks for all the information regarding tea leaves and what they mean, I think that when you find cool hidden meanings in things it makes life all the more special and makes it worth acquiring knowledge. Do you think that these tea leaves have had any effect on you and why do you think so? Which one has affected you the most?

    • Hi Jon,

      I have had some strange findings in reading tea leaves over the years, that’s for sure! Most of the time they have confirmed a ‘feeling’ I’ve had about a certain situation. Nine times out of ten my gut instinct has been right!

      Thanks for your comments and feedback,

      All The Best,


  2. How cool is this!! I thoroughly enjoyed this reading:) It was fresh, easy to understand and didn’t put it out of reach due to my lack of familiarity with the subject. I may even return to my Canadian and Scottish upbringing, putting a cup of tea back into my days, instead of the all-American constant coffee!

    Thank you. Keep it up. This was refreshing!

    • Hi Amy,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and it wasn’t too far-fetched! 

      You can’t beat a soothing cup of tea, the varieties are great, anything from herbal to fruit teas are great to suit any occasion and mood.

      Thank you for your feedback

      Take Care!

    • Hello,

      Thank you for stopping by, and for your commemt.
      I am glad you enjoyed it!

      Take Care

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