Understanding Your Natal Chart – For Beginners

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understanding the natal chart for beginners


Today I am going to break down how to understand and to learn what a natal chart consists of. It can also be referred to as a birth chart. It’s basically where you and your chart begin : at birth.

My Story

A few years ago, when I took a serious view into Astrology, I wanted to delve deeper into the background and the meaning of the Natal chart. It was harder to understand than I thought, even with there being masses of information on the Internet. All I grasped at the time were words, and there was plenty of them. Planets. Houses.

I was fed up and tried another more obvious way to me at the time, and that was typing clearly into search engines, Natal/Birth Charts for Beginners. That too turned out rather useless to me, sadly to say.

The choices I saw were of great bulk and content but really not enough of breaking it down in terms that I was looking. And that was simple terms.

I Don’t Want That To Happen To You

What I am going to do is give you what I needed at the time, simple and clear ways for you to learn and understand the Natal Chart. You will be more confident as you explore something that really isn’t that difficult.

Having fun with it is important, don’t stress yourself with feeling you have to “get it” all in one go. Take a break every now and again and then come back and learn some more.

No-body Else Like You

This is probably the most important thing you will learn. When you were born, there was no-one like you that was born at the same time, to the millisecond. Not anywhere in the whole world did another soul match your place of birth as well.

How amazing is that?

You are unique, there is, was and only will be one of you.

That’s why your own chart is so relevant as it will be your own personal map of understanding everything that you are. As long as you know your exact date 0f birth and place, you are ready to go

All Set?

So, as I mentioned before, you are a unique individual and your chart is yours alone. When you came into this world, there was a star sign that was rising in the East.

You may have heard of Rising signs, or Ascending signs before. This is what it is. Your rising sign is the star sign that was rising at your time of birth.

Imagine how the sky would have looked at the very moment you were born.

That image would show how all the planets and star signs looked at that time.

In your mind, take a screenshot of it. This is your Natal Chart.

Let’s Break It Down

This screenshot sets how without you, even knowing, all the star signs and planets are about to influence your whole life.

And they will continue to do so and have led to you now about to find out how important and powerful you really are.

Most of us aren’t Astronomers so there are plenty of methods to easy help us learn where to look from now on.

Natal Chartunderstanding the natal chart for beginners

Remembering that there was a rising star sign exactly when you were born, for example, let’s say that star sign was Aries. Aries rules the 1st house in the Zodiac wheel.

Now we can introduce Houses. Houses are simply in your star sign/rising/ascending sign. There are 12 of them in your star sign.

Each one of these twelve houses will tell you about different areas and aspects of your personality, who you really are so you will in a better, more confident place to weigh up other options.

The First House

This is all about how you are seen to the world. Your true/private self may not be seen by others, only your public persona. Your 1st house reveals your appearance and your identity.

It also represents your health, vitality and well-being. It’s your public profile, how you have chosen to represent yourselves to others.

The Second House

In your natal/birth chart, the 2nd house rules money, wealth and personal material assets. It shows your spending habits, if and how you have any savings.

Your 2nd house also rules families and there interactions.


The Third House

The 3rd house deals with speech and communication, especially siblings.

Travel, especially short distance is found in the 3rd house such as cars, buses and short train systems.


The Fourth House

The 4th house is the most important house, in my opinion. This house deals with family and home life. It really is a personal place to see about our family lineage and ancestry.

It’s where we feel most at home. Albeit it from a parent or someone who lets you release your guard where you feel most at home and comfortable, this is where your core, your soul being truly resonates and in turn, feels right at home.


The Fifth House

Leo, who is ruled by the sun, is the ruler of the 5th house. So, in essence, the sun is the ruler of the 5th house. It will show you all about love, passion and will shine on your creativity.

It will show you what you love and what may inspire you. Your hobbies, loves and interests are all in this house.

Halfway Thereunderstanding the natal chart for beginners

OK so we are halfway through the 12 houses in your sign and I am hoping that so far you are on your way to understanding how to begin reading your own natal chart.

I know this can be very deep and mentally tiresome reading, but, as I mentioned before, take a break and come back if you feel the need to.

You have listened to your intuition so far and that’s why you are here right now.

Maybe it is time to listen to your body and take a short break before learning about the next 6 houses.

Either way, they are ready just when you are my dears.

Of course, there is so much more to these houses that I am presenting here, but for a beginner, it’s a great place to start.

The Sixth House

So, moving onto the 6th house, it’s not the most ideal place we want to go but it’s still a worthy place where we can learn about any illnesses or diseases.

The Seventh House

The 7th house is all about marriage. If I was curious about somebody’s marriage, this is the house I would concentrate on to seek answers about there weaknesses and strengths.

The Eighth House

Sex, death and re-birth is present in the 8th house. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all about sex as its focus is the death and re-birth of soul journeys.

Of course, many, when looking into the 8th house will center there energy on sex, it is meant to throw you of the direction of using that same sexual energy into transforming yourself- almost getting rid of the old, into the new and embracing your new-found self discovery.

Rather than focusing on your earth bound sexual energies, you can find ways into using them for your self and spiritual growth.


The Ninth House

Philosophy and knowledge lies in the ninth house. A place of where we find out who we truly are whether we agree or like it.

It’s a place to recognize if you would need or want to further or begin your education or training in a chosen or unknown field.


The Tenth House

This 10th house deals with your career and your social status. It is probably the second most important house as it will show the planets and it’s influences on this particular house.

It shows your true calling or a career in which you will excel. A very important house to those who may seem lost in some ways as to what to do or where to go in life.

The Eleventh House

Is to do with friendships. It touches on how easy you can make friends, if they last, how you excel, whether in a small or large amount of friends.

It rules your dreams, hopes and aspirations in life as well.

The Twelfth House

Last, but in no ways the least, here is where your subconscious mind lies. The last house holds and deals with a lot of baggage such as karma, past lives and hidden parts and features of yourself that cannot really be hidden!

Your true self is here. Always. Ready when you are.understanding the natal chart for beginners

My Dears…

I really hope you have a better understanding of the Natal chart and I hope that it serves you well and really helps you in your journey of self-awareness and spirituality.

Know thyself, learn thyself and enjoy your personal journey!

Love To You All,

Gayle :-))


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing this very informative post! I had no idea that a natal chart even existed before reading this! It was very cool to read about each house and you made it very simple and clear to understand. I will definitely be reading more your articles and posts! Cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Natal Chart and explanation are given

    Everything about the Natal Chart is very interesting;. I have been searching for an article for a long time about this but I did not find much on the internet and if I found it was very poorly explained. When I came to this site I found out everything I needed.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    • Hi,

      I am delighted you have found what you were looking for – as that is my goal to find those who want information broken down in clear and simple ways.

      If you would like to share this post, feel free to do so, sharing is caring!

      What is your social media account so I can check your content out also?

      Kind Regards, 

      Gayle :))

  3. Wow! Great post, Gayle! 

    I personally am still a beginner, but i quite understand about what you write here. Because honestly, so far I do not understand too much of 12 house that being mentioned on Natal Chart.
    By the way, speaking about this Natal Chart, can we read our condition, like Tarot cards? Or are there other aspects of life that can be read through the Natal Chart?
    And one more thing, how we can use the Natal Chart to increase our self awareness?

    • Hi,

      The whole purpose of Natal charts are totally different from Tarot cards.

      Unless you are into Astrology, it may seem hard to understand…

      I appreciate that.

      The birth chart is completly a fortune teller…to those who look within!

      Thank you for your questions, I hope I haved given you some info…if not feel free to do so again!

      Gayle :))

  4. Hello Gayle, Thank you for writing on Understanding Your Natal Chart – For Beginners. I enjoyed a lot from it and find many thing useful for me. Your guide is awesome on Natal Chart and provide each step with clarification. I understand well. You are doing awesome work for people to understand Natal Chart. Thank  you for your awesome guide.


    • Hi Parveen,

      Thank you very much for your fantastic feedback!

      I’m delighted you enjoyed my article and that you found it to beunderstandable for yourself and others.

      Kind Regards,


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