Why Are Scorpio Women So Irrestible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You Infactuated With Them!!

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Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

Hello! Welcome to today’s post that will open your insight into the intense Scorpio personality. Have you ever wondered just exactly Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? By the end of reading this post you will be running out frantically searching for one! Join us and Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!!

If you are new to Astrology and Zodiac signs – great – you have come to the right place. Astrology is a super spot if you are curious to learn and understand more about yourself and others.

There are 12 signs of the Zodiac and you can find out what yours is by finding out where the Sun was at the day of your birth. Scorpio’s dates are 23 October – 21 November.

Ask someone to sum up a Scorpio in three words and their answer will be, mysterious, magnetic and sexy, or words to that effect.

There is something very alluring about her, it is hard to pinpoint what it is exactly. But, damn, she has IT. Roxette’s “She’s Got The Look”, comes to mind when imagining her essence.

Although plenty of people consider them to be vicious, scary or even evil, it can be really shocking when they learn that you won’t find a more amazing sign out of all the twelve signs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they are certainly not holier than thou, many are complete lunatics but the more evolved Scorpions are, the more they become the most passionate, loyal and magnetic human beings you will ever come across.

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

Let’s get going, come with me

1. Immediately upon meeting a Scorpio, you will instantly be drawn to her exquisite eyes. Her eyes are the gateway to her soul and oh boy, once you gaze inside, you will be hooked, snatched and forever in her grip. She won’t be only checking you out on a physical level, not that it really matters, it really is what is inside what counts. No, in a matter of seconds, she will easily sense and feel everything about you, things that you were not aware of. That is how powerful her intuition and psychic abilities stand. Not only will the female Scorpio know how you are feeling, what you are thinking, but also and this is where it starts getting serious, she will predict what you next moves will be. This can be both intimidating, yet extremely exciting at the same time – ESPECIALLY when you do not have an iota as to what she is doing!

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

2. Not only are Scorpio ladies intuitive, meaning they can pick up others feelings and emotions, they are also empaths. Empaths take their intuition levels that one step further, where they possess the capability of stepping into one’s shoes. They almost HAVE to do this. Strangely enough, they will not be satisfied with themselves until, they can almost look at life from that certain person’s point of view. To be clear, intuition and empathy are entirely different. When blended into one’s spirit, they are a force not to be questioned. You will be fascinated and addicted to the psychic gifts and talents, who wouldn’t be?

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

3. Male Scorpios are authentic and are not backward when it comes to being forward. If they like you, they will make it OBVIOUS that you are the object of their passions and desires. They won’t think twice about asking you out. Need more confirmation that he likes you? Take one glimpse into his eyes and if you don’t want to jump his bones right there and then…you can continue with your life!


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Female Scorpios on the other hand tend to greatly differ from their male counterparts. One has to consider whether this duality is to further confuse and baffle us?!! Their object of lust and thirst for, is going to have to do all of the chasing. Being a natural thrill seeker, she will revel in the thoughts of having you do all the leg work. You WILL do it, because the Scorpio always gets what she wants, whether you like it, or not. You will like it. How on earth would you know if a Scorpio woman wants to rip your clothes and your back to pieces? If you have to ask, I can’t answer you!

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

4. Have you ever been stuck in a rut where the end of the tunnel is playing mind games with you? Maybe you have lost your job and are worried about what the future holds? Maybe a close friend or family member has passed away and that empty feeling continues to grow deeper? I am sure we have all needed a kind word, a shoulder to cry on when times get hard, I know I have. Guess what, if you have a Scorpio in your life that you think highly of, he or she will be their for you in any situation, unconditionally. Selfless and affectionate, they will need to help you put everything back together again, they can not stand see people that they care about, in pain or suffering. They will dry your eyes, hold your hand and do their best to help you get through a bad time in life. In what seems to be, a self – obsessed world where little give much thought to another, you will be mind – blown when you see how much love, affection and loyalty they have. They will literally do ANYTHING for those they love and care for – without expecting anything in return.

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

5. Those who call lions brave and fearless never met a Scorpio woman. Nothing deters them from doing anything at all. All Scorpios love their sleep and will certainly not lose any of it by worrying if their day has not gone exactly to plan or perhaps they had an altercation with someone. Insanely curious by nature, if something interests them, through hours and hours of research, they will not be satisfied until they are up to date about their interests and hobbies. It makes them feel alive, something they hold dear to their hearts. Hard work and determination drives them to achieve their dreams and goals. Confident and charming, it oozes from their every pore and one can not help but gain motivation from their energy. All fears can be conquered the more time you connect with her.

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

6. Do you know of certain people, that you will always love dearly, are simply are unable to keep a secret? I have known many people who fail to manage safekeeping somebody’s personal or private life to themselves. No sooner have they promised to never breathe a word to others, they then get on the phoen and ring everyone on their speed dial list. It is a matter of days, sometimes sooner that it eventually goes full circle. So many people know your business that makes it difficult to accuse the first person you confided in. You are too busy trying to fix the mess.

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

7. Colours associated with Scorpios are blood – red, Burgundy and black to name but a few. The sensual feminine Scorpio will be attracted to wear these colours which will blast her sex appeal through the roof. To be honest, she would look amazing wearing any colours. Along with her alluring presence, these particular colours take her attractiveness up a few notches.



Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

8. Spiritual and pure, many of the members of female Scorpios are captivated and inquisitive about everything Occult. The actual meaning which few are aware of the word Occult is ‘hidden’. Unbeknownst to many, it pertains to the magical and mystical areas that include divination which is simply fortune telling through tarot cards, rune stones, tea-leaf reading and the like. Alternative beliefs that include New Age or ancient Hermetic roots are popular for Scorpio females. As Autumn/Fall is the season for Scorpios, it includes Samhain which is an ancient Pagan festival running from October 31 and lasts for three days. Quite a lot of Scorpios adapt a pagan, or Wicca way of life where the connection to nature and supernatural become part and parcel of their psyche.

Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

9. Scorpio women love, love, love SEX. Plain and simple to them, mind, body and soul shattering for you! Their attitude to sex is upfront and enlightening where they are devoted to their lovers, whomever the lucky man is. Only men that she trusts and knows inside out and back again will experience her attention to detail. Scorpio view sex not as an act of spontaneity, but a spiritual, soul connecting action between two people that are completely on the same wavelength. Her intense lifeforce which is her sexual energy and magnetism engulfs her daily and is where she owns her power. In between the sheets is where all of her imagination and beauty is exposed in its rawness. This is where you are going to find out exactly what she wanted to do to and with you when you caught her seducing her with those eyes. How do I know? Because I am a Scorpio WOMAN – trust me on this one and you will not go wrong!


Why Are Scorpio Women So Irresistible? Find Out The Secrets That Have You So Infatuated With Them!! TOP 9 LIST

Phew, has the central heating gone up a few thousand degrees?!

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the many secrets of a female Scorpio, I hope you enjoyed reading through.

The number 9 is Scorpios lucky number, just in case you were puzzled as to why I didn’t do a TOP 10 list!!

Happy ventures! Till next time…



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  1. What a great and absolute descriptions of a Scorpio Women. I have some many Scorpio Women in my contact and they act exactly with your explanations. They know what you are thinking can predict your next moves seriously grab my attention. I am happenen to be borned in November and the brief description of male Scorpio perfectly fits. Please, can a Macle Scorpio and a Female Scorpio have a great affair?

    • Wow, haha, U have made this Scorpio laugh a lot – your humour is great!!!!

      I am very happy that my post resonated with all the Scorpio women that you know! 

      If you would be happy to share ur birthday (not year ), I would be happy to give you my opinion. Generally speaking, scorpio men and scorpio woman relationship can be very turbulent.

  2. I love everything horoscope, it is just so fascinating to me and a lot of it is true! Blew my mind. Thanks for sharing with us about Scorpio. Scorpio is sure sexy! All my friends who are Scorpio are like that all of them. They have that vibe that you just want to find out. 

    I love that Scorpio will come and help you unconditionally, I need more Scorpio in my life! Somehow, I am surrounded by a lot of Pisces and Aries, I am an Aries. I will not sure to not spill any secret with Scorpio lol 

    • Lol Aries!

      You said you wanted more Scorpio in your life,,,you got me haha!

      Thanks very much for reading, I am v happy you love Horoscope – it really is amazing!

  3. Wow! I love this article! It just me getting to know more about myself 🙂.

    I am a Scorpio and I confirmed most of what you have said here to be true. I sometimes wonder why I get that ” she is sexy” notion from people and do I play ” hard to get”! I must confess,the colours you mentioned are my favorite colours! This is great!

    • Hello fellow Stinger!

      That’s awesome, there is so much depth to us girl Scorpios!

      It can be an eye opener learning a little more now and again.

      Thanks for reading and commenting

      Take Care

  4. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing such useful content to us, I believe you are to pay to get such information from other sites , I really fancy these post on women scorpio, after going through your article I know that I javr been enlightened more, thanks for the info, you ate surely amazing, am sure to do some recommendations to these site, thanks

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your kind words, it is great that you enjoyed reading some new aspects of the Scorpio woman!

      All the Best

  5. Well, you have detailed down a lot about the Scorpio women, and I will agree with you that an average Scorpio women will be irresistible because of her numerous unique nature which will naturally compel her spouse to always want to stick around her, the fact that she can read the mind of the partner, and offer some accurate fortune telling of upcoming event and constantly dash in for unlimited sex with her partner, hence she will become irresistible.

    I think through this review i have seen that scorpio women are good and caring to they partners, and never want to see they partners in bad mood, in pain………

    • Hello,

      Scorpios women are a crazy kind that have a bit of everything!

      Many thanks for your comment, I am glad you enjoy the read!

      Take Care.

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