The Tuatha De Danann – Part One

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               The Tuatha De Danann – Part One

the tuatha de danann



Wikipedia describes The Tuatha De Danann, “The Tuatha de Danann, (meaning ‘the folk of the goddess Danu’) also known by the earlier name Tuatha De (‘tribe of the gods’), are a supernatural race on Irish mythology. They are thought to represent the main deities of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland. The Tuatha de Danann constitute a pantheon whose attributes appeared in a number of forms throughout the Celtic World”

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Where did This Race Come From?

When we look at myth and legend of the Tuatha de Danann, it often describes them as a ‘god-like race’ that came straight from Heaven, through the misty clouds onto the land of Ireland. Soon after setting foot upon the Emerald Isle, they destroyed their ships by burning them so they wouldn’t have a way to return to their home beyond the clouds.



Being a supernatural race, they brought with them to Ireland four magical treasures. These god-like beings took over Ireland and ruled her hundreds of thousands of years ago.



These mysterious and magical people arrived in Ireland around 1477 BC on Bealtaine, which is the start of spring, May the 1st. They are believed to have been the fifth group to have settled in Ireland and they are connected with many ancient megalithic sites around Ireland like Bru na Boinne which means Palace of the Boyne, the Boyne is a river that runs through Co.Louth and Co.Meath.



There was a leader of the last people who invaded Ireland named Nemed. This race came from Northern islands in Norway, from cities such as, Falias, Gorias, Murias, and Finias and this is where they got their supernatural powers and skills.



Where They Welcomed With Open Arms?

Upon arriving, it wasn’t long before the Tuatha de Danann met with the Fir Bolgs which means the Hen of Bags. The Fir Bolgs were one of the races of invaders before the Tuatha de Danann. They had been slaves in an ancient Kingdom of Greece that was known as Thrace. Their leader eventually brought them back to Ireland where their ancestors had originated from.



Nuada, who was the King of the Tuatha de Danann promptly told the leader of the Fir Bolgs that he intended to take half of the island for himself and his people. King Eochnaid Mac Eirc was not going to give in so easily, so, naturally he refused Nuada’s wishes. A battle of Magh Tuireadh soon emerged between both parties. The Fir Bolg were incompetent and so unprepared for this battle that they were easily defeated. It ended with their King being killed by goddess Morrigan.



Although they had given with all of their might, the Tuatha de Danann were too experienced and more equipped. The Fir Bolgs lost hundreds of their men during the vicious battle.



There was a mighty warrior called Sreng who was the Fir Bolg’s last resort and he did save them from complete loss and despair. This, in turn greatly impressed the Tuatha de Danann, they saw it to be highly noble and they granted them one quarter of the small island because of their immense spirit and pride. The Fir Bolg chose Connacht, a province on the west coast of Ireland.

the tuatha de danann






Who Was Going To Rule In This Island Of Ireland?

Still, alive, yet after losing his right hand in conflict, Nuada, had the lost his title of the King of Ireland. The Tuatha de Danann, even with them having better skills than the Fir Bolg, they too had also lost their King. The Tuatha had no choice but to remove his kingship, as to them losing any piece of your body meant that you were disqualified to rule.



As a result of this, the Tuatha de Danann had to elect another King. They chose Eochu Bres to be the new King of Ireland. He was the son of Eriu from the Tuath de Danann, and the Formorian King Elatha who was different from other Formorians, he was interested in justice.



Bres didn’t rule quite so well at all, he had no interest in being a king, he lacked in generosity and hospitality, important traits that he just didn’t possess.



Where There Any Other Races In Ireland?

There was indeed, another race, a miss matched, odly shapen, disgusting race of people who ever existed in Ireland, called the Formorians.


Although they were thought to be semi-divine, they were so ugly and dreadful. They were wild in their nature and they represented the gods of chaos. They were completely opposite to the Tuatha de Danann who had order about them and they represented the gods of human advancement, and of righteousness.



It’s hard to believe but through their grand-father Niet, who was the god of war, they were very closely related. Before the Tuatha de Danann’s arrival, the Formorians were happy to co-exist with the Fir Bolgs and both races were friendly towards one another. The Tuatha de Danann brought out the Formorian’s jealousy.



The men of Danu were subjected to awful measures from the Formorians. They helped themselves to 1/3 of their corn and milk, they were not best pleased as they had worked very hard for their food. They not only put heavy taxes on them, they took 1/3 of their children as well. What a cruel race the Formorians really were.



Bres The King Surely Must Have Stopped Them?

You would like to think that he would have been a just and unbiased person and king, but, unfortunately he stood back and let it all continue to happen and favored the Formorians side.



The people of Ireland grew more and more exasperated and were lost in states of despair and nearly lost all hope as the Formorians’ demands grew larger and larger.



He then did the unimaginable, much to the people’s utter wrath, he made his two very best heroic champions, workers. and Dagda to work as manual laborers. Imagine the humility of these two brave warriors being forced to dig ditches and fetch firewood, all at his beck and call.




End of Part One.

the tuatha de danann





I hope you enjoyed reading about the clans and tribes thus far from Ancient Ireland. In Part Two I will start off where I left off here and we will see what fate lay ahead for the Tuatha de Danann and the Irish people. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a query down below and I will get back to you.

Many Blessings To You All,



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  1. Hi Gayle, I enjoyed reading your article on The Tuatha De Danann – Part One. It was very interesting and I can’t believe that they burned their ships so they couldn’t return home. I am curious. What did the Danann look like?
    Thank you for Sharing! ~ Margaret

    • Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for stopping by, I’m happy you enjoyed the read!
      Yes, as far as I can understand, they arrived knowing that they had to make it as they were going to destroy their only means back home. As to their appearance, they are usually described as a tall race with blonde or red hair.
      If there’s any other questions I’d be happy to answer!
      Kind Regards,

  2. I heard the word Tuatha de Danann from a friend and I didn’t even know what is that! I mean I never heard it before now. So I started searching for it and I found your article. I can tell you this is really amazing. I never thought it is going to have all this information behind it.

    I am so surprised the same as Margaret, to burn their ship to not return home!! This is crazy!
    I enjoyed reading your article! Thanks for sharing 😀

    • Hi Mohammad,
      I’m delighted you were able to add to your knowledge about the Tuatha de Danann!
      They were a very interesting race indeed.
      It’s said they arrived on ships in the clouds and yes it’s a mystery why they did so. I hope to delve a bit deeper and see where this magical tribe descended from.
      Many thanks for your comment!
      All The Best,

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