The Tuatha De Danann – Part Two

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The Tuatha de danann,irish myths and legends




Welcome back! In Part one I ended the blog telling you about how the two great Champion warriors of the 1st Battle were put into a demoralizing position where they were forced to till the land and fetch firewood and probably so much more mundane tasks, all at King Bres of Ireland’s will.


Today we will see what happened from then on in and if Bres had a change of heart for his people.


What Happened To Nuada?

Well, King Bres’s rule eventually came to the point of so much tyranny and opposition from the people that they just had enough of his rule and his non sensical ways. He wasn’t leading his people to prosperity and wealth, instead he was beating them further and further down if that was possible considering how low they must have felt.


They were sick of his tyrannical ways that people just wanted things back to the way they were before, they wanted Nuada back in charge to rule his people, even if he had his hand mutilated.


It was Dian Cecht who was the healer of the Tuatha de Danann came to the rescue of Nuada. He made him a silver arm with a combination of both surgery and magic that could move just as well as a real hand.


Further on down the line, Dian’s son, Miach was able to make Nuada a functional human arm, replacing the silver arm, now made of flesh and blood.


Dian was so enraged and jealous that he killed his own son because of professional envy.


The point still was for Nuada to regain his aged title, which he rightly took back, thus ended Bres’s kingship. He was so enraged, it angered him so much that he looked for help within the Formorians (being part Formorian himself)

evil balor




The Formorians

They were a hideous looking race that were bloodthirsty, supernatural warrior giants. They of course wanted to help Bres, giving that they gained so much pleasure from wars and battles. Balor of the Evil Eye was the giant who took on the task of raising an army who would gladly help Bres’s plans of revenge.


Some Time Afterwards…

All was well and peaceful for the time being, so Nuada hosted a gigantic feast for everybody to celebrate and to wine and dine as much as they pleased.


Nuada, proudly watched over the gathering at his seat at Tara, Co.Meath when a young man knocked at his door and asked the doormen for permission to talk with the King.


This bright and handsome young fellow was named Lugh Lamhfhada and Nuada welcomed him after Lugh introduced himself as Ildanach, meaning the master of all trades. This certainly got the attention of the king.


Having such a range of skills and personal power were attributes that the Tuath de Danann exalted in. The decision was soon made to put Lugh to the test somehow, to verify if he was a man of his word and, if he could therefore be trusted.


Watching carefully in the background was Ogma who was Nuada’s right-hand man. According to Irish myth and legend, he created Ogham, which is named after him. Ogham enabled the Tuatha de Danann to communicate their Irish Gaelic language by etching or carving onto wood and stone.


ancient ireland art in stone



With the arrival of Lugh Lamhfhada, Ogma felt that his reputation could be at stake so he made an offer of a challenge to Lugh, to lift a huge flagstone and to fling it out of Tara. The flagstone was so heavy that it usually took about 80 ox to shift it. Lugh, eager to prove his worth, accepted the challenge and flung the flagstone right back into Tara.


The Second Battle Of Magh Tuireadh (Moytura, Co. Sligo)

The Tuatha de Danann had a second battle in Magh Tuireadh. The first one was with the Fir Bolgs, this time it was with the Formorians. The Formorians were beaten hands down by the Tuatha de Danann and their recruit Lugh Lamh-fhada (meaning Of The Long Hand).


Nuada was killed unfortunately by Evil Eye Balor and he roared in delight but Lugh was quicker. With a heavy swing of his sword, smashing his Eye out straight through the back of his head. When Balor’s eye fell out, it burned a huge hole right in the ground. This can still be seen to the day at the Lake of the Eye (Lough na Suil)


It had been said many decades before the second battle of Magh Tuireadh that Balor would be slaughtered to death by his son and it certainly came true. Lugh Lamhfhada was indeed the grand-son of the Evil Eye Balor.


This caused complete commotion from Balor’s army and there was yet more fighting which ended with the last Formorian King Elatha, and therfore, the cord was forever cutting from their wars and tyranny. The few Formorians that remained were cast out of Ireland and into the sea.



freedom of the tuath de danann from the formorians








Long Reign The King

With the untimely death of their former king, Nuada of the Silver Hand, they didn’t have to look very far as to whom was the next worthy King.


the invasion of the tuatha de danann




Lugh Lamhfhada ruled Ireland and his people of the magical Tuatha de Danann for another two hundred years until one day, over the horizon they saw the Milesian (Gaelic) ships who were getting ready to invade the beautiful Emerald Island once again.















I hope you have enjoyed Part Two here.



Please leave any comments or queries below and I will look forward to getting back to you.

Blessings To You All,



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  1. I am endlessly fascinated by stories of Irish myth and lore. This was a lovely dive into the Tuatha Dé Danann. 

    Not far from Killarney town is the small stone circle known as Lissigiveen. I would enjoy learning more about that circel. I did visit them many years ago and I could have spent the entire day in their presence. 

    Thank you for your article! Sláinte!

    • Slainte agus go raibh maith agat!

      Yes, there are stone circles just like those in Killarney. They are found all over Ireland.

      In fact, they are found all over the world!

      The Tuatha de Danann hold all the secrets and all the answers at the same time!

      I certainly don’t know it all. 

      If I can be a piece of the puzzle I am happy.

      ….one day it will make sense to us all x

  2. Hey, I know via your article that King Bres’s rule eventually came to the point of so much tyranny and opposition from the people that they just had enough of his rule and his non sensical ways. I see Lugh Lamhfhada ruled Ireland and his people of the magical Tuatha de Danann for another two hundred years. Your topic is awesome for everyone.

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