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Bruce Lipton,The biology of belief



Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles



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RATING: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars



Time For Something Different

Today, I’m going to do something a tad bit different. I will be sharing my thoughts about a book, Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. I have to admit that this book really helped me when I began my spiritual journey.

Like yesterday, I can remember it so well, it was May 2017 and after much pondering about certain events, a light switch appeared in me out of the blue & when I pressed it to the on position, I haven’t looked back.

It’s not to say that it’s been a walk in the park in any way but this book definitely came to me at the right time, right place and made the journey at more manageable.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton (born 21st of October 1944 in New York) is an American developmental biologist. From 1973-1982 he taught Anatomy at The School of Medicine in Wisconsin, USA. He then worked as a professor of Anatomy for three years at St, George’s University School of Medicine.

Although he had a prestigious career as a cell biologist and medical professor, he felt that his work just couldn’t fulfill his inner, personal needs. To put it kindly, his personal life was a total mess.

But, he soldiered on with his work yet he was so desperate behind the scenes for some kind of happiness to enter into his personal life that it made him more and more unhappy.

Then the time pf acceptance arrived at his doorstop and he couldn’t tell it to leave. It was better for him to realize that crap happens, it had happened to him so he may as well just deal with it.

Autumn 1985, Bruce was still in a depresses frame of mind and he ended up resigning from Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and found himself teaching at a medical college on a random island in the Caribbean!

biology of belief bruce lipton





And Then What?

Well, it was on this beautiful paradise green island that he had room to breathe, he was able to think outside of the box of (restricted) ‘belief’, and away from (conventional) academia.

One day, he was going over his research, and in particular, his research about how the make-up of cells control their behavior because of the DNA genetic code.

All of a sudden, he found that that isn’t the case at all. In fact, a cell’s life is controlled by the physical and energy environment.

This scientific only completely broke all of his beliefs, not just personally, but professionally, about the real nature of life.

In reality, he found that genes are the backbone to the creation of cells, organs and tissues. The environment that actually comes in contact with the genetic codes is what is solely responsible for the being of a cell’s existence.


We are more powerful than we’ll ever know, each and every single one of is as unique human beings aren’t victims if we find ourselves in awful situations through our lives.

The truth is far from that notion believe it or not! We are victims of our own ‘belief’ systems that have been programmed into is all, without having any consent or control over.

We actually have complete control over every aspect of our lives.

Bruce explains how, when we know that we can control our beliefs and thought processes, then how easily could we then create joy and happiness for ourselves without changing anything about our identities.

Think about it, if you were told something over and over again, you not only begin to believe it, you don’t question it, and soon you get to the point where u don’t react.


It is because you accepted it. So it is indeed fact.

Bruce Lipton Biology of Belief


As Bruce says, we are the creators of our own reality. I know it’s hard to accept but we all have manifested all that’s happened in our lives, because of our thoughts.

Bruce explains something really important, that our thoughts become real. How? They become real because we have lived through them, in real time.

It’s our subconscious, that niggle part of is that puts is down when we have a rare feel-good moment about ourselves.

Bruce’s book makes you think of all the negativity that was shown o you when you were a young child and how upset and distraught you felt but couldn’t express it-maybe you can recall a particularly traumatic event.

Come away from your inner child for a moment and compare that feeling to your most recent negative experience with somebody and I can bet it probably doesn’t faze you in the slightest.

It should.

We don’t really ‘grow up’. We just learn how to accept negativity in more efficient ways,

So, Bruce says that the more bad stuff you heat, like I mentioned before, you believe it because there was never a positive.

If there’s little or no positive fights within our subconscious then of course it’s impossible to be free

I’ll admit I was at a very low point in my life when I found this book. The ‘point of no return’ is right where I was my friends.

There is no greater power than YOU.

I would recommend this book to the moon and back.

Bruce wanted to bridge the gap between science and spirit and he most certainly did for me.

I really hope that if anybody feels overwhelmed or stuck in any part of their lives, not necessarily spiritual that they would seek this read.








If anyone has questions, thoughts or views about this, Please don’t hesitate to let me know! I would love to hear from you and I will get back to you as soon as.

Blessings To You All,



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  1. When once’s  whole childhood was based on abuse and neglect, your mind automatically makes you believe that’s the way things are supposed to be. You’re so used to the negativity that it becomes part of your everyday life. I have been there and I’m still struggling to get myself up and putting myself first. It’s a long healing journey but hopefully a lot of us might go there. I’ll add this to my reading list to check it out later. 

    • Stephanie,

      I know and understand where your beliefs and abuse are from…

      You have shielded yourself into a falsehood.

      A safehouse almost in your mind.

      And that is ok.

      Talking from experience, you don’t have to put yourself first.

      I know that sounds crazy but it’s true.

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful rakhi .I’ve been working online for a long time and was looking for some good things but there was no girl like that .But today, I forgot everything .The biology of faith is really nice and I’ve been thinking for a long time that if I could find a girl like that, I would have little chance of realizing myself. I would like to thank you so much again for your opportunity to get through this article .I’ve heard a lot about Dr. Bruce Lipton and some of his books, and thought which one would be best for which I could find my own self-satisfaction. .I really like the example that the scientific positive and negative have given .I will collect this book myself and tell others that in order to collect this book, I will learn and know a lot about my life, my self-control, my self-esteem. 

  3. This was a very good read and I can relate to its meaning but coming from a different angle. This is something I have recently been trying to un-brainwash certain friends in regards to what they believe is true from years of programming their minds by leaders who claim it to be true. Let me explain and I’ll keep this short. It is about the real meaning of Christianity.

    Over the past 1,900+ years people wrongly were taught that Christianity is a religion. Even now you maybe thinking that I am wrong but that is only because of your programmed belief. I grew up a Catholic and I was even an alter boy at my church. I was told that I was a Christian and that if I did good things I could go to heaven when I died. Little did I know that was all a lie.

    When I was in my mid-20s I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen since high school. He was so at peace with himself and with others. Love for his fellow human beings flowed from him. He reintroduced me to Jesus and God telling me that what we had learned in our church was wrong. That was not how God wants us to be like and that is not how to get into heaven. Love. Deep overall love is the only way.

    Christianity is following and acting like Jesus. It is not about following a religion. Jesus hated religion and mocked their stupid rules several times in the Bible, calling religious people hypocrites. Once I let go of all that pre-programmed brain damage and just accepted Jesus in a deep loving way, my outward and inward look on life changed. I was born again so to speak.

    As you have stated above from the Dr. Bruce Lipton book, “we are victims of our own belief systems” but we are also powerful enough to control what we believe especially if it goes against what we were programmed to think. Once I chose to believe the radical nature of Jesus and not look at him as a religious man like I was programmed to, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit.

    Now when I read the Bible or other spiritual books and stories, even posts like this, the Holy Spirit is like a little voice within me teaching me the truths behind the words. Not only can I understand the Bible and its meaning now, but even with posts like this and what Dr Lipton is saying, I can see a relation to what God wants for me and those who “truly” believe in him.

    You have the power to believe and when you do believe do so with a deep love for others as you would for yourself. This will always bring about a positive change in your life, and many times when you least expect it to. Love creates positive emotions and being free to believe in these positive emotions despite what others want you to believe, you can beat the negatives in your life.

    • Hello Robert,

      Thank you very much for your detailed comments and for taking the time to reply.

      I completly agree with your views and I can totally relate to you tring to un-brainwash people. That is the one thing that I really struggled with at the beginning. I was left so frustrated more than anything that it kind of stunted my personal growth.

      It took quite a long time to see that we are all on different paths, different levels of spiritual growth. Some may never “wake up” to see the facade of lies and untruths that we were cruely led to believe without question.

      The ones who developed their wicked plans introduced Christianity to destroy the truth and magical power of those before the great flood (in my opinion, timelines don’t match up)

      The survivors of this catastrophe had spread all around the globe to teach their knowledge in a hope it would be preserved and passed on. Unfortunately, the powers that shouldn’t be outnumbered them and destroyed much of their evidence in “great fires”. They were deemed as evil, and it didn’t take long for the general population to follow their lies.

      You are so right when you talk about love creating positive emotions and trusting yourself to come out freely at the other end. As for others, I would drop little hints, little breadcrumbs here and there. If they are destined to free their minds and soul, they will come to you for advice. I hope this helps.

      It’s an exciting, sometimes daunting journey but our spirits are strong. I wish you all the best in your journey.

      Thanks again for your amazing comments.



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