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Hello And Welcome…

Grab a cuppa tea, sit down and put those tired feet up as I share with you one of my very best reads so far.

I’ve read The Power of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle, at least seven or eight times. It’s my first choice when it comes to solving a problem, or just needing some encouragement.

I will often open a random page in the book and each time I get inspiration from that random page I’ve opened, right when it’s needed.

This book by the great Eckhart Tolle is all about spiritual enlightenment through letting go of the past and stop trying to predict the future and to focus on living in the now, the present moment.

Modern Times

People, in general are obsessed with anything to do with time, dates, schedules, etc. Everyone is always watching the clock, or guessing the time and all the while there life is ticking by them as well.

With work schedules and school timetables, we always try our best to adhere to the rules and expectations of where we are expected (or told) to be at certain times.

Throughout the year, there is always some holiday on the horizon, be it Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc, they all seem to go by in a blur but they always intertwine with each other. With birthdays, anniversaries and the like in between, it’s no wonder time seems to fly by.

If we can see and really realize and understand that this present time is all that we have, we can make it the main priority in our lives.

A Lifeless Ordinary

The majority of people wake up each and every single day with the same train of thoughts as the day before. Most of those people will continue to wake up with negative thoughts that they will carry on there shoulders for the rest of the day, right until they go to bed.

It doesn’t appear like that’s the life we want to lead but we are trapped within fear, doubt and stress.

Before reading this book, I too was entangled in the stresses and strains of a fast-paced life, there are a lot of restrictions to prevent us from seeing ourselves as worthy of happiness and joy.

It’s Just In Your Head

Most of these destructive thoughts won’t even happen. Do you wake up and start your day off by worrying about what kind of day is ahead of you?

Of course, that is normal, it’s when you are constantly beating yourself up about things that may or may not happen, that’s where there is problem underlying. I’m sure you would prefer to use your time wisely, without all the self-doubt and what ifs.

Maybe you have slept in a little longer than intended on a manic Monday, you are rushing around trying to get ready for work and now you have to skip breakfast because you are late.

As you sit in traffic, you imagine your big scary boss perfecting his/her “You’re fired!” speech for you just when your speedy late arrival comes through the front doors. All sorts of thoughts begin to crop up.

How are you going to afford to eat if you lose your job?

Your worst nightmare is about to come true as your empty stomach rumbles and grumbles which only adds to your panic.

eckhart tolle spiritual awakening

Never Fear, There Is Always Hope

What if I was to tell you that the situations that do happen really don’t really add up to anything, they actually don’t even matter. What if you looked at them in a different light?

I understand how you probably think it’s easy to say and you want it to just be as simple to work on your life. As with everything, it’s all up to you if you are ready for change. With practice and good mindfulness, it will soon be second nature to you.


How about you look at these things that happen, rather than letting negativity build up, see them as challenges. If you can see them that way, you can certainly overcome them.

It’s just a matter of changing your perspective.

We Have Forgotten Who We Are

We have forgotten who we really are and what life is meant to be. We are all ONE. Just like nature, we are all connected.

How did we lose our separation to our inner selves and most importantly, with one another?

Just like John Lennon told us, “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”

Before everything was named and placed into groups and categories, our minds were happily living in the here and now, the present. Everything we do, everywhere we go, it’s all worked out in a big system of things belonging to a ‘correct’ group.

Tick The Boxes Games

Think of a job application form. The employer is curious as to what your ethnicity and religious views are. You have a multiple choice list of colours to tick the box to indicate the colour of your skin. There are a million and one religious groups where you can repeat the process.

Or, you could tick the ‘Prefer not to say/Other’ box, which will probably give your potential boss a panic attack questioning just why you didn’t answer his questions. He/she will assume that you have something to hide and can’t be trusted.

Here’s another scenario of fitting things and people into categories, you meet a childhood friend after a few years. At some stage of the reunion they will ask you where you are working.

If you are currently employed, no matter what you do for your bread and butter, that’s perfectly fine.

On the other hand, if you are maybe in-between jobs or having a time-out to pursue other avenues, that could cause a problem to your childhood buddy. If you are not working, what else are you doing?

People HAVE to know what you are doing. Then if you are doing something, in there mind, they can continue in the safety that you have a place in the world.

eckhart tolle spiritual awakening

So What’s The Solution?

So you can see how everybody’s mind automatically wants to categorize all aspects of life, we are creatures of habit and it is a safety net.

Forget the past, you cannot change it.

Accept it for what it was and MOVE on.

As Eckhart Tolle reminds us, “Let go of the past and the future. We all have a special gift. Enjoy it and use it well.”

Don’t spend anymore time hoping, wishing and wanting to start living, do it now. You have existed before now. You are worthy of experiencing a life full of joy and abundance.

What time is it?

It’s time to LIVE like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

It’s time to get rid of the batteries stuck in all of your clocks. The time is now!

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eckhart tolle spiritual awakening



My friends, I hope you enjoyed my review of The Power of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment. It’s by far one of my favourite books and I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of where they are in there current path.

Many Blessings To You All,

Gayle :-))


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    • Hello Sandra,

      I am happy to find that you liked my blog post. I hope it helps you if you are on a Spiritual journey!
      Many thanks for your comment,
      All The Best,
      Gayle :-))

  1. I go through those things every day. Between trying to fit several things in a 24 hour schedule to dealing with the drama at work, it can get hectic sometimes. I have been trying to have a positive approach to things, but I always end up going back to square one. Maybe after reading this post I will have a more clearer mindset of what I need to do. Great article!

    • Hello,

      Yes, I can totally relate to you, there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done that needs our attention. Some even say that time has sped up, maybe it has? Who knows, but I have found that a lot of people are saying the same thing. Or, on the other hand,it may just be that we are taking on too many things at once.
      I really hope that you can take a step back and look after your mental wellbeing as, without that,we would be helpless!
      I am here if ever you need any further help or information.
      Many thanks for commenting,
      Gayle :-))

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