The Ancient Egyptian Worship Of Cats

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ancient egyptian worship of cats


As we know, the Ancient Egyptians were known to have worshiped many animals and Cats, by far were the ones they treasured the most. The significance of their relationship with cats is so far greater than we could ever imagine.

The ancient Egyptians regarded cats as being ‘gifts from the gods’, and truly believed and treated them like Divine beings, a silent connection to the gods and goddesses.

ancient egyptian worship of cats







Cats Were Gifts From The Gods

These bundles of fur were worshiped as deities or heavenly souls on their quest for reincarnation into a human in their lifetime. I’m not focusing on any religious views of whether we just pass on and merely cease to exist. I am only using the word ‘soul’ as it’s what I am most accustomed to.

If you believe in the afterlife, regardless of belonging to a religious group, faith or denomination, you more than likely believe that our souls exist forever in this Universe and it comes down to whether or not we have fulfilled our soul’s mission as to how reincarnation happens again.

It’s believed by the Egyptians that cats souls experienced the same journey and depending on their 9 lives perhaps, through the love from their human owner, (I use the word ‘owner’ very lightly as you can never really own a cat!) their souls almost grow in stages of maturity in each lifetime.

ancient egyptian worship of cats

But Aren’t They Selfish?

Cats often have the reputation of getting fed and watered and then they disappear for hours and would ignore you as you shout “Fluffy”, “Snowy”, or whatever your fur ball is named, all over the place in the calmness of the nighttime.

If they have a loving home, they will always come back and that’s where their loyalty is immense. Treat them kindly with lots of love and they will continue to wait on your doorstep waiting to come back indoors after their hours of exploring and more than likely, sleeping!

The Egyptians domesticated cats about 10,000 years ago and it’s believed that every household had at least one cat for practical reasons such as fending off the rodents and other animals that tried to eat or spoil their precious sources of food, their oats and grains.

Etchings and sketchings are found in hieroglyphs left by the ancient Egyptians to show us how much the felines meant to them. We can also see cat-like heads on human body statues and pottery of cats as well. They would have used these ornaments as many would class them today, in their worship to them in order for them to keep a balanced life.

Sure didn’t they build the great Sphinx Pyramid of Giza?! It’s been argued to and fro over the centuries by many historians and Egyptians alike as to what the reason was for the creation of this glorious temple. Some think it was a burial place for the Pharaohs, some think it was in honour of one of their gods Anubis.

Anubis is the god of the afterlife and you can see the connection of how they linked cats with the afterlife. Anubis has the body of a man and the head of a jackal, or a wolf. It still doesn’t explain why it was named after a breed of cats, Sphinx. Maybe it was done so in order for us to greater learn how much they connected cats with spirituality and the afterlife.

They really deeply respected their furry friends, they mummified them and even placed them alongside their ‘owners’ in the tombs were they had their last resting place.

ancient egyptian worship of cats










Egyptian Cat Goddesses


Bastet, or Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess is depicted as a woman with a cat like head.


She is the goddess of fire, rage and lions. She has a female body and a lioness head.

I am the Cat which battled heroically on the night when the enemies of the Setting Sun were overwhelmed. This Cat is the Sun-God Ra himself…” –The Book Of The Dead (around 3,000 B.C.)

ancient egyptian worship of cats

Sixth Sense Spirituality

Cats have this aloofness about them at times, but the Ancient Egyptians seen this as the spiritual importance of them. They would actually help guide them into seeing if a person albeit them a stranger had a pure soul.

The sixth sense abilities of the cats could let them know by staying around the strange person in adoration or scarpering as fast as they could away from them from fear or dissapproval

They were very protective of their families, especially the children and would fend off evil or destructive entities that tried to harm the magical communities in any way. They were looked upon as being the guardians of the households and possibly, of the galaxy….but that’s another story altogether!

ancient egyptian worship of cats

The Mysteries

Aswell as all of their statues, drawings, paintings and statues, kept in high prestige, also was the protection of their cats lives. If anyone was so careless or evil to murder one of them, for this awful crime, their life would be taken for taking away the cats right to live as a divine entity.

As is the great mystery of life, death and re-birth, so is the ancient mystery of our cuddly cats. It’s easy to see how why the Ancient Egyptians adored their feline pets and out of the some 2,000 animals that they worshiped, it’s safe to say that the power of the cat is something to be nurtured.

Personally, I’ve always loved cats and would always have the ability to tame a scared little stray cat here and there. I currently have a rescue cat, Felix who is seven. He was close to being put down before I found him as there wasn’t much interest from the public, probably due to his age.

It’s well-known that dogs are meant to find their owners and not the other way around but my Felix definitely found me! As he snores away in his cramped cardboard box, you would swear I had him forever. It’s all about how much time, love and effort you give to kitty’s.

They surely return it to you, tenfold. I would agree with the Ancient Egyptians, they are definitely more wise that we give them credit for. I would have a house full of them if I had my way, I think they are purrrrfect!!!

felix scorpio muse

My Gorgeous Bundle Of Fluff – Felix

Many thanks for reading my article about these fascinating felines. I hope you have added to your knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian Worship of Cats!

Please leave a comment or query down below about the blog, or even about my protector Felix!

Many Blessings To You All,




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