The Secret To Life And Happiness -How To See Through The Game – Alan Watts

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alan watts how to see through the game

Hello! Welcome to today’s post that a little different from my usual topics, but I would consider it relevant for some people to have a read through and hopefully settle any worries or concerns that they may have due to the Corona Virus.

Are you self-isolating or working from home due to the Covid-19 Pandemic? I am sharing one of Alan Watt’s inspirational messages for anyone who is feeling lost or worried. I hope it helps those it finds.

how to see through the game, corona virus

“The only way to handle danger is to face it. If you start getting frightened of it, then, you make it worse because you project onto it all kinds of bogeys and threats which don’t exist in it at all.

Whenever you meet a ghost, don’t run away, because the ghost will capture the substance of your fear and materialize itself out of your own substance.

And will kill you eventually because it will take over all your own vitality.

So then, when confronted with a ghost, walk straight into it and it will disappear.

We got to survive. You must survive. That’s the great thing, we’re all working on that and pounding it out day after day, anxiety.


Anxiety is a fear that is one of a pair of opposites might cancel the other, forever.

how to see through the game alan watts

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And if, by any chance, by any means you find out that that is not so, you have an entirely new attitude to what human beings are doing, which may be very creative, but which also may be very dangerous.

You see through the game.

You are only just kidding that you’re just ‘poor little me’.

see through the game alan watts

See the function of a Guru, that is to say a Spiritual teacher in India, is to look, giving you a funny look in the eye because you come to him and say, “Mr. Guru, I can’t control my mind, and I am miserable and depressed”, and so on.

He gives you a funny look and you feel a bit nervous at the way he looks at you because he thinks no, he is reading your thoughts.

This man is a great magician, he can read everything that’s in you, he knows right down into your unconscious and you know all the awful desires you have and you are rather embarrassed that this man looks through you and sees them all.

That’s not what he’s looking at.

He’s giving you a funny look for quite another reason altogether, because he sees in you the Brahma, the Godhead, just claiming it’s ‘poor little me’.

That’s why he gives you a funny look, why he seems to see right through you as if to say, “Shiva, oh boy don’t kid me.

I know who you are, you’re coming on beautifully in this act that you are somebody else altogether, and I congratulate you.

You’re doing a wonderful job playing this part which you call, ‘the person’, my person. So, it’s all very well, anybody can have ecstasy.

how to see through the game alan watts

Anybody as a matter of fact, can become aware that he is one with the eternal ground of the Universe. But since that’s what you are anyway, I’m going to ask so what.

When a hero goes on an adventure and he leaves his people and is going to a strange land, he can go away and just hide himself around the corner in an obscure house, and then appear a year later and say, “I’ve been on a heroic journey” and tell all sorts of tales, and they say, “Prove it!”

Because they expect him to bring back something, something which nobody has seen before. Then they believe you’ve been on a journey. So in the same way exactly, anybody who goes on a Spiritual journey must bring something back.

Because if you say, “Oh man, it was a gas!” They often say that!

how to see through the game alan watts

Now this is why in the doctrines of Buddhism, there is a differentiation between two kinds of enlightened beings.

They are both forms of Buddha which is to say the word ‘Buddha’ means somebody who has awakened, who has discovered the secret behind all this.

In other words, all this thing that we call life with its frantic concerns is a big act, which you, in your unconscious deaths are deliberating setting up.

So, you can do one of two things when you discover this, you can become what’s called a solitary Buddha who doesn’t tell anything, or you can become a Bodhisattva.

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how to see through the game alan watts

Solitary Buddha goes off into his ecstasy and never is seen again. Bodhisattva is one who comes back who appears in the everyday world,and plays the game of the everyday world.

But he brings with him GU paya. He brings with him some way of showing that he’s been on the journey. That he’s come back and he is going to let you in on the secret too.

If you play it cool, and also come back to go in everyday life of everyday people, the first thing then is to discover what indeed you do love, if anything, and you will find there is something.

And then, go into the nature of that.

Now it’s said that selfish people love themselves, is something which you thought was other than yourself. Even if it is you and things as ice-cream or booze.

In the conventional sense booze is not you, nor is ice-cream. It certainly turns you into a matter of speaking when you consume it but then you don’t have it anymore.

And as you look around for some more in order to love it once again. But so long as you love it you see, it’s never you.

how to see through the game alan watts

When you love people even however selfishly you love them, because of the pleasant sensations they give to you, still it is somebody else that you love.

And as you enquire into this, as you follow honestly your own selfishness, many interesting transformations begin to come about in you.

One of the most interesting transformations of being directly and honestly selfish in the same way, for example cats are, is that you stop deceiving people.

If what you define as you inseparable from everything which you define as not you, just as front is inseparable from back. Then you realize that deep down between self and other, there is some sort of conspiracy.

how to see through the game alan watts

If these things always occur in combination and look very different from each other, and feel quite different. Nevertheless, the feeling of differences between the allows each one to exist.

And so underneath the opposition or the polarity between self and other or between any other pair of opposites you can think up, there is something in common, as there is, for example, between figure and background.

You can’t see a figure without a backround. You can’t have an organism without an environment. Equally you can’t have a backround without a figure or an environment without organisms in it, or without things.

You can’t have space which is unoccupied by any solid. You cannot have solids not occupying some space. This is absolutely elementary and yet, we don’t realize it because for example, the average person thinks space is nothing.

That it’s just a sort of ‘not thereness’, in which there are things, and we are slightly afraid that ‘not thereness’, than ‘nothingness’, that ‘darkness’, that the ‘negative poles’ of all these oppositions will win.

That they will swallow up every kind of being in every kind of ‘thereness’.

But when you catch onto the Game, you realize that that won’t happen. Because what is called ‘not existing’ is quite uncapable of being there without the contrast of something called ‘existing’.

how to see through the game alan watts

It’s like the crest and the tropical wave. You can’t have a wave that’s all trough and no crest, just as you can’t have a wave which is all crest and no wave.

Such a thing has never been in in the physical Universe. They go together.

And that is the secret. There really is no other secret than that.

That is the secret.how to see though the game alan watts


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  1. Hello there! This is soul lifting. I must commend Alan Watts for coming up with such amazing words that could immediately mend a broken heart. 

    I totally agree with everything he has said; it will do us a whole good to see the king in us rather than a poor man. Thanks for sharing this with me, it’s helpful.

    • Hey!

      Alan Watts just has an amazing way with words that reaches those in need. I agree with you, his work is amazing, we are all Kings and Queens ready to reign over our own lives.

      Glad it helped, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! This is some very deep philosophical deep theory and practicality and I really fancy it a lot. That we all have the ability to look into things and see the bigger picture. To be honest, this is really great here and thanks so much off sharing out here. To be honest, being able to see through the must and also acknowledge the fact tbta it is only our imagination that is playing the tricks on us, then we might theoughly liberate ourselves

    • Hi Ella,

      It is astonishing to say the least! 

      I’m glad to hear the post has found you and it’s message has resonated! The bigger picture is more entertaining than any blockbuster movie!

      Thanks for your comments,


  3. There is a famous qoute that says ‘happiness is free’ and trust me its indeed a free gift of nature to be freely happy irrespective of your present life conditions. We are solemnly responsible to how our lives turn out to be, if you want to remain Happy lies on your hands and same applies to if you want to remain said…one just have to choose in bettwen both

    • Hello Evans,

      I truely believe in that approach to life, thanks for sharing!

      Happiness is indeed free and so nothing else can take it away from us. That is something that we can all truly possess.

  4. Hello Gayle, thanks for sharing this amazing post. Living is really simple if you know your mission here on tye surface of the Earth, but as the case may be, there are lot of us who are just living without knowing the real reason why we are living today. Spirituality is something that controls the world and with the wrong step, you are left taking a walk down the wrong path.

    • Hi Benson, 

      You literally have taken the words out of my mouth!

      Living, not just existing is amazing yet hard for those around us, it’s difficult, no matter how we try. All we can do is focus on ourselves in a sense?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

  5. Life could seem quite tumultuous with it’s unforeseen lows and highs. However, I hold the belief that it’s all a journey and happiness could be ours once we embrace it. Although, I must say admit that this post has helped shed much needed light on the game of life and certain aspects I haven’t paid much attention to. I agree to the principles stipulated and I’ll put them into good use.

    • Hi!

      Life is a journey for each and every one of us. There’s no wrong or right way as we all have a ‘plan’ that’s been set up for us, by us.

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed this post, I hope to make many more like it!

  6. Thanks for such an awesome article.your article is multi dimensional,first of all my poo ion about the civic 19 is that social distance should continuously be maintain and dead animals should be avoided, secondly it is pertinent to note that happiness is inbuilt,it resides in u, if u decide to be happy u will surely will. 


    • Hello,

      Yes, you got it, happiness is there for us all and many factors prevent us from experiencing it fully. We all follow our gut in every situation, good or bad, all is for our best interest.

      Thank you for your views.

  7. Interesting concept of what anxiety is and what it causes. Though, it is not something you can just turn the switch off and continue with your daily life. Is a daily struggle having to deal with it and now with all of this epidemic, it just makes everything worse. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is an eye opener – in many ways – for a lot of people. 

    • Hi Stephanie, anxiety and fear are blockers for many people, including myself. When we see the ins and outs, it becomes a little easier to manage.

      I appreciate your comments, thank you.

  8. Wow, reading your insight into the book alone has me so digged in deep to the book. I have totally engrossed myself into it and I’m so happy to be able to read the review. Truly firing this times we have been going through so much but we refuse to see that the world is giving is a bigger picture that we should capture. This is heartwarming. Thanks

    • Hello Riley,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this! Times are a changing to say the least. When we take a few steps back and really question certain elements, we can see much more.

      Many thanks for your comment!

  9. Wow! I love this post.

    Seriously, in this pandemic everyone is afraid and we tend to create pictures that might never come to pass and hence we are so afraid and depressed. Fear is a torment, many die many times over before they truly die because of fear. Everyone need to read this article it will help in this season of fear.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comments, I agree with you that fear is a torment, especially in these times. Fear prevents many from finding their truth in a way.

      All the Best,


  10. what an interesting review we have here,whilst i was reading your post i came across lot of things which i find interesting like the hero that goes for an adventure part.Discovering oneself is also a way or key to happiness,anybody as a matter of fact, can become aware that he is one with the eternal ground of the Universe.I find this topic an interesting one,keep it up.

    • Hi Wilson,

      Many thanks for your comments!

      I’m glad you got the ‘moral’ of the fantastic words from Alan Watts. I give all credit to him, I can only share a minute piece of his mind in the hope that it reaches people like yourself.

      Keep in touch,


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