How To Open Your Third Eye – Ideas To Unleash Your Inner Wisdom

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Hello and Welcome! Today we are going to see How To Open Your Third Eye and much more.


Within each and every one of us, lies our pineal gland which is most commonly known as the third eye. The third eye is a complex and esoteric idea of a particular hidden, or invisible eye locate in the forehead which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

Mystical powers and abilities are also closely connected to your third eye. Join us as we look into some Ideas To Unleash your Inner Wisdom and then some.

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buddhaWhere Was This Seed Planted?

In many enlightenment teachings practiced in countries such as India, for example, the 3rd eye, or the eye of wisdom is understood to be heavily involved in improving the activity of seeing beyond worldly appearances, and have the ability to go beyond, into their soul, their minds’.




The anja, or 6th chakra is all about a person delving into the conscious levels of higher levels of consciousness, where they get to a point where delving in and out of realms and planes are a daily reality.

Those that possess high levels of consciousness, who, for example, meditates on a daily basis, along with incorporating healthy eating habits can even get to the level where they can telepathically communicate, without words with others who are on their same vibration level.

New Age teachings adopt the same methods, along with teachings that concentrate also on meditation where the purpose is to go within to receive mental images. These mental images can be associated with clairvoyance gifts, premonitions, and having the gift of being able to see others’ energies or auras.

It is even possible to see and hear angels. They will show their presence in the form of feathers to let you know that they are near.





Is This Information Exclusive To The Chosen Few?

There are many of us that are completely unaware (at least for a short time) of the third eye/pineal gland, let alone understand a minute idiom of its power which is essentially, their own power. It is your 6th sense, your psychic wisdom that strengthens your ‘gut feeling’ or intuition.

pineal gland


Located in the middle of your forehead and about an inch above your eyebrows, lies your wisdom center, your pineal gland.

It is a tiny little gland that has been described as being shaped like a pine cone. It’s size is quite unimportant when it comes to its importance and value to all of us individually.

In cosmology and astrology, scholars align it with being the source of all knowledge and creation.

Imagine it to be like your inner voice that always wants the very best for you at all times, and will always continue to guide you to your correct path.


Spiritual Awakeningpineal gland

As people begin their spiritual awakening, their third eye that has been hidden, will begin to open, to allow their intuition to become more heightened. For it’s true energy and power to be felt, we need to take a step back to look at why the chance of it being closed may be possible.

There are many factors that can explain how our eye of wisdom is blocked, making it dormant, where it doesn’t stand a chance to work properly, if at all.


Why And How Would The 3rd Eye Be Blocked?

The pineal gland doesn’t just help in growing and maintaining our innate wisdom and intuition, it is an extremely important gland that assists our visions, our reality and general health of our central nervous system, our brains.

Unbeknownst to many, in certain foods, vaccines, toothpaste, medicines and even water there lies chemicals and toxins that cause calcification of our sixth most important chakra.

All truths and psychic gifts are desperately blocked.

The two major chemicals that block our inner wisdom/third eye and create a build up of calcium are Mercury and Fluoride which, unfortunately are in our water, soil and air as a natural chemical.


In Foods

Where it poses a problem is in foods such as almost all fish and shellfish where they naturally absorb mercury from their living and feeding environmental and feeding habits. This is why expectant mothers are advised to avoid fish and shellfish so their unborn babies brain development isn’t attacked.

Apart from fish, almost all, if not all of man-made (processed) foods contain additives and artificial coloring and preservatives have mercury in their ingredients. Corn sweeteners and syrups also hold high levels of mercury.

Many nutritionists advise alternative choices to processed foods. Top nutritionists recommend that we are what we eat and it shows in our mental health especially. For ways to see how it could help you in your journey, we would recommend the following information, Healing Transformation Guide.



Along with various other harmful ingredients in vaccines such as aluminum, and pesticides, mercury appears to be the most harmful toxin found.

As we have realized, mercury poisoning causes brain damage and, over time, will destroy and clutter our pineal gland. 


Parents watch carefully for signs of their child’s first teeth. Automatically their instinct tells them to protect them as much as they can. It begins with toothpaste that professionals promote to make sure baby teeth and gums start off on a healthy practice of brushing their teeth with the recommended fluoride counts inside infant’s toothpaste.

When you begin to research the ingredients in what you have been used to ingesting, you will soon learn that fluoride in particular has no health benefits for any of us, young or old.


Fluoride and other chemicals like chlorine are found in most household drinking waters sources. Contrary to what we have been led to believe and trust, fluoride does not prevent tooth decay – fluoride destroys our natural born senses, the 6th sense being the target of determination. Fluoride has no health benefits be it in water or toothpaste.

Although water is in fact essential for human survival, fluoride certainly is not. There are plenty of alternatives and methods to decrease the levels, if not completely eliminate the poisonous toxin of fluoride which directly affect our sleeping and waking systems.

On a personal note, if you have ever wondered just why highly killer-like chemicals and toxins have been added to what we eat and drink, I would encourage you to do some digging. For me, I will delve into that matter in the near future.


Those while pineal gland is blocked often suffer with their sleep cycles. This beauty of a gland naturally produces melantonin, which directly affects our sleeping and waking patterns.

Meditation, Yoga, healthy living and fluoride free water (where possible) all help assist in the spiritual awakening process.



Most Common Signs Your 3rd Eye Is Blocked

  • Full of worry and anxiety
  • Fear
  • Unable to focus for long periods without being distracted
  • Can’t or won’t see beyond the obvious
  • Unable to see beyond the obvious
  • Poor sight and headaches
  • Irritable and moody
  • Won’t see beyond
  • Believes everything they hear to be fact
  • Questions nothing
  • Exists, doesn’t LIVE
  • General aches and pains
  • Agrophobic
  • Low moods
  • Little to no intuition
  • Negative thoughts and beliefs

Most Common Signs That Your Third Eye Is Opening

  • Dull pressure at the nape of your neck
  • Tingling sensation around your forehead and eyebrow
  • You’re eating habits will become healthier
  • Feelings of freedom and happiness
  • Habitual patterns such as 11;11, 13;13, 555 etc.
  • You will see beauty and connection in all things’ nature based
  • Psychic abilities and intuition will increase
  • Worries will decrease
  • More sensitive to harsh light and noise
  • Feelings of change ‘in the air’


Are You With Me/Us?

Of course, that answer is easily answered because you are here! Your intuition has guided you right here to learn what you need right now and may need to fall back on in the future. For further reading about our Ancient Arts that are coming back into existence, have a read Here.

I am sure you have seen guru after guru that promises ‘full-proof’ methods to quickly awaken your third eye.

Awakening your soul within your minds’ eye is a process, a gentle process that is impossible to forge for your benefit. Of course, you can choose quick fixes as you can within any area, but, think about it, would it fulfill you?

Part of reawakening is the fun and turmoil. The Questions, reasoning and so forth. Why bypass the mass when you have bypassed the usual society forms.

Please, leave a comment down below, or any query and I will respond to the best of my belief.Your questions will help me and many more, as we are all one, part of this amazing time to be alive, and more important, to awaken!

All is divinely timed, trust yourselves and source. All is that is all.

My brothers and sisters, I really hope you enjoyed this post. In the dawning od the Age of Aquarius, it is certainly an amazing time to be alive. We did choose so after all!

Much love to you all,






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  1. What an excellent article about opening your third eye.  I had no idea it was related to the sixth chakra, which I am going to study in my yoga practice.  I think we can all relate to those moments where our intuition is heightened and performing well and it would be so cool to have those moments forever.  

    • Hello John,

      I’m thrilled you have added this short post to your knowledge bank! It is amazing how spirituality, chakras, meditation and yoga are all connected, right to the same source.

  2. Gayle, Thank you for this comprehensive article about how to open your third eye. I believe this article will help many people with intuition, spiritual awakening and possibilities of why their third eye would be blocked. I learned a great deal from this about our third eye and will put this information to good use. You really made clear all the reasons to pay attention to our third eye and how it not being blocked could help with so many things. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comments Russ, all I try to achieve is to give information and hope that others’ do their own soul-searching!

      All the Best to you!

  3. I loved your article’s connection of reality and belief via the little known pineal gland! Its proof, intuition, its origins, New Age teachings  according to you are not just for the chosen few. But this inner voice can be awakened simply by exercising a few personal exercises.  How cool is that! I shall be looking more closely at this subject. 

    • Hi Amy,

      Our inner voice can simply be awoken once again,it’s all about working on ourselves instead of working ‘for’ others! Thank you for your comments, Take Care

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