I am the creator behind Scorpio Muse. My name is Signe, I am a Danish Designer and Astrologer. I am a Scorpio Sun, a Leo moon and a Capricorn Rising. My love for Astrology, for Nature, and the Mystical, inspires my work and my design and craft. By sharing my hearts bliss with you I hope to spread both beauty and knowledge and I hope to inspire and encourage you to connect with yourself, with nature and with the cosmos.

I see Astrology as a tool for self development and in my work I use Astrology as a language to talk with you about the themes, the potentials, the challenges and the direction in your life.

In my design I work without seasonal collections. Instead I create small energetic drops and offer unique handmade one of a kind jewellery and craft. Parts of my products are made-to-order to minimize unnecessary over production and to customise the product to support you and your intentions and direction in life.