The Female Virgo – 11 Traits and Characteristics You Can’t Miss!!

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The Female Virgo – 11 Traits and Characteristics You Can’t Miss!!

female virgo traits characteristics

Hello and Welcome! This is going to be an article about the 6th sign of the Zodiac, the wonderful Female Virgo (August 23 – September 23). We will have a good look into the traits, characteristics and challenges of the Virgo woman.

female virgo 11 traits and characteristics you cant miss

“Virgo Women Are Deep Thinkers When Left Alone.”

1. The Virgin/Maiden

Virgo is actually the Latin word for ‘Virgin’. This highly feminine Zodiac sign is represented by the Virgin, and it can also be associated with The Maiden. Being an Earthy sign, she has natural, solid connections to Mother Earth and this can explain her dreams of a peaceful world for all to prosper in someday.


2. She is blessed with a fantastic memory

The female Virgo will never forget a birthday or anniversary. If you aren’t quite as precise as she is at remembering important dates, having a Virgoan woman by your side will happily do it all for you. You will never again will you feel the embarrassment of forgetting your other half’s birthday!

female virgo traits characteristics

3. Reliable and diligent

Possibly one of the Virgo woman’s top trait is how you can rely on her time and time again. It’s guaranteed that she will show up at the exact time she arranged to be, no matter what. No-body likes someone who can’t keep time all too well and many sees it as a direct insult to them. That is one thing the caring Virgo woman would never consider doing.

4. Strong as a Lion

Even from a young age, you will see her independence glow and this will only continue to grow as she matures through the years. Knowing that her mind is hers and hers alone, never would the strong-willed female Virgo back down or away from her core beliefs.

Hard work comes second to play for the dedicated female Virgo. Stepping off path is a no-go area, fun and games are fine, only when all of her tasks are completed.

virgo female

5. Fantastic imagination

Fantasy themed novels and movies are where the Virgo lady will lose herself in. Literally, she will get so engrossed in her current book, her imagination brings her into the exciting tale that she will take on a character’s role.

This ability to switch off from her daily stresses and strains of life in general. When she loses grip of the novel, or the movie has ended, the sensitive Virgo lady will be ready and fresh to bounce back into reality.

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6. They enjoy calmness – not chaos

There lies a deep sense of serenity within them and around them. They get stressed out if there’s any kind of disorder surrounding them at all. As long as everything is cool, calm and collected, the female Virgo will flourish in her self-confidence.

7. Elegant and feminine

You will never see a female Virgo untidy or with unkempt hair, in fact there won’t be a hair out of place. She knows exactly what styles and colours compliment her so you will see her in well-made, perhaps even tailored clothing that accentuates her curves.

Her personal grooming routines are very important to the female Virgo and she would rather choose a night in with her lotions and potions will win every time.

Virgo women are unique in ALL they do.”



8. Love will have to wait

Our independent Virgo girl will never actively seek a relationship. If it does happen, it’s most certainly not by her doing. She is too independent to worry if a relationship were to come to a sudden end, she is too laid back to give it a moments thought. Her self-confidence won’t allow for any male to get in her way. Upon saying that through, I must mention that she enjoys some playful flirting from time to time!

9. Friend or foe?

Count yourself lucky if you have a Virgo woman in your circle of friends as their caring and loyal nature will always look out for you. She’s the type of friend who will keep your secrets close to her and you will always be able to rely on her for good advice if you can’t figure out a solution to a problem.

One of her favourites things to do is help people out whenever needed.

Just be careful not to do anything that would upset or go against her trust, her stubborn ways may be hard to get around.

10. The dark side

When these stubborn Virgo women truly believe that they are 100% correct about something, they are the hardest sign out of all the Zodiac to ever give in. You may well have to give up if you are getting no-where in trying to explain your right point of view!

Sometimes, especially when they are overtired, they tend to be grumpy and will go within suddenly. One minute they were your best friend, now they’ve left you wondering what you missed.

11. Don’t hold a grudge

If you experience a time when the Virgo woman withdraws and appears moody, take it with a pinch of salt and don’t hold a grudge.


That is because the truly caring female Virgo wouldn’t do it to you. You’re onto a winner when you have the pleasure of knowing her, she will be loyal to the core with people she loves and cares about.

We truly need more people in the world that possess her amazing qualities. Her quick wit and carefree attitude is something we should all adopt in our lives.

virgo female traits charcteristics

“If a Virgo lets you in, cherish it as it doesn’t happen too often.”

I hope you all enjoyed my short insight into the Female Virgo, she sure is a fascinating and beautiful woman!

Please feel free to leave a comment down below!

Until Next Time,

Take Care, Scorpiomuse




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