The Libra Lady – Characteristics and Traits

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When you think of a Libra woman, the first word that comes to mind is ‘balance’ because her symbol is The Scales. Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by Venus.


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The Egyptian symbol for Libra is said to show the Earth setting above the Sun. The space in between represents the element of Libra, which is Air.

A Cardinal Sign

Cardinal, the Latin word for important, is seen in Astrology as grouping four signs together and classing them as having the same attributes such as having ambition, motivation and high levels of energy. These signs are Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

The Libra Lady’s Personality

There is absolutely NO doubt that she is a ‘people’s person’ It would be very difficult to imagine anyone not getting on with her. She seems to read others well and adjust their ways slightly so she can be on the same level as whomever they are interacting with.

This is done whilst keeping herself real and genuine at all times. Never would she change who she was to please people into accepting her. Instead, she has this trick to let others see just how relatable and caring she is.

Work Or Play?libra lady female libra libra woman

Our Libra female’s goals are pure and simple. If she is surrounded with people who inspire and challenge her, she will achieve anything she sets her mind to. In the workplace, her co-workers will soon become her friends and they’ll be treated like family. Socializing out of work will become the norm for the charming Libra.

Overall, she is a chatty, energetic and playful old soul. Her fantastic sense of humour and wit are often the ice-breakers she uses as it all comes so naturally to her.

If she catches you doing something she finds funny, be sure that you will never hear the end of it, and each time you do, she’ll have added something on for that extra bit of humour.

If you can laugh at yourself and join in with her joyfulness, she’ll be instantly won over. Not only is she great at poking fun but, unlike many, she can take as good as she gets. There’s no doubt that she will be the first one who will tell you something embarrassing that happened to her, just to make you laugh.

As a natural ‘people person’, a career where sh’d be surrounded with lots of people would be ideal so it gives her the perfect opportunity to find out what everyone does when they’re not working. She’ll be interested in what hobbies they have, what type of food they enjoy, what books they read, you name it, her inquisitive nature needs to know!

As a career, the female Libran would be best suited at roles like Mentor, Teacher or Entrepreneur. That way everyone wins – who wouldn’t want your friend as your Teacher or boss?!


The Libra lady looks forward to their wages as she gets a sense of pride for having a value of her time spent at work. Luxury is important, she will spoil herself with lavish luxurious items. Although following certain current trends of fashion doesn’t grab her attention, she still loves to look good. Trips to the hairdressers and salons to get her hair done, nail done and a few beauty treatments here and there will be a common habit of hers.

But…libra woman libra lady female libra

And there’s always a but, even with the Libra Woman. This is more advice than anything else as I have had experience firsthand when it happened to me. The effect isn’t nice so I’ll give you a head start.

If you are an acquaintance of hers, maybe you only met her a couple of times and when you see here out and about and you’re not sure if she’ll remember you, you don’t want to look awkward so you look away as you both pass each other.

Bad move. Game over.

She will look just above your head the next time and every time you see her because, she did remember you. Unfortunately, you didn’t acknowledge her and she would have felt disrespected.

Unless you go out of your way and physically stop her so you can speak to her, she will refuse to let her eyes meet yours ever again.

Simple little things can irritate her, like maybe somebody not putting their trolley back where they got it will annoy her. Or someone skips the queue, that would annoy her also.

The Libra woman follows the ‘rules’ of society and is quite content in letting you know so in her obvious disapproval of others ‘breaking the rules’.

In Love

If the female Libran has had her heart broken before or maybe she experienced time in a bad relationship, it may take a long time for her to open up emotionally which is understandable. If she told you!

One way to show that you have her back is to randomly ask her all about her day whilst adding a little joke that you know she will enjoy, you will see how she will start lifting all those barriers of defense she put up.

If you really have her heart and her best interests at heart, you have her for life. Just don’t ever think about cheating on her, she will never forgive or forget.

All In Alllibra woman female libra lady libra

The female Libran is the best friend you will go to when life has thrown worries and problems your way. If it takes hours, she will happily lend an ear and offer some sound advice for you because she hates to see anyone unhappy.

She is very loyal and trustworthy and would drop what she is doing if it means helping somebody she knows. If she can, she will and all will be sorted all whilst she’s reminiscing about the time you tripped over yourself and landed in a puddle, and then some!

lady libra,libra woman,female libra


I really hope you enjoyed reading about the very lovable female Libran. Please comment down below if I could answer anything in relation to her. Thanks for reading.

Many Blessings To You All,



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