The Lost Continent Of Atlantis – Is There A Greek Connection? Part2

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Plato Atlantis


In part one of The Lost Continent of Atlantis – Is There A Greek Connection? Pt1, I briefly mentioned the great philosopher Plato and his back round: being from an aristocratic family and his great influence on philosophy, cosmology, theology and the philosophy of language.

plato atlantis






Plato’s Early Life

Unfortunately, because of the lack of sources, his early life and education cannot be seen but it’s from ancient writings that we find that as a young boy he was very bright and fast minded.

Socrates Plato Atlantis

Plato studied under the wise wings of Socrates whom was, as many believe, was the first moral philosopher. Socrates never put pen to paper, we see him only through his students Plato and Xenophon, and with many others.

Plato’s mother was Pericitione and the story goes that she conceived Plato from a divine intervention. She had two sons, Adeimantus and Glaucon and bore one daughter, Potone. Two of Pericitione’s works have survived, if only in pieces, “On The Harmony Of Women” and “On Wisdom”.

Divine Plato Atlantis






What Did Plato Wish For Us?

Out of the 250 manuscripts of Plato’s, it’s very difficult to have favor over one or the other as they all have a Platonic feel about them and it’s obvious to sense his motives for sharing his thoughts for the world to feel drawn to forever and a day.

Plato and atlantis

What About Atlantis?

In relation to Atlantis, it’s impossible that he would have been aware of the fine details that he expressed about natural disasters and the like, nor would he have knows of how Atlantis was constructed, or by whom, let alone give us maps and clues.

Plato The Philosopher









Atlantis apparently fell 9,000 years before Pluto’s time.

His works were disregarded as pagan, anti-christian and down right nonsense until the Early Renaissance when his work was brought back to the people of Western Europe after too many years of criticism. Ever since, the interest in his views have flourished.

Many think that Atlantis, if it ever really existed, may have been an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe they are correct.

Where Is Atlantis

Go On…

According to Plato, it wasn’t and I tend to agree with him on that for sure. He described Atlantis to go inside and outside of The Pillars of Hercules…so it couldn’t have been an island!

It expanded away from there from the East of Gibraltar, all the way down to Italy, to Libya and out to the West outside of the Pillars of Hercules, right along the coastlines, all around North Western Africa, as well as South Western Spain.

That, in my opinion, describes a coastline, not an island. It was the main city Poseidon that fell and that’s why we are left with a massive hole in the Mediterraen Sea. Just imagine the Meditteraen Sea doesn’t exist and you have it. No water=no island. Atlantis was an empire.

True Atlantis















Pluto described the main city of Atlantis specifically as being a canal city with rings of land and canals that lead into a port and city. He was very clear about this.

Today, there are around 200 sunken cities that we know of so far in the Mediterranean that may give sound proof that the Mediterranean and Atlantic was flooded in a massive way.

We can confirm that that event was the end of the Ice Age, when gigantic sheets of ice fell into the sea, which caused the sinking of many areas of the Earth.

Do The Timelines Make Sense?

The earliest reference we have about Atlantis is from Plato, who has passed it down to us. The Egyptians told Solon who translated it into Greek for Plato.

That’s pretty much third/fourth hand knowledge which makes mainstream historians and scholars slowly back away from, it’s an open and closed case for them.

And there are many that argue about how Plato can talk about something that apparently happened 9,000 years before him.

It certainly doesn’t make sense until you try to prove that it’s a huge made up pile of nonsense.

When A fits beside B and you figure out that maybe the only story that exists is the one in your own head and all the so-called myths and legends are, in my opinion, the bearers of truth……

Please just keep your clothes on when you cry Eureka! Eureka!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I will be soon making a part 3 and maybe 4. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question and I will gladly get back to you.

Blessings To You,



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