Star Children – Have You Any Of These Top Characteristics?

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Star Children Spiritual Awakening

Star Children are souls that have been sent to Earth for a specific mission and they are all around us right now.

They are ancient souls that come from other planets and maybe from other Solar Systems.

They look exactly like us with human bodies and it’s very difficult to spot them just by appearance alone. Their soul isn’t human as it originates from other dimensions or realms.

When they heard of Mother Earth’s call for help, they gave up their beautiful existence on other planets or plains. They were each given a certain quest to complete in order to help Humanity when needed.

As they were incarnated into life, just like humans, they did so in an amnesiac state. Difference is, the Star Children were downloaded to ‘awaken’ at a certain time in their lives.

Do you think you may be a Star Child? If you have the questions, you will feel these answers resonate with your soul.

star children spiritual awakening







#1 A Sense Of Knowing

You have no problem in reading people whether they are your best friends or a stranger passing you by. When you are around others, you have that sense of knowing who they are, and that’s even before they speak.

You have found yourself creating a lot of protection for yourself in order to get through in this manner of society because you can’t be around people for too long without feeling unnerved.

Dare someone chance telling you a lie, they won’t fool you as you can see right through them and makes some people uncomfortable in your presence as they will have an idea that you are ten steps ahead of them.

#2 What’s The Bigger Picture?

As you go through your school years, you find it difficult to choose a direction career wise as you aren’t drawn to anything worth your life’s work if there’s no true meaning in it for you.

You are highly intelligent, although academically you may struggle to reach targets set by the schooling system.

You can’t understand how you could spend your working life slaving away at a job that you despise, only to throw your money away on bills, debt, the latest fashion accessory, the bigger house, where would it stop?

You feel a calling within you that there’s something out there that is perfect for you, you just never knew where or how to begin.

To you, making a difference in the world is of high importance and that’s due to you remembering that life has so much more to offer. This existence you’re in is bland, void and somewhat mundane.

Ever since you were little, even though you never understood why, you felt that there was a reason for you being here.

Even though you have always suffered from insomnia, when you do dream, they are so vivid and pronounced, no wonder you find life dull in comparison.

star children spiritual awakening

#3 Creativity

Now this is where you excel. Your natural gifts and talents are shown through your love of music, art, poetry, knitting and the like as it calms your inner self. When life gets too much, you escape within yourself to produce beautiful and unique creativeness.

It’s all there for you, helping you to grow and evolve. Maybe you are recreating what you did previously in many others lives…because it’s so effortless to you.

You love to be in your own little world where you don’t have to converse with people as that can exhaust your energy.

Not that you want to give the impression of being rude, it’s a matter of you knowing what others are going to say before they even realize it most of the time.

As you elevate your gifts and talents, you can grow more confident to deal with the problems or experiences that come your way.

#4 Animals And Young Children

If you think of the animals that you are naturally drawn to, this would indicate what your original form was more alike.

Animals trust you as they know you are a living portal between this world and the higher powers of what you would grow to know as ‘home’. You have that connection between both worlds.

Young babies or children in their innocence have a fascination with you so you won’t feel so alarmed the next time a newborn traces your movements.

#5 You Are Here To Assist Humanity

You may experience a knowing of your many past lives that happened over the area of time, your soul has been on a long journey and you may feel at the end where tiredness sets in and a longing to go home is a deep-rooted emotion within.

Fame and fortune doesn’t interest you at all. Celebrity and social status high profilers don’t interest you in the slightest, if anything it would make you more determined in concentrating on your own well-being.

When an awakening begins, we are all thrown into the deep end of feeling crazy and that’s normal. We beginning to truly see who we once were, right at the precise time when our help is needed.

Who we once were is who we have always been and when the alarm goes off in your head that things just don’t add up like they used to, be confident that all is happening from Divine power. And timing.

star children spiritual awakening

#6 If Only We Knew…

If only we knew why we have never felt part of this world…

Or why we had such hardships and depressions…

How would we be so empathetic and aware of the greater awareness of life as we knew it.

If all the loneliness you felt when you didn’t fit in with your peers or family didn’t happen,

How would we know the true meaning of “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

The facts are it was all Divine timing that you experienced all that you did.

You choose to come here to help you and me so it couldn’t have happened any other way.

Believe in trusting yourself and the rest is Magic!!

star children spiritual awakening

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  1. This is a very interesting topic of discussion that I have never heard of! I believe there are people who have a different connection with the universe than the rest of us and you perfectly explained that here!

    I am especially interested in the draw to certain animals and what that means for the Star Child.

    • Hello,

      Not too many of us have heard about Star Children or Starseeds as they are also known by! You’d be surprised how many people have that connection and just haven’t realised it yet.
      It’s all about due Divine timing and the few that will have a Spiritual Awakening in their next lives, are here to help us in this life. I’m delighted you like how animals play a very important role in all of the Star Children’s lives! If you would like to see how the Ancient Egyptians treasured cats in particular, I created a post a few days ago about it >>Click Here
      Many thanks for your comments and I hope you further your knowledge!
      All The Best,
      Gayle :-))

  2. One of my favourite topics. I love this set up it draws you in. I am a Scorpio and and Indigo child. I also have a granddaughter that is one as well. It is so great to see such open mindedness. the pictures are perfect for drawing you in
    I am sure you will have great success

    • Hello Millie,

      I am a Scorpio Indigo child also!
      It’s a fascinating area right? It’s amazing how we can see how the Star Children are ‘arriving’ from generation to generation, and your grand-daughter is one also, that’s definite proof that nothing is ever a coincidence!
      Thank you for your lovely comments and I’m thrilled you liked my post!
      All The Best To You Millie,

    • Hello Kourtney,
      You may very well be a Star child!! If you felt a connection to any of the examples I showed,it’s very possible that you are.
      On the other hand, if you felt that all of the examples resonated with you, I would advise you to look into it further, but only when you feel ready.
      If I can help or advise you in any way at all, I’d be delighted to hear from you!
      All The Best To You,

  3. I absolutely love this post! There are star children all throughout the world, even if we do not realize it. There are probably more than we even realize. I never really thought about this much, but I will have to do more research because these sort’s of ideas are absolutely fascinating to me!

    • Hello Jessie,
      Wow, I’m elated that you liked this post and you are right, there are literally millions of Star children everywhere, much more than we and they are yet to come to see!
      It’s a wide and varied topic and you will definitely benefit from further study! I would recommend a book that really helped me by Stephen Shaw
      I’m the same as you, I love all of the amazing realizations of who we really are come to light!
      Thank you for your great comments!
      All The Best To You Jessie,

  4. Hmmm, really interesting content and makes you wonder. Thank you for this post. There are several things here that I can find within myself (namely 2 through to 6). The only one I’m am not too sure about is #1 but then again, there are aspects within the category that I do resonate with….wow…I never thought I could be a star child. Love this, thanks again.

    • Hello Bel,

      I’m glad you liked this post!
      You have been drawn to most of the posts so yes, I would say you are a Star Child! It’s something to think about anyways…it’s another way of finding yourself!!
      I’m here if you need any help or advice.
      Thank you for commenting,
      Gayle :-))

  5. Hey Gayle,

    This is a very interesting post. And It looks like I fit into all of these categories. You pretty much read me like a book. I like to be creative with music and writing and I have always been able to read people’s facial expressions and moods extremely well. Even if I don’t know the person at all.

    I also find that I have insomnia and vivid dreams, as well as other people draining my energy.

    And because of your website I am going to assume that you are a scorpio as well? Scorpios for life!!!

    Thanks for the great post,


    • Hello Max,

      You sound like you have fitted into the categories and as you are a fellow Scorpio, you would naturally be part of the group of people that would, as Scorpio’s are already 100% in tune with themselves!
      Many Scorpio’s suffer from insomnia,yet it’s another story altogether to figure out why the dreams are so vivid. They could be insights into past lives…
      Scorpios for life is right! I’m a Halloween baby, what about yourself?!
      Thanks for your comments Max,
      All the Best,
      Gayle :-))

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