The Female Scorpio – Secret Personality & Character Traits That Few Are Aware Of!!!

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The Female Scorpio – Secret Personality & Character Traits That Few Are Aware Of!!!


Hello everybody, welcome to today’s very special post about The Female Scorpio. Do you have a Scorpio female in your life and are having a hard time getting to know her? Even better, are you lucky enough to be a Scorpio and just love finding more and more knowledge about your personality?!


These Secret Personality & Character Traits That Few Are Aware Of will boost those who seek to explore. Join us as we reveal the female Scorpio’s secrets.



The Female Scorpio


Scorpio Under Uv Light

When you think of a standard Female Scorpio, you will more than likely think of a sultry, secretive, highly sensual woman who confidently prowls about, leaving her essence of mystery and beauty everywhere she goes, without a hint of a trace. Would you be correct to think this way?!

Nope! Not even close!

You must be joking, who, in their right mind would think that?! I’m guessing the first thing that crosses many people’s minds when thinking of a female Scorpio is, get me outta here….Quick!

They think of the Female Scorpio as some kind of monstrous being, a man eating witch who is out for the souls of any whom would dare resist her attention, who would leave a little sting, maybe from her words or her deep piercing look of disapproval – just as a little reminder. Would you be correct?!

Eh…nope, wrong again – good guess though!


What if I told you that the truth is the complete opposite of both the good and bad assumptions about the feared pedator?


Keep reading and delve into the layers of a Female Scorpio just so you’re better equipped the next time she dances into your life. Let’s see how magical, intelligent and determined she really is!


 Her Intuition

Intuitive Female Scorpio

Her intuition lets her ‘know and sense’ exactly what is about to happen, and that’s before she can work it out.

Having the gift of seeing through the mist, erasing people’s masks and walls, she can scan you in seconds and have you worked out in a few more.She will quietly sit and watch as she perfects her already flawless intuitive skills.

Laughter and fooling about is when she’s at her most happy. People who take time to really get to know the Scorpio female are often shocked as to how much of a infectious sense of humour she holds.

The Female Scorpio Secret Personality & Character Traits That Few Are Aware Of


Not to lessen the point, but I just want the point be known and understood that, although she loves to joke when she trusts in you enough, she ain’t no fool!

Don’t even let the thought of trying to fool or scam her, it’s just going to be a complete waste of your time and energy.


Her loyalty

From understanding people so well, this is one of the reasons why many are drawn to her like a magnet because of her great attention to detail and her ability therefore, to offer great advice no matter how big the problem.

The Female Scorpio Secret Personality & Character Traits That Few Are Aware Of

The Female Scorpio will never advise you to do something that she wouldn’t do herself.

She has put herself right in your shoes and has magically taken on your problem or worries.

After taking into account everything she knows about you, she has asked herself what she would do next. And this my friends, is the game changer!


Amazing Female Scorpio

She loves nothing more than to help her nearest and dearest in any way she possibly can, and it cannot get any way more personal if you tried.

Scorpio women are fiercely loyal and she will be with you through thick and thin whether you like it or not.

Never should you question this about her as she will take it badly and will be highly offended if anyone ever considered her to be untrustworthy.


The Female Scorpio – Her Love Never Wilts


Passionate Woman Scorpio

For the sensitive lady scorpio, when she wants a certain man, she will fight tooth and nail for her object of affection, regardless of any obstacles or barriers that slow the way. In a nutshell,they don’t exist or she simply puts herself to the test, she is always learning and growing.


Bad days are part and parcel of life, a Scorpio’s bad day will all be down to love and infactuation. When she falls in love, she falls hard and can become obsessed with someone she is drawn to. Love can be the best feeling in the world one minute to feeling like the world is ending the next. There is no middle ground – it is all or nothing.

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Our sassy Scorpio is highly secretive, they will hold all of their emotions and feelings so close to their heart for fear of cracking open a minuscule part of themselves that they control with a passion, that she will be quiet, keeping everything nice and safe in the bosom of her tough heart.












I think we can all agree that that the Female Scorpio, is by far one of the most alluring signs of the Zodiac, from her inner confidence of “I know you, you know”, to being one of the most mysterious and mystic signs in Astrology.

She is drawn to animals and nature, which her vast interests in her Spirituality, her ability to change into a higher version of herself whilst still holding onto her foundations, satisfy her great wish for inner-standing and balance.

You will never be lonely with a Scorpio girl by your side, never will you have someone who will love you with such passion and truth. How about the next time you spot a cute Scorpio, why don’t you try meeting her hypnotic gaze with a smile and just think to yourself, “What If?!”

I promise you won’t be let down!

I hope you enjoyed this post guys, thanks for reading, until next time,

Take Care,


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  1. Everything thing said about the scorpio is very true, as I have first hand experience.

    • Hi Pat,
      I’m very happy that you enjoyed the article! If you would like some further reading about how to attract the female Scorpio – Please Click Here!
      I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts about it.
      Many thanks for your comment,
      Gayle :-))

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