Who Is Your Guardian Angel? Find Out With Angel Astrology And More!!!

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Angels Act As Intermediates Between God and Humanity

Hello and welcome! In today’s post you will discover exactly Your Guardian Angel. Images of maleficent white robed beings with enormous wings usually comes to mind when referring to Angels. In reality, they are without form and have a energetic static appearance. If you have always been curious about who protects and guides you, the Angel that you can call upon in times of need, continue with me to Find Out With Angel Astrology And More!!!

Angels and Archangels

Celestial beings of light and love commonly known as Angels and Archangels have appeared all throughout time. They appear from many religions, mythologies, legends and folklore. I can be sure in saying that most would consider them to be our loyal and trusted protectors. These supernatural entities love to offer help when we summon them to our side. Many are even  known to have personal prayers for each one of the Angels and Archangels.

Okay so we can agree that they love us and their jobs are to serve and keep us out of harms way? What about our freewill and what they can or can’t do?

Think of it this way, every religion and faith, given it’s differences and similarities, they all direct us to the same thing. It’s just what we have called this source of life differs here and there. So, before we jump in, I am just going to call it source creation just because I couldn’t go much further without getting that out of the way! (From my point of view only)


We are all given freewill and our Angels are forbidden in taking that away from us if they don’t have our consent. The only times they can intervene in our lives and allowed to overun our freewill, is when we are in immediate danger and our lives are about to be taken before our time. That is the ONLY time they are permitted without our permission.

Say you have an annoying question on your mind that won’t go away and you ask one of the Angels to please just let you know what to do, they are not allowed to directly answer you as that is taking your freewill away

Instead, it, might be helpful the next time you ask them to help, to also include, clearly, that you give your freewill away on that occasion for your dilemma to be solved. You will suddenly begin to see all those feathers you always watch out for and certain numbers or songs will catch your attention. That is because you have given them permission to help you!!

guardian angel

Are there any differences between Angels and Archangels?

Angel – Divine and celestial messenger from god, or other divine entity. A messenger of lower conciousness than Archangels.

Without even knowing, these loving entities have assisted and helped all of us in times of need.

Archangels – All-powerful Angels that have leadership over other Angels. Still loyal to god, or other divine entity.

A messenger of higher conciousness than Angels. These are powerful beings that we can call when we are stuck for help.

Both are found in many faiths and religions, everyone from Judaism to Christianity and are considered to be the guardians of humanity. In some faiths such as Buddhism and Hinduism, Angels are believed to be assigned to a certain person at birth and they will guide them for the rest of their lives.

These angels, often depicted as being immersed in white light, having wings can be true for some and completly different for others. I like to imagine them as energy in their auras depending on their message of divine connection.


Angels and Astrology

With all the variations of Astrology, very few know that Angel Astrology is a real thing. There are 12 Zodiac signs, and therefore, there are 12 Archangels – each designated to certain signs.

Many Spiritual and New Age teachers believe that some of us actually chose to leave our homes in other realms so we could have the experience of living in a physical world on Earth, away from (yet not disconnected from) source creation and our soul family.

Along with Angels, your higher self and spirit guides, our Archangels help us to complete our souls purpose, all whilst maintainig the laws of divine timing.


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Let’s see what Archangel rules your sign

1. Aries – Your angel is Ariel ( Mar 21 – Apr 20 )

2. Taurus – Your angel is Chamuel ( Apr 21 – May 21 )

3. Gemini – Your angel is Zadkiel ( May 22 – Jun 21 )

4. Cancer – Your angel is Gabriel ( Jun 22 – Jul 23 )

5. Leo – Your angel is Raziel ( Jul 24 – Aug 23 )

6. Virgo – Your angel is Metatron ( Aug 24 – Sep 23 )

7. Libra – Your angel is Jophiel ( Sep 24 – Oct 23 )

8. Scorpio – Your angel is Jeremiel ( Oct 24 – Nov 22 )

9. Sagittarius – Your angel is Raguel ( Nov 23 – Dec 22 )

10. Capricorn – Your angel is Azrael ( Dec 23 – Jan 20 )

11. Aquarius – Your angel is Uriel ( Jan 21 – Feb 19 )

12. Pisces – Your angel is Sandalphone ( Feb 20 – Mar 20 )

guardian angels

guardian angel

1. Archangel Ariel – Aries

“The Lioness of God”

Of all the 12 astrological signs, Aries leads the way in the beginning of the four seasons into spring. Archangel Ariel manages and protects nature, keeping mother earth in perfect balance. Archangel Ariel will help you follow your instincts and intuition, allowing you to use your god given talents and gifts to the max and beyond.

You can ask for help when you may have fallen on hard times and are worried about food and where to stay. She will see to it that your needs are met so you don’t go without.

Being an advocate of harmony and balance in nature, her essence will guide you into following a healthier lifestyle and diet that will benefit you and therefore benefits your environment. If you would like more information about incorporating healthy living to assist with your healing, you can check out the following article, right Here!

Archangel Ariel has often been painted and pictured as a lion-headed supreme being. Colours most associated with Ariel are amber which blooms all about her aura.

2. Archangel Chamuel – Taurus

“The Angel of inner healing through love”

Archangel Chamuel is always at hand to support you as you go within and begin your healing work. Ready when you are, to take you and your inner child in his tender supportive wings that can withstain all your pain. As you release any trauma connected to your inner child, your true powers will have a clear path to shine from.

It’s when you begin to open your heart that Archangel Chamuel is patiently waiting for your call for his guidance. Through meditation, his love for you will restore your middle chakra back to health. As you intertwine with Chamuel, you will feel at peace and know how much you are truly loved.

Chamuel is physically depicted as having pink rays of pure divine light surrounding him as he governs the Universe.

3. Archangel Zadkiel – Gemini

“The forgiveness Angel”

The ruler of Gemini is the powerful Archangel Zadkiel whose primary job is to give us a gentle push that creates a spark of curiousity off in us. You can imagine his delight as he witnesses heavenly souls slowly begin to awaken spiritually.

He then carefully directs them to open their eyes and third eyes to what is really going on in the world. As all Angels are empaths, any of your hurts or pains will soak into his energy and simple disperse. His love for you will not allow you to completly crash completly!

Predominately associated with forgiveness within family circles, you can call on him in times where an argument or dissagreement went a little too far between yourself and a family member.

As you connect with Archangel Zadkiel, your natural inner self will be swept far from pain or sorrow. Working with his gemstone lapis lazuli during meditation will aid this strong divine messenger,

Surrounded by divine purple light, it is just as beautiful as he considers you to be also.

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4. Archangel Gabriel – Cancer

“The supportive Angel”

Possibly the most recognized Archangel, Gabriel resides over the sign of Cancer. The highly emotional Cancerian can greatly benefit from receiving Gabriel’s energy as they unite through meditation or any other relaxing form you enjoy.

His warmth and support will bring balance that you have been craving right back where it belongs in your life.

Hard-working Cancerian’s often forget to look after themselves bringing burn-out and depletion in profound ways. They love their sleep so when you hear that inner voice reminding you that all work and no play never did anyone any good, you can be safe in knowing Gabriel has your best interests at heart.

Orange colours represent Archangel Gabriel which is something I especially found interesting, I never would have thought of orange to be so powerful. Learn what colours can influence and literally change your life!

5. Archangel Raziel – Leo

“The healer”

Lucky Leo’s have the wise wizard Raziel as their guardian angel. With the help of this particular Archangel, he will unveil the great mysteries of the Universe as he shows you how to seek them right from your own hidden wisdom.

Throughout all of our many past lives, we have accumulated trauma that has built up over the ages. Archangel Raziel guides our journey of healing and letting it all go.

As our inner child heals, your spirit will be ready to work out your soul’s purpose. When you align up with Raziel, great philosophies and lessons will be revealed into your consciousness.

Archangel Raziel is commonly known to possess bright rainbow colours and energy encased in and around his aura. Placing quartz crystal near your third eye while meditating will strengthen the connections with him. We would recommend guided sound healing meditation to activate your third eye. This can be found Here

6. Archangel Metatron – Virgo

” The Angel of the heart “

Metatron patiently awaits your call and acceptance if you are new to a spiritual awakening. Metatron is possibly the most powerful of all of the Archangels as he rules his team of Angels and directs them on what they need to achieve for humankind.

He uses an incredibly forceful tool called the Metatron or Merkabah cube which flows all around one’s aura to clear and cleanse low energies.

As you meditate on archangel Metatrons power, you will feel intense power pulsating up and down your whole body. It is a truly wonderful experience.

He can be described as an intense power bundle rather than an aura of strength. Here you can learn how to channel energies of the Highest Light.

7. Archangel Jophiel – Libra

” The Angel of balance”

Jophiel is the defender of Libra who nourishes any imbalances. To find a useful way of bringing counter-balance into your life and maintain it, call on Jophiel.

If low vibrational thoughts get you down, archangel Jophiel will jump at the chance to lend a hard and a warm heart. Librans enjoy order and peace in their lives which Jophiel will manifest it into your existence.

You will find that when immediately inviting your Archangel, you are sure to sense a quieter atmosphere about you. A change of mind is inevitable where you will go into a more positive mode.

Achangel Jophiel holds stunning array of pinks and is sometimes speculated that Jophiel could also be a feminine character.

8. Archangel Jeremiel – Scorpio

” The Angel of transformation “

The guardian Angel of Scorpio is the less familiar archangel Jeremiel and these two are a ideal match. Jeremiel is a soft and reserved celestial being reveals the dark aspects of the Scorpio so that they are confident that light is ready to greet them at the top.

For this to pass, Scorpions need to dig down deep within their souls before they can even contemplate the process of healing and forgiving themselves and others.

When you invoke Jeremiel for assistance during this necessary process, he will revive your power and self-worth. It’s up to you to call upon him.

Archangel Jeremiel’s aura is deep purple and the crystal that is linked with him is amethyst. Crystal healing can be very beneficial for any truth seekers.

divine angel

9. Archangel Raguel – Sagittarius

” The Angel of divine order “

The regulator of the sign Sagittarius is Archangel Raguel. He is a angel of positivity and uplifting spirits whose role is to bring peace and balance to the talkative and animated Sagittarius.

When you reach out to him, he gently aids calm his hyper talk, especially when you are nervous.

Another response Raguel holds dear is his ability to bring any rifts or bad atmosphere in the home environment if they have clashed horns.

This angel of divine order and justice embraces a pinky-peach aura that reminds us to always try and work from a place of love and the rest will go timely and precisely.

10. Archangel Azrael – Capricorn

” The Angel of death and transformation “

The Archangel Azrael rules over Capricorn and he is thought to be a solely masculine energy. Referred to as the Angel of transformation and change, he will comfort the sensitive Capricorns who are grieving from the loss of their loved ones.

In a subtle and soft-hearted manner, they show the Capricorn how life and death is part of this Earthly plane. This comforting and loving Archangel assists all souls on the grieving process.

This Angel also looks after those who cross over so they make certain it goes smoothly, just as it always does. Far from being a grim reaper type figure, he is a giver, not a taker.

11. Archangel Uriel – Aquarius

” The Angel of perfection “

In the same manner that Jeremiel and Scorpio are a fitting pair, the same can be said for Archangel Uriel and Aquarius who match up perfectly. Both are profound thinkers to the nth degree and when conjured, Uriel will pass his guidance by methods of visions, perceptions, clues, and continuous ideas that cannot be ignored.

Although Aquarians are already wise beyond their years, a little nudge never hurt anyone and it most certainly will have nothing but positive reactions for you.

After putting your trust into your Archangel, Uriel will pass fresh and new experiences your way. His aura may come in flashes or bouts of red so when they pop up in your minds’ eye, know that he is closeby.


12. Archangel Sandalphone – Pisces

” The Angel of connection “

Music is the key that links Pisceans to their Archangel Sandalphone who amazingly is the Angel of music. He is ready to connect and bridge the false gap between the angelic realm and the human plane. He is ready for anyone who needs guidance as to what door to open next for example.

Listen out for special messages through music that probably would not have caught your attention previously. When you do a double take, those are messages meant for you alone.

Love and harmonious energy are the Archangel Sandalphone’s most important attributes to use mere human states of being. Archangel Sandalphone is well known to connect to souls through binaural beats and meditation.

When trying to image what his aura looks like, I would suggest it to look like a lighter shade of Archangel’s ruby red.


And there we have it, for now at least!

I will, in the coming weeks be going into depth about all of the 12 astrological Archangels whilst still going in and out of various interests of mine that I wish to share for you to get to know me a little better.

In time you will get to know that there is some form of organized mess to the randomness of posts I share. I know it sounds cliche, especially after sharing about archangels but, I feel led and guided to share how, when ,and why it may appear.

A Quick Thought From The Author

I’m sure you have noticed by now that I don’t class myself as belonging to any religious groups. I’m pondering on the thought of calling myself a Gnostic (which is a person whom seeks knowledge about their own reality) as labelling, but you get my point! My intentions are not to lead anyone down the wrong road or try to change their opinions.

Throughout the many years of my Spiritual Awakening I have collected and stored so much information that has been difficult to keep within my four walls. Sharing is caring and I am not, nor ever will try to desuade’s anyone’s beliefs. Sure, I was brought up Catholic myself and sometimes, well, all of the times, we have free will. It’s been so liberating to have somewhere I can share the wisdom I’ve gathered in the hope that it may add to your knowledge foundations.

I’ll continue to delve back and forth randomly where I feel led to give my two cents as long as you keep enjoying the topics! So far I’ve received many positive comments and I’m very grateful to all that have taken time out to read my words, it means so much. So thank you for being part of my journey, if just for a second! My gratitute is infinite.

Take Care and Hope to Talk to you soon,


you are a divine being

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  1. Very interesting post. I had heard about angels before but I had no idea that there existed two types Angels: angles and Archangels. It was very interesting to learn about my own angel which in this case was Chamuel. What I didn’t understand is how do you exactly connect to your angel? How can you ask him for advice and know that you have been heard?

    • There are many ways to connect, from asking them to visit us in our dreams, writing a letter, or simply speaking to them out loud. Any method will work and they will respond by showing us repitition in numbers, colours or songs. As long as our requests or questions are positive (no intention of harming others’ free will) our Angels will hear and respond.
      Thanks for your comments and questions, if there is anything you are unsure of, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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