Understanding The Scorpio Man: Personality Characteristics And Traits

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scorpio male


So you want to know about the most alluring and mysterious sign of the Zodiac – the Scorpio Man? You have come to the right place my friend!

As female Scorpio, I am in tune of both the male and female worlds of the sensual Scorpio and it is my pleasure to share with you some highly interesting facts and tips about the male Scorpio with you.

Keep reading as I bring you into the many levels of the Scorpio man which will hopefully give you more insight and understanding about who he really is and what makes him tick. Be sure to take on board this advice as it takes one to know one and you will feel it all to be from a viable and experienced source.


“Never let a Scorpio get away, they will be the best you EVER have.”


Scorpio – October 23-November 21


Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto

Element: Water

Lucky Numbers: 9,18

Lucky Colours: Reds, Oranges, Yellows

Famous Scorpio Male Celebrities: Keanu Reeves, Ethan Hawke, Ryan Gosling


scorpio man


“Scorpio males are the most loyal when they are in love.”


Ruling Planets

Mars and Pluto are the co-owners of Scorpio, the 8th sign of the Zodiac.

Mars has the majority of rule over the intense Scorpio man who inturn, has a fierce and fiery temper.

Pluto, Scorpio’s secondary leader is generally associated with passion, secrecy and brings anything it reaches out from the ashes, just like the Phoenix that ascends from the ashes.

A lot of people question which planet is the main ruler of Scorpio but it really depends on each individual Scorpio man

“Scorpio is the perfect storm, powerful and strong.”

Element of Water

As well as Scorpio, the element of water is also associated with Cancer and Pisces.

The element and energy of water flows effortlessly through the Scorpio male. It is consistent and deals with his emotions and feelings. We can deepen our understanding of the Scorpio Man by looking at how water seems to flush away the old and stagnant emotions that no longer serve a purpose.

As Pluto rules the genital areas and organs, it’s important to release the negative by allowing the fresh new waters to align the Scorpio man to be at his most confident emotionally, allowing his intuition and his senses to be on high alert at all times.

“During an argument, a Scorpio will never give in.”

Calm and Collected

As a rule, the Scorpio Men are usually calm and quiet, as long as they are not ruffled or annoyed. Just like the animal Scorpio, they are happy in a safe place, away from a predator or a curious invaders eyes.

If they dare threaten its solitary space, they will see an instant backlash of protection so it’s very important to remember this when dealing with a male Scorpio.

Scorpio men are especially self controlling and self-reliant, as they are indeed in control of every situation.

They will never take heed or notice from a genuine bystander who tries to lend a hand or offer a few words of advice.


“Scorpio has a sharp edged wit..available on demand.”


How To Win Him Over

Let the beautiful Scorpio man keep his mysterious ways to himself. The very last thing you could ever consider doing is to try to change his core in a sense.

He is mysterious and broody for a reason and for a purpose. It’s all natural

Don’t try to create a problem by offering advice to him. The only time he will ever ask for help is when every other possible avenue has been exalted. That is the one and only time he will unwillingly ask for help and when he does, treat it like a new penny.

My advice would be to ponder over it for a little while, I would refrain from responding immediately, no matter how great the urge is.

Take a minute to take into account all that he has already been through in allowing his pride to drop a little when he has seen no other option but to ask for help.

I would advise to take the same approach when beginning to help the Scorpio man, as he will be more inclined to actually take your help on board and therefore, you are on the way to gaining his trust.


“Scorpio tends to be extreme in everything they do”


Scorpio Man In Love

The Scorpio man merely need to cast a subtle glimpse with his piercing hypnotic eyes that will have any woman go weak at the knees in an instant.

For him to shed his endless boundaries of self-protection, he will first seek a partner whom he trusts 100%

No matter how much he is attracted to a potential partner, if no trust exists, then there is no point or reason to go any further.

The Scorpio man is highly affectionate and loving inside the exterior hard shell that he tries to live by for fear of rejection and hurt. If you have passed the trust test, that’s only when you will be eligible to experience the intensity of his love, affection and possession.

When the male Scorpio loves, it is true and the most the purest love that his chosen to partner will never ever experience from any other sign and they will have to be with him all the way, as true and solid partners in life, just two against the whole world.

That bond, to him is absolutely unbreakable and unless his girl strays from his devotion, they will feel true and utter love like no other.

scorpio man



“Scorpio is a deep thinker. Most of the time you won’t know what’s going on”


What Will Secure Him?

Treat this sensitive Scorpio man with as much love and respect that he will give you, all the whilst with kindness and you’ll gain his attention forever.

Revel in his deep and dark ways and you may just crack open this moody old soul. Click Here to find out if he really is your Twin Flame!

scorpio male


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  1. One of my best friends is a Scorpio so I found this article very fun to read as I compared his traits with what you described. I find the part about sensitivity really insightful because as a Cancer myself, we are the ones who are known to be sensitive and emotional. However, this post shows that Scorpio’s can also be moody and sensitive – something I never knew! Plus, I totally agree with the self-reliant part and controlling aspect as well. I’ll be sending this article to him haha, thank you! 

    • Hi Rashaad,

      Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you enjoyed the read! No wonder one of your best friends is a Scorpio, Cancer and Scorpio will always have great fun together!

      Take Care,


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