Scorpio Women Are Goddesses!! – Learn How To Tap Into Your Gifts

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Scorpio Women Are Goddesses!! – Learn How To Tap Into Your Gifts


“There are two types of women – goddesses and doormats” – Pablo Picasso


Hey guys and gals, welcome to my special post. Are you aware that Scorpio Women Are Goddesses!! I can not single them out as being the only goddess out of the 12 Zodiac signs, but I think we can all agree that they possess just a little extra that earns them a higher rank! They are very much are mystical, merry and together we will Learn How To Tap Into Your Gifts.



Scorpio,being the 8th Astrological sign of the Zodiac, came into existence from the constellation (a cluster of stars, that when joined together just like a dot-to-dot puzzle, shows a easy to follow pattern that’s then named after its form and this is identified with a mythological figure) of Scorpius, which is a Latin name for Scorpio.

        Latin originally came from ancient Italic alphabets where the Greek and Phoenician got their scripts from. Some Classical Latin has been dated from the 1st Century BC. It was Claudius Ptolemy, a great astronomer and astrologer but to name a few, lived around 100-170 BC gave Scorpius its name.


The Scorpio Goddess – Ancient Times

Ancient Egyptian Scorpio Goddess – Serket – Serket was the Principle Divine Personification of the Scorpio. She was a protector Goddess.





Aztec Scorpio Goddess – Malinalxochitl – She was the Goddess of Snakes, Scorpions and Insects within the desert. She was a powerful Sorceress.





Mesopatamia Scorpio Goddess – Ishara – The Goddess of Love and she was also known as the Goddess of Medicine, with a fierce, yet fair reputation.





Hindu Scorpio Goddess – Chelamma – In South India, she is worshiped alongside the Tantra Goddess Blolaramna.




Norse Scorpio Goddess – Hel – Hel in Old Norse means Hidden. She rules the Underworld where her hidden (occult) meaning may have derived from.




Scorpio Goddess – Her Ruling Planets


Whilst Pluto, being the one planet who has the most influence over The Scorpio Goddess, she is also ruled by Mars. Both give great hope and insight into the core of her being.



Mars is the planet of outward activity and is connected to the love of animals; this can explain where her animal passion and connection comes from. When this fireball planet is in the chart, it can form into a hostile and unpredictable temper, yet it also brings courage and strength.




Pluto is in relation to forceful change that has great power, when is known to bring up deep-rooted passion, often ruthless and sudden in its wake.





Pluto is also the God of the Underworld, and he targets the areas within her life that need attention, in order to release things that no longer serve her. This is essential in her soul’s evolution and it comes part and parcel of her beautiful transformation.




The Scorpio Goddess – Death and Rebirth

The Scorpio Goddess is a hidden gem, an alluring, and passionate soul. She is, without a doubt, the Sorceress of the Zodiac, which is quite an astounding revelation, not only to others, but for herself as well.





The Scorpio Goddess in enveloped within intense energy which she uses not in an Earthly, physically but it helps her within her Spiritual growth and transformation.




Who was to know that inside her hard shelled interior was a gentle, all loving soul just waiting until the coast was clear of any danger of predators. She gave herself time to heal and release any negativity of the past so she is well-prepared for her next stage.




The Scorpio Goddess can be as equally volatile as she is sensitive and therefore she is easily moved and swayed by other’s emotions and feelings.






Men can’t help but love the Scorpio Goddess when she is more than able to throw stinging pleasure their way, and by then, they are left helpless in a swirl of limbo. She can rightfully be feared as much as she can be loved when others can see her Divine essence that flows right through her veins without ever failing.


The Scorpio Goddess knows her own mind and she will be damned if she allows another to second guess herself as she will never back down. Even ‘if she’s wrong, she’s right’, and that is her Motto for life. Never will she be found wondering if she’s made the right decision – if she’s made the decision, then it is decided, there’s no going back.



The Scorpio Goddess – In Love

What you have to understand about The Scorpio Goddess, which is possibly the most fundamental rule of thumb, is that she intuitively follows her instincts. And that there is never, ever any middle ground. There’s Black and there is White and that is all. That’s why she’s excellent at making decisions.





She will either fiercely detest the men who dare enter her secret world without her seal of approval, or love so much that she feels that her heart is an angry volcano, ready to erupt. It’s all or nothing with The Scorpio Goddess – both extreme love or extreme hate – bear in mind, both will last forever.




Another powerful ability, which I have touched on before is the stages, and there are three stages from which she will go from…all the while powering through the current of life. The Scorpio Goddess is the only sign that is actually represented by three symbols; The Scorpion, The Eagle, and lastly, The Phoenix. These are her ‘powerhouses’, her death being in the Scorpion who rambles about the Earth, waiting to sting the first unfortunate soul who stands in her way, to The Eagle who has risen above wallowing in your own pain and suffering.The Scorpio Goddess has finally spread her wings, she is no longer ruled by her emotions, she is now a soaring Eagle, ruled by her intellect. Her sting is still there but as she has left behind her Earthly woes and worries, has more self-control and, that in itself is a huge feat to conquer.


The Scorpio Goddess – The Phoenix and The Dove


The Scorpio Goddess has finally spread her wings, she is no longer ruled by her emotions, she is now a soaring Eagle, ruled by her intellect. Her sting is still there but as she has left behind her Earthly woes and worries, has more self-control and, that in itself is a huge feat to conquer.


This is when the true powers and knowledge of The Scorpio Goddess are brightly and beautifully revealed to the world; when she becomes aware of her mystical healing powers.


This is also where a Phoenix is known to burn and rise from its own ashes to promote peace and unconditional love to every living thing – in the form of the all – loving Dove.




“The goddess didn’t enter us from the outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what has happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope.” – Marianne Williamson


We hope you enjoyed today’s post, feel free to add your comments or questions down below – we love hearing from you all! Until next time,



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