The Pisces Woman – Waves of Emotions – How to Understand Them

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female pisces how to understand

The Piscean Woman is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, her birthday will fall approximately between February 19th – March 20th.

Pisces Motto: I am Free to be who I choose, any old time. 



  • Ruling Planet : Neptune and Jupiter
  • Ruling Element : Water
  • Symbol : Fish

Piscean Woman

Never would she be described as, ‘just another fish in the sea’, she is a highly intuitive, kind and caring person. Imagination and curiousity will have her thinking about things that drift over the average Joe’s head.  No offence to them!) A disconnection will be felt as her peers are in the dark of how deep and complex her mind can travel. Her sensitivity heightens when she is unable to speak her mind and let the energy flow with ease.

Love and understanding is what she longs for and if she feels that her friends and family simply ‘don’t get’ the depth of her mind, waves of confusion may not wash so well for the usually gentle female Pisces. Frustration could arise and hold her back even more, not knowing whether to cry or scream the energy away.

If stability and compassion is consistent in her home life, her intuitive manners and inquisitive thoughts can be used by her for both her own and others’ advantage.

  • Best Colours : Sea Blues/Greens, shades of Silver & Purple
  • Most Compatible With : Scorpio & Cancer
  • Least Compatible With : Gemini & Sagittarius

Water Sign = Emotions

Alike her fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, the Piscean woman is ruled by water, which in turns rules her waves of emotions. The natural instinct is for her to follow her emotions and to follow the connections she senses that she makes with others that she takes a real interest in.

It is without a doubt that she will scan and observe a room of people just like an X-Ray machine. Her intuition will guide her to the strengths and weaknesses of others and this information will be soaked up like a sponge. Without casting judgment, people are easily worked out and this done by following their movements and body language.

Along with facial clues, she finds it fascinating how different people act and behave depending on environment and their company.

To me, it really is amazing how effortlessly she can come up with a synopsis on each individual she observes. Not only that, but she can do all of this without anyone suspecting a thing!

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An Air Of Mystery

The female Piscean’s mysterious nature allows her to have an upper hand in a sense when it comes to her interactions with others. Who else would love to have the ability to already read somebody and all of their high and low trigger systems are? To read someone better than they do!

She is like a secret walking, talking fortune-teller without ever giving her gift away. That is exactly why Piscean women are so lovable and are great friends, they understand us. In these situations where she can use her intuition, she will flourish to endless heights.

  • Famous Piscean Women : Sharon Stone, Angelina Jolie & Rhianna
  • Gemstones : Blue Sapphire & Topaz
  • Fun Fact : They just LOVE to LOVE!

On the other hand, we have the shy and timid female Piscean who has yet to become aware of her natural born gifts and power. It can be kind of scary for the quiet Piscean woman to not be able to grasp how she appears to be the only one who can observe others’ characters with such accuracy.

Frustration would be tenfold for her if she doesn’t have the ability to balance her energies into positive experiences. Stability at home is important. If that area is lacking slightly, she may find her way to be more bumpy than the opposite Piscean lady.

As energy flows and ebbs like the oceans and tides, energy is no different, and it HAS to go somewhere. We are all just energy.

Where she impulsively targets her energies is to do with her up bringing and home life. It’s the same for every sign but as the Piscean female is presented as two fish, Yin and Yang. Alcohol, anti-social behaviour or getting in with the wrong crowd may be where she ends up. In any of those situations is where she will meet the darker self of being a Pisces woman.

There Is Good News

As with everything, it passes even if we don’t believe we can ever get out of despairing times The spiritual side of the Piscean woman will intervene right at the time of all hope is gone. It will come out of nowhere to help and assist her.

All of her daydreams and deep, meaningful thoughts will have kept her mind always in high alert, ready for when her spiritual self comes in to destroy her ‘self-destruct’ button.

Whether she chooses a different approach to life, her intuition will go into overdrive to help her concentrate on the ‘I am’ importance of our feminine Piscean.

I believe we are all on different paths and stages in life, some Piscean women will be bang smack in the middle but their original core personalities and characteristics never change.

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Creativity & Love

Reality will set back in nicely in the Piscean woman’s life and she will release and be able to recharge her energies and batteries by focusing on being creative, through music, art or whichever avenue she enjoys.

Although it is true that both aspects of the Piscean females personality can ne as extreme or as differential to the other, just like the fish symbol of the Pisces.

I’ve always interpreted the fish symbol of Piscean women as one fish chasing the other, depending on the others currents of flow in their lives.

Piscean women are beautifully connected and in tune with their instinct and can spot a fake person a mile off.

When it comes to love, romance and relationships, intuition and instinct has a funny way of being ignored! They are pure romantics at heart, love is what they seek and essentially crave more than anything else.

When they find their perfect match, together they will set sail towards a life of understanding and adoration for one another. The female Piscean’s dark mystical eyes will never be fixated on another ‘one’. There will always be just ‘one’ love of her life.

It’s been a pleasure to write about the wonderful Piscean female. As a Scorpio, I can relate to her more than other signs. Let me know down below of your questions or comments.

I will look forward to hearing what you think and will get back to you!


Gayle :-))

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  1. Funny I should read this. My mother is a Pisces. She is a very emotional person. Sometimes she’s a little overemotional and has a hard time recapturing and bringing her emotions back in control. I love that she is emotionally engaged because it makes her more empathetic towards people who need her. 

    I know it is also because she’s a great listener and loves to feed people. Her match was with my dad. My father passed away 11 years ago, since then she’s had eyes for no other man. Still very devoted to him. Thanks for helping me understand her a little bit more.

    • Hello Jagi,

      I’m glad you found my article helpful!

      Thanks for sharing about your Mum & Dad.

      All the best,


  2. My wife is a pisces and i must say most of this rings true. She is extremely kind and caring for everyone, and she always seems to have the upperhand. Almost as if she knows how people are feeling and what they want before they even state it.

    it has been impressive to learn this is something that could potentially occur for a lot of pisces women. Luckily i dont have the kind of pisces woman who is shy. Im very glad due to i am a highly verbose people person.  I personally feel as if i gained a new understanding for my wife so thank you!

    • Hi Denton,

      Thanks for the comments.

      Happy to hear my article added to your knowledge of Pisces women.

      Kind Regards,


  3. Great article, as a pisces woman myself I can totally relate the information shared. At times I have passed through the dark night of the soul, feeling misunderstood, confused and overwelmed by emotion. Luckily, I have reached the age where I understand myself, almost as much as I understand others as it is true that pisces are very sensitive and able to read others.I think that the info is accurate and should be read by anyone with a pisces for a friend, loved-one or mate. 

    By the way, it is also true that pisces and scorpio are a good match, as my husband is a scorpian. 


    • Hi Patricia,

      I’m thrilled this article resonated with you and it’s great to hear you have combatted times of confusion and tough emotions. The dark night of the soul can be very traumatic for pisces and it’s your inner strength and hope that gets you through.

      As for pisces and scorpio, both are water signs and their bond is strong as they learn about each other, from each other. The scorpio will lighten his moods as he loves the pisces magical and spiritual ways.

      She will give him a new lease of life which will work for the pisces as she loves nothing more than to help the ones she adores. Never a dull moment I can imagine!

      Thanks very much for your comments

      All the Best,

      Gayle :-))

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