Top 3 Most Haunted Places In Ireland – Folklore Or Truth?

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most haunted ireland


Ireland is a mysterious and magical country full to the brim of beautiful landscape and scenery. The ghouls and ghosts that haunt the Emerald Isle are still very alive and well in their myths, legends, and in the memory of those who had firsthand knowledge of such tales.

Let’s take a sneak peak into the Top 3 Most Haunted Places In Ireland:




Grace Neills bar, located in Donaghadee, Co. Down is one of Ireland’s oldest pubs, established in 1611. Sean’s bar in Athlone currently holds the record of the Oldest Bar In The World.

We won’t waste any time about whose brick was set first, we shall focus on the fact that Grace’s bar is very much haunted.

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The ‘Kings Arms’ as it was known before Grace became the Landlady..took on a different role in hospitality..she welcomed life in her young position of power, who never turned a stranger away.

Grace was a tough cookie who kept her customers close and any potential enemies even closer. She had no problems in managing the bar and keeping an eye on any unknown faces like any of the pirates or smugglers that came in after docking in the coastal town.

Grace Neills Haunted Ireland


For decades, she graced and embraced her Victorian cloth upon the tiled floor and soaked up the merry atmosphere.

It has been reported that Grace’s’e ghost has been seen many a time in the bar, still tending to her duties of keeping the tables and chairs in order. Noises of clinking of glasses have been heard also where she may still be preparing them, all squeakily clean for her next guest.

Others have heard the shuffling of footsteps on the staircase and on the second storey floors. I wonder what she gets up to. Both locals and visitors will happy say that she’s merely giving a helping hand in her own sweet way. Grace passed away aged 98 in 1918 and it’s comforting that she loved the bar of many a story so much that we can continue to tell hers. Slainte Grace!


Ross Castle is closely located to Lough Sheelin, in Co. Meath and was built by Richard Nugent in the early 16th century, around 1536. He was a cold and cruel man whose title, the 12th Baron Devlin may have been his only honourable trait. He was become to have been known as the Black Baron.

One day, a local woman had made some bread and was airing it on her window sill. The beautiful aroma of the freshly baked bread caught the attention of a hungry little dog that didn’t think twice about snatching it and running away.

When the woman saw that her loaf was gone, she screamed, “Thief!, Thief!” out of her window which in turn startled the dog and he dropped his free meal and ran off.

Nearby, a beggar was passing through and stopped under a tree to rest his legs after a tiresome day of traveling, just at the same time of the bread snatching.

Later that day, when the Black Baron and his men were out hunting, he flew into a fit of wild rage upon hearing that there was a potential thief in his village.

When he returned home he came across the beggar, Richard Nugent took it for granted that he was the thief, The poor beggar didn’t know anything of the missing bread but the Black baron didn’t believe him and he ordered his men to build a gallows on the spot. The innocent beggar was hung there and then.

One of the townsfolk came across the loaf

Ross Castle Haunted Ireland


and a cross was put up where the gallows once stood. It can still be seen in its original position even today.

This quiet town of Ross boasts a considerable amount of history, with ring forts and dolmen stones. The atmosphere has a strong essence of guardianship and importance as it lies still after the battles between the English and the Native Irish hundreds of years ago.

The castle was later made into a B&B and if you want to step back in time and enjoy the scenery and views, in a place where history has been kept intact, you may be in for a treat if you stay in the Black Baron’s old bedroom.

Rumour has it that strange voices and whispers have been heard by staff when they have been alone in the castle. Some guests have felt an eerie presence around them, which sometimes can be enough to scare you stiff.

Would you risk being awoke in the middle of the night by the random slamming of doors or would the excitement get the better of you?!




Dundermot Mound is scarily known as being one of the two Gateways To Hell. Well, that’s a good start isn’t it?! The other gateway is rumoured to be a cave that was used by St. Patrick. It’s kind of difficult to try to merge them together to try to come out the other end with a valid conclusion and we shall go on word of mouth, which is actually more often then not, more of a reliable source.

Either way, locals have always reported that unexplained lights seemed to appear around the area as the skies grew dimmer and dimmer.

Dundermot Mound Haunted Ireland


In 1978, like a moth to a bright light, a Thomas McHay was drawn to the lights with a coach load of important mail on his travels from Belfast to Derry. When he saw the lights, he was hoping that the locals could direct him in a safe direction to bypass a bridge that was known to buckle from severe storms. As the wind and rain was beating hard he was in a hurry against time.

Nobody is certain what the advice was that he received, but when he traveled onward, he had to change direction to Dundermot Mound, when his coach and all belonging to him was suddenly and quickly sucked into the earth. It just vanished!

Dundermot Mound is actually an ancient fort and these legends may have been to deter any wrong doers to think again!



Evil Leprechan Most Haunted Ireland


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment below if you have any questions…if you dare!!

Blessings To You All,




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  1. I have recently been reading about all these cool folklore and myth surrounding the Irish culture and I do have to say that it is one of the cultures with the most myth involving it. I think that dundermount mound would be an awesome place for the ghost adventures crew to check out if they have not already. What’s your favorite haunted place?

    • Hi,
      It’s great to hear that you have been reading up on Ireland’s fabulous myths and legends! There are plenty of them.
      Yes, it would be amazing if the Ghost Adventures Crew checked out Dundermount Mound to see if they could pick up on anything.
      What’s my favourite haunted place? Hmm, now that is a tough one!
      I didn’t cover Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin but it’s a very eerie place. That’s where many of the “prisoners” from the Easter Rising in 1916 were executed.
      Thanks very much for your great comments!


  2. This was a super interesting read for me, as I always have been a fan of haunted stories that abound in some parts of the world. Ireland is right up there at the top, based on articles I have read, so this article provided me some entertainment and some places to visit when I get there. 

    I am planning a trip there this year, so I was doing some research on where the top haunted places are. These three all seem to qualify as potential places to stop at, whether they are just folklore or are for real. Not only do they have great back-stories, but they also seem like they are worthy of a visit. If I have time, I will hot all three! Thanks!

    • That’s brilliant, I hope you do get to experience the magic of Ireland.

      Kilmainham Gaol is one to see also.

      Thanks for your comments, Slainte!

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