The Female Sagittarius – The Hunter And Archer

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Female Sagittarius



“They know life is too short to be sweating over the petty stuff.” – Freda Gilburt

Female Sagittarius


Sagittarius 23rd November – 21st December


Jupiter Female Sagittarius


The female Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the mythological king of the Gods, who is also known as Zeus.






The Female Sagittarius Personality


Truth From A Female Sagittarius

She is straight to the point and is an outspoken with a ‘no holds barred type of mindset which can work for and against her. If an honest opinion is what you seek, don’t expect her not to be blunt or blatant.





Honest Female Sagittarius



Her head is usually up the air when she is interacting with people, but she most certainly can and does ‘walk the walk, and talk the talk’. Without realizing it herself, she will just come out and say whatever she is thinking and often puts her foot in it.




Female Sagittarius






What Is The Female Sagittarius Like Socially?


Funny Female Sagittarius



Just like some famous comediennes like Catherine Tate and Miranda Hart, the female Sagittarius has a fantastic sense of humor, and as a friend, you will have a lot of fun times with her.






Happy Female Sagittarius



She will have a flock of friends from all areas who just love her positive personality. No surprise to hear that the female Sagittarius would be center of attention all the while cracking jokes and loving life.




Happy Friends With Female Sagittarius



She has a bubbly, friendly way about her and its all natural to her, she will literally get on with everyone. I’ve never known a Sagittarius who can’t get on the right side of people almost immediately – its one of her best qualities.



Love Female Sagittarius



Men love her and women want to be her, not in a jealous or envious way, she’s too nice of a person to hold any ill feeling toward. Who wouldn’t love to be her?!




Tomboy Female Sagittarius



Female Sagittarius will most likely be tomboyish, yet so feminine at the same time. That’s another way how she connects with others.





Female Sagittarius




She loves to joke about and go on crazy adventures yet pull off the most feminine outfit in the next hour!






Story Sagittarius


Party? Who said party?! Where and when is all that will matter to the female Sagittarius, she’ll be gone in an instant, ready for new experiences and people to meet. That’s one of her passions, she loves meeting new people just to find out what kind of life they have.




Friends With Female Sagittarius



They are always on the move whether its spending time with her many friends or traveling the world, she can’t stand still.




Female Sagittarius


She gets itchy feet as she is restless by nature and can’t handle boredom. You will very rarely see the female Sagittarius as she will flip a switch instantly and find something to do.





Female Sagittarius



Adventure comes naturally to her and she is a bit of a thrill seeker, and will always want to go the extra mile but she knows if she has over stepped the mark, she knows her limits.








She is a realist and will always take in where she is and what she wants to do, analyze all the information and then decide what is best for her.



Female Sagittarius



The female Sagittarius just loves exploring life and travel is by far ‘her thing’ where she satisfies her urge of learning about people’s customs, religions and their life in general.





Female Sagittarius




Intelligent Female Sagittarius

She has a thirst for knowledge, she is like a sponge and she learns so quickly and can easily remember when needed. She will chat about all sorts, the more she learns, the more she can help others in trying to open their minds along the way.




Love Female Sagittarius


Looking fit and healthy is very important to our female Sagittarian will always be impeccably groomed. Appearance is vital for her as its the first thing others notice about her, if she hasn’t got time to talk with them, at least she’s confident that a good first impression of her was successful.






Friendship Female Sagittarius


As a friend, the female Sagittarius is very compassionate and will lend an ear to anyone in need. She really is a giver rather than a taker and is often much older than her years.






Family Female Sagittarius


This may be hard to believe about the female Sagittarius but they are highly protective of their family and loved ones, they would do anything for them – especially if they feel threatened.




Angry Female Sagittarius



That’s where her direction will change, if you harm her or her family, you will see a different side entirely and it may come as a shock. Out of nowhere comes this angry monster in all its fury. Forget her forgetting, although she may forgive. As time goes on, so will her anger.








Female Sagittarius



Tidy Female Sagittarius


There’s one thing about her that will never change and that’s how neat and tidy she is, throughout school this mad thrill seeker will be highly studious and extremely well-organised. While living in the family home she will keep her space spotless with everything in its place.





House Female Sagittarius


And this will continue until she branches out by herself, the female Sagittarius will have her home immaculate, just like a show house.






female sagittarius love






freedom female sagittarius


A female Sagittarius may have problems with relationships, seeing commitment as something negative as she doesn’t want to lose any part of her essence, her freedom. She will have no problem having a few flings here and then, walk away and never give any of them a single thought.





Independant Female Sagittarius



She is very independent on the outside and will want to give the impression that she doesn’t need a man. She will build a career on her own thank you very much!




Strong Male for a female sagittarius


Ideally, the female Sagittarius needs a manly-man, someone who oozes masculinity and won’t stand for any messing around. If she has slung her arrow at the right man for her, she will be very loyal and deep.










Vibrant Female Sagittarius


This woman will do anything but reveal her inner emotions and feeling to any John Smith, you have to be pretty special to have that privilege. It can be frustrating for others who are trying to get to know this vibrant, confident spark of energy, but that’s the female Sagittarian, she is allowed to have that hypocrisy.




Funny Female Sagittarius


At the end of the day, you can trust in the fact that having her in your life would be a rollercoaster, never quitting when the going gets tough. You will have sidesplitting laughs and jokes with her even when you couldn’t face anything else.








Sunny Female Sagittarius



This beautiful female Sagittarius is truly sunshine on a rainy day – any day in fact.





“She’d rather be a blazing wildfire than a dimming candle: always igniting the fire within her soul that can never be put out.” – Kristen Michelle Elizabeth

female sagittarius


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  1. Wow! Thanks a bunch for this educating and interesting review you have carefully written here. I must say that the female Sagittarius traits as carefully listed and rightly explained here is a good replica of what I see in my female friend always when we are together. They are bold to look into your eyes and tel you what you don’t want to hear because it is the truth. They are fun to be with and are great personalities that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Thanks for this helpful post. I have learnt more than I know before.

  2. I can’t find anything that’s false in the whole thing about the Sagittarius woman. I can say this because I have a sister who is and she doesn’t like to be caged, she enjoys her freedom and she is just like you said, a wildfire. She has had a couple of relationships and she swears everytime after anyone that she wouldn’t go back into any one again and she does at the end. She truly is protective about her friends and family and most especially her belongings. I hope you’ll do an analysis of my zodiac sign too. It’ll be really cool to read about me. Lol

  3. My elder sister is all you have described up here. She is just perfect with all the descriptions you have lister here as qualities of a female Sagittarius. She is very outspoken and all she thinks of is where next the party would come up and how to get there.  She plays a lot too and she is of the fashion type.  It would really be cool to see the expressions on her face e while she reads this herself because I’m going straight up to show this to her.  Thanks

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