Why Do Deadly Diseases Come From China? And, Where Is The Vaccine?!!

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Why Do Deadly Diseases Come From China? And, Where Is The Vaccine?!!

Do People Even Care?

I get it, I get it, it is difficult to read things like this, from people like me. It is easy to disregard it as nonsense before giving it a chance. I was like that not too long ago, so I understand, change is scary for people, but really, once they eradicate fear, all that can exist in their lives is happiness.

All I am asking is for you to give me a chance. In other words, Give yourself a chance to broaden your mind. You know what the biggest muscle is in our bodies? It is the brain. It needs stimulation to stay healthy and in tip-top shape.

You do not have to believe anything I am presenting here, I am only sharing opinions, the ones  that I am pondering over these days.

If you do decide to begin your own research, I have to give you a serious warning, it WILL change your life – for the positive.

We only have to turn on the radio or the television to hear all of the constant fear mongering tactics coming from the reporters. They are just about managing not to laugh as they read the auto cue, to see that the world as we know it, is messed up. “Tell me something I didn’t know”, says you!


Back to basics…

The corona virus originated in Wuhan, a city in China around November 2019 and according to Dr. Michael Skinner, reader in Virology at the Imperial College London, in February 2020, he said, “The discovery definitely places the of nCov (another word pertaining to Covid-19 ) to bats in China.”

His comment is in reference to the research done by Chinese scientists who had taken sample from 5 workers at the food market where it believed to have begun its destruction of human life. The research found that the samples had over 70% similarity to the SARS viruses. It was then “most likely” that Bats were the culprit disease spreader.


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Outbreaks In China Throughout History:

1. The Black Death of 1334 – Spread by fleas who lived on the backs of rats.

2. The Third Plague Pandemic of 1885 – Spread by rats.

3. The Asian Flu Pandemic of 1957 – Spread by birds.

4.SARS of 2002 – Spread by birds.

Apart from all of the above diseases spreading worldwide, killing MILLIONS of people, they all have one thing in common, they ALL originate from animals.

Funnily enough, the word Vaccine comes from the old Latin language and means, “pertaining to a cow.”

* It is important to note that I have found it difficult to find more than one virus that has not been from an animal.

How Close Are They To Getting The Vaccine Out?

How lucky are we, having faith that great scientists and doctors are working hard around the clock to save humanity and eventually put an end to isolation and separation.

Do you know what else is lucky? Wuhan is very lucky. I know the corona virus came from there, but they have two important buildings dedicated to ridding the world of deadly diseases and viruses.

Get this, the Wuhan Center for Disease Control is 300 YARDS from the market where the corona virus actually began.

It is a Wet Market

This disease ridden market is referred to as a wet market. This means that both dead and live animals and sea life are sold. The choice of animal is quite varied – anything from Koala bears, foxes, sheep, snakes, puppies and of course Bats are stocked for all of the locals to purchase.

Now, this market is OPEN once again as of 14 April. Does that make sense to you as you read it? IT IS OPEN AGAIN. Either they have a really bad memory in Wuhan, or the virus is non-existent. I can not imagine any other two answers to that very question.


It reopened a mere 4 or 5 months since it wiped out 3,200 people in the city, according to Chinese officials. In contrast, the locals believe the figure is slightly bigger than was told to the media, approximately 10 times bigger, 42,000.

Even the biggest conspiracy theorist hater alive would have a wtf moment after finding out this information!

If it doesn’t tickle an ounce of curiousity in them, it certainly should. More on that later on.

coronavirus china

Dr Bill Gates & Co…

MISTER Bill Gates, who is worth over 5 Billion Dollars was the co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation. Fast forward nearly 30 years, Bill set up the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. It is said that he was inspired to create this charity after studying John D Rockerfeller’s ( senior ) works.

These two certainly a most charitable pair who graciously give up their spare time to vaccinate the poorest and most vulnerable children in our world.

They have offices all over the world, even in Wuhan China. In the same Hubei province as the Wuhan Center for Disease Control. Haven’t they done an amazing job to date?

Bill Gates, in fact, studied at the University of Nowhere. He has NO medical training or qualifications. He is one of, if not the wealthiest men alive. It also helps that his family connections make him an incredibly powerful and influential man.

coronavirus china vaccine

Have you ever heard of TED? No, not TED the Movie, rather, the other TED…. the platform for Technology, Entertainment and Design speakers to get their message across to the world, in 18 minutes or fewer, featured Bill Gates in 2010.

Bill Gates got nearly 30 minutes to spread his message. It is summed up when he said, “The world is heating up from Co2 emissions.” His plan, in his own words, “Somehow we have to make changes. First we’ve got population – the world today has 6.8 Billion people. That’s headed to about 9 Billion. Now, if we do a REALLY GREAT JOB on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health care services, we could lower that by perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”

Wow, not only is he vaccinating children instead of helping out their families, he is playing a type of god. Who gave him this much power over the masses?

Where was I?

Oh, yes, I remember, it was about his family connections which I will cover in my next post. It is very interesting indeed that you are who you know saying relates to MISTER Billy to a T.

The Co founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates of 1981 – Spread by the sheep who worked for him.

One has to consider what anti-virus programs he produced to protect his Microsoft programs?


One also must consider the possibility that the Corona virus was planned and we have been brainwashed into accepting and believing every news and media resource. Sure if 4 huge viruses killed millions of people before that started in China and all came from an animal, why not believe it now?


These are the very questions you should be asking.

Have people like me completely lost all sense of reality?

That, my friend, is up to YOU.

I hope this post finds you all safe and well and I hope you enjoyed reading through my thoughts in these mad times!

Please leave a comment below with any questions.

Leave a comment if you think I have mentioned incorrect information – that is always welcome here.

Until Next Time,

Take Care,





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  1. I found your side of the story quite interesting.  It is always a good idea to get as many opinions as you have time and room for in your mind before forming your own bases to work from.  As always with any of the information presented as fact, I always wonder where it came from.  However, for the sake of staying in the line of thought for the article, I agree all the information could be accurate, and even if it is only 75% true, should make us all stop and think.  

    Make yourself aware and do you own digging to find out as much fact as possible before coming to conclusions.  A good idea for everyone.  Are we allowing rich people to have too much power in our lives?  Something to stay tuned in to.  Thanks for bringing this information to my attention. Sami

    • Hi Sami,

      Thanks for your comments and opinions.

      I wish I knew it all, as we all wish most probably!

      Yes, I agree that we are allowing rich people to have too much power in our lives. I will be delving into why, very soon!

      Kind Regards,


  2. You write a very interesting article regarding the present virus situation. I have learned some new information here and will look into finding out more. Thank you for taking the time to research and write this article.

    • Hey Thomas,

      All I can do is spread a few breadcrumbs here and there.
      I hope you find out a bit more – let me know what you find.
      Thanks for stopping by
      Take Care

  3. I consider myself somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. I have had quite a few theories over this COVID-19 including: a “manufactured” disease; A non-disease; a prelude to the antichrist, you name it. My mind has run the gamut of possibilities. I have asked the same questions as to why do all these deadly diseases seem to come from China. I have asked myself if this is one of the plagues of the apocalypse? I have asked myself if this is a disease at all? Mostly, I have asked myself questions about how bad this “really” is and why aren’t they telling us the truth…

    Thank you for your perspective. It gives me more to think about!


    • Hello Karen.

      It us great to meet  a fellow truther!

      In my opinion, it is a plot for the mark of the beast.

      They want to vaccinate all of us!

      thanks for ur comments 

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